It's Reigning Babbys!
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Fri October 17 at 7:00 PM, Rune's House
9600 Scanlan Trace East, Missouri City, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
In light of this recent post, it has been decreed that there will be a Babby Shower for jph and his partner!
UPDATE - 10/3/14 Date and time changed and confirmed.

NOTE: This is a placeholder date. We'll reschedule after Babby arrives.

Runes and Mrs. Runes have generously volunteered their house (again!), so that part is taken care of. I'm volunteering to coordinate all the other details. But we need a date.

Since the Babby Princess is due in September, we have to do this pretty darn quickly. I'm thinking that about 2-3 weeks from now would be good, on either August 18th, 22nd or 23rd, but if you have other thoughts, dew drop inn with them.

Since we need to make sure that jph and his partner can attend, this won't be a surprise party. However, all the planning details other than time and place should take place somewhere sneaky, via private messages. This post is just to pick a date and time.

jph, you get to go first.
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I know I'm not jph, but since we're hosting: We're going to be gone the weekend of the 22nd, so that leaves the 18th.
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Partner is going to be in Europe (unless babby arrives unexpectedly soon) from late August to about the 5th of September. So I think the 18/22/23 can all probably work for us, with a slight preference for the 22nd, because I know how his work schedule typically runs and Friday nights are usually free/flexible. You all are so wonderful.
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The 18th can work too, I'm sure, so that makes this all easy!
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When, exactly, is the due date?
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18th works for me, as we have a datacenter move starting the 22nd and going on for 2-3 weeks after that (ack!).
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Well, ok, then, the 18th it is! Easiest IRL setup ever!

Runes, what time is good for you? (Keeping in mind that I'll want to arrive earlier, to do some setup.)
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The actual due date is September 16. So while we don't maybe have ALL the time in the world, we have 40 days and 40 nights, which is enough for a biblical flood and therefore probably sufficient time to get ready for this little one.

But we can totally go for September closer to the date if that works better for folks, just so long as it is after about the 5th, so we can both be there! (Of course, at that point we're getting into the danger zone of potential delivery, so it's probably wise not to push our luck too much.)
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Due dates can go 2-3 weeks in either direction, so I don't know that we'd want to wait till after the 5th.
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Okay, I checked with the Mr, and he's got a class to teach on the 18th. So while it might be living on the edge a little bit, I think we should probably look for a Friday evening in early-ish but not too early in September. I'm thinking the 12th, risky as that may sound...
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I just got around to noticing the tags on this post and my gosh they're awesome.
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I stole a lot of them from jph's original baby question.
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Okay, we've had a little more time to get our bearings, and we've even figured out when my mother-in-law will arrive to help us with the kiddo. Also, since we're kind of in the Danger Zone of Baby May Arrive Sort of Any Minute Now, why don't we instead plan on getting together after she is here and a little settled (early October?) and then everyone will get to play with the tiny baby in addition to doing some of the typical fun baby celebrating. Thoughts?
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So that this post doesn't expire, I'm setting a date in October. I can always go back and change the date once we settle on something.
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So, Oct 3 since the Mr has more availability on Friday's?
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Updated. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to draping myself dramatically across my sofa and coughing weakly. Effing bronchitis.
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Shouldn't you be employing a fainting couch for proper dramatic effect?!

I have notified the other parental unit. So we will be there. We'll have the mother in law and probably a couple IRL friends (who I'm sure most of you have met already) in tow, if that's alright!
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Anyone who needs the real address (map is close, but not exact) please let me know and I'll send it in memail.
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Also need to know about any dietary restrictions, please.
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So, after discussion with jph, the party location has moved to his house as it'll be easier for him.
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