New England Vacation time!
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Wed August 20 at 7:00 PM, Joe Sent Me
2388 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
My grandson and I will be traveling to the New England / Maine area August 17-22. I'd like to meet up with as many Mefites as we can during the week. This is kind of our last time together before he leaves to join the Army. I put Cambridge, MA in the location field,; this is not to rule out any surrounding communities or states. Built in limitation of the location algorithm, I am told, on good authority :)
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FWIW, we are likely to have our bi-weekly Trivia meetup on Wednesday the 20th - we go to a bar in Cambridge and drink beer and kick ass at Trivia.

This is not to stop you from organizing anything else, but I thought I'd mention it. If you aren't interested in trivia but that ends up being your only free day, you could probably convince us to put if off a week and do something else that evening.
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pjern mentioned that, with his grandson in tow, and most of our meet-ups being in bars, if there wasn't an age issue there. I'm not sure, but I've seen lots of bars with parents bringing their kids, and my guess is that they can come in, but they can't drink if they're under 21.

Anyone actually know what the story is?
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Q: Anyone actually know what the story is?

They can totally drink if they're under 21!

Under-21'ers can't sit at a bar, but they can sit anywhere else. There, they can drink.
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So if we go to the Trivia bar, or just join the meetup in progress, is this at a place where there is good parking or readily accessible transit? I'm a bit mobility-impaired, and paranoid about my car getting towed.
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There's usually plenty of street/metered parking around the pub trivia place -- Joe Sent Me, 2388 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140 -- and it's readily accessible by MBTA bus #77, which leaves from the upper-level bus tunnel in the Harvard T Station. You'd want to get off at the "Massachusetts Ave @ Cameron Ave" stop.
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If you do take the bus (and I think they're pretty good for folks with mobility issues), just go up to the front and ask the driver to let you off at the cross-street you want (Cameron). It's impossible to read the street signs and pull the request stop cord quickly enough if you don't know the route already.
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Quick beer in Wood's Hole?
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You're welcome to stay a night with me in Westport if you want. There's room for both of you.
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Thank you, Jessamyn! I'll text or call you after we set up a tentative schedule.

vrakatar: I'm up for a meet, how long from Westport to where you are?

I will hopefully know more about what's going to happen tomorrow afternoon: I'm getting together with Aaron to plan.
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So sometimes the 77 has 4-5 steep stairs. It's a bit of a crapshoot, because many of the buses are standard kneeling buses.
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Not to far from Westport if I come over to the cape side. I'm free monday afternoon eveningish, and all day tuesday. If you two want to daytrip to MV tuesday I could give you the nickel tour.
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FYI, while trivia is at a bar, it is also a restaurant with a full menu, so you definitely do not need to drink nor be 21+.

(And again, you're more than welcome to set up something else, I just thought I'd mention the trivia.)
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I changed the status to confirmed: I thought I'd at least stick this pin in our plans. Is the time correct for the trivia teams, or should we plan earlier?

Vrakatar: coming over to MV seems a little spendy for our budget. I's like to see WH, though: I'll need to see what our other arrangements are going to be.
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The tater-trivia-team usually meets around 7:30, so that way we can split up the teams by the 8pm start, in case we are over the 6-tater-per-team limit. I would even start a little earlier, so that we have time to chat with you and settle in before things get wicked serious.
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I changed the time. I'm perfectly happy to sit out or just kibitz if it puts a team over the limit: my point is to enjoy time with people :)
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I thought I was going to be back from my work trip in time for this, but the schedule shifted and it looks like I'll be out of town longer than I expected. Enjoy Boston!
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So Horace Rumpole & I are *finally* moving into our house Tuesday, and finishing up stuff at our apt on Wendesday, so there is a good chance we will not be able to do trivia this week. However, if you guys want the gift certificate just let me know. I can probably drop it off with maryr at some point.

Sorry that we might miss you, pjern!
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I know everyone else is talking about Cambridge, but you said you'd be in Maine as well? I'll be in Portland, Maine the evenings of the 21st and 22nd, if you want to try to meet up there.
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bile and syntax: Portland Meetup set for Friday 8/22
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I will try to swing by!
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I still have a little bit of that vertigo I caught a few weeks ago, but I'll see if I can't make it.
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We can't make it, but not_on_display has the gift certificate. Have fun, and win one for us!
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I'm here, toward the back-right corner. Both the usual spots are already taken.
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<3 :)
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You guys were awesome! Aaron was impressed and enjoyed the evening. Thank you all for making us feel at home. COLTS NATION RULES!
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The zippity, it is bopped.
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So how'd we do, anyway?
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2nd place.
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