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Black Rock City! Burning Man! What better time to socialize than when you're dirty, exhausted, and borderline dehydrated?
It's getting to be that time of year again. 2 PM Thursday at the Smellarium (8:00 and Esplanade).
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Ah, I was hoping someone would start this thread up.

Here's a list of events for Wednesday if you'd like to get inspired.

I'm fine with that day, although by then I will have been there for 10 days already and likely suffering from Space Madness!
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I'm running an 8' by 6' version of my hackerspace's Brian Pong at from 5-7 pm that day on 630 and A in camp Psyclone. Is that suitably nerdy?
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Nerdy isn't a prerequisite, but 6:30/A is pretty close to me (5 and Esplanade), so I'll do my level best to swing by. (I'm the Kitchen Coordinator for a huge theme camp, so that's right around dinner prep time, unfortunately.)
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I was just thinking about what kind of event will be right for a MeFi meetup.

I would like to suggest that we do it any day but Wednesday, as I have a big project going on all of that day. Tuesday? Thursday?
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Well, we could always crash Reddit's official event...
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Well, my old Boston camp is hosting an aerial/acrobatics performance on Thursday night at 8PM that is sure to be pretty special. They also have an excellent bar, although I don't know if it'll be running at the same time as the performance. (Not like alcohol is hard to find at Burning Man.)
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I will try for the nth year to actually make it to anything that's planned!

I'll be camped at sunset trip, which is both large and on the esplanade (and 8) so is easy to find. There will certainly be day time music and bar happening at my corner of it, Tasty Noodles. And we just built 1,800 square feet of shade for that, so a meet up would certain fit! (we won't actually have noodles. yes, this is confusing.)

Similarly to mykescipark I will have been there for 9 days already by wednesday but that just makes it alllll the more fun!
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Yes, it is confusing, but entirely apropos of Burning Man, to have a camp called Tasty Noodles that doesn't serve them.

My schedule's pretty packed already with volunteering and running amok, but if people don't want to commit to a particular event like the one I suggested, I'm fine with just having a loosely-defined drop-in period. 8 and Esplanade is still reasonably close to me.
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- we are actually closer to 8 & A, cause village be big. The esplanade facing has the Capital Wreckords stage, but it will only run at night. We're the daytime funtime area.
- it's 3600sqft of shade. I'm sure this is a huge deciding factor.

- There is another mefite in the village, and I'm there so early to work on her big ass art project, which I think will be super cool, but I'll let her identify herself if she feels so inclined, and save talking about it for any meet up that happens
- The noodles name predates most of the people in camp going to Burning Man, or being anywhere where serving noodles would make sense, but we party in other deserts together and see each other far too often so it obviously had to continue.

We're running every day, and honestly it seems to me a meet up at a space without a Special Event happening means more meeting up. I'll stop selling "come to my yard" now though :)
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OK, so just to keep this moving ... I've got a free spot from 11am - 2pm on Thursday that could work, or Tuesday after I get off my Temple Guardian shift at 3pm. I'd be happy to mosey on over there either of those times.

I have a slight preference for Thursday, since I'll be at Camp Charlie (8:00 / Esplanade) for the Smellarium at 2pm anyway.
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Thursday around then works for me... I'm free and Camp Charlie is in my village!
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I'm busy Tuesday from 2pm till who knows. I'll try to make it at other times but actually making a schedule appears impossible this year. I agree we should plan to do an existing event together, such as crashing the reddit event.
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My schedule otherwise is completely packed but everything is, as always, subject to Playa time distortions. (Except my volunteer shifts, because one just doesn't bail on those.)
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thanks for pointing me here, jeff! I'm pretty free this year except on wednesday afternoon/evening. I'm at 745 & G, so flaterik's camp is super convenient, hooray.
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I'm at Gypsy Flower Power International at 4:20 and H, the hooka smoking caterpillar art car. I'm not too worried about distances this year since I'm bringing a bike for the first time and the Phage Seminar series in nearby.

I'm reliably at the billion bunny march giving away vibrating carrots from 4ish till 7ish. I'm fine doing the Smellarium, before that (1pm-3:30pm). I could even stick the vibrator to my forehead for such a unicorn themed event.
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We are not going this year, but think of us as you celebrate in the desert!
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That seems to be several votes for smellarium... shall we call it the vague dusty shadow of a plan?
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I was thinking we were doing it before the Smellarium, but I'm fine with having it during ... as long as I get to make my scents :-)
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Thursday at the Smellarioum sounds good to me.
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before, during, whatever!

how do we promote this from proposed to A Thing?
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I think Parasite has to do it as the originator of the IRL...?
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We're all gonna be stinky unicorns! err.. bunicorns in some cases. yey!
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We're all gonna be stinky unicorns! err.. bunicorns in some cases. yey!

Speak for yourself... we've got hot showers. :-)
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Oh yes, I am flaterik's other mefite-in-the-village and Thursday at the Smellarium is great! I'll have been there for 10 days, so anything that makes me smell a bit better is probably good.

Also, Erik and my art project is The Last Outpost - if you run across a post apocalyptic haunted house in deep playa, that's ours!
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I have heard about The Last Outpost. Deep playa is my favorite part of BRC, so I'll be spending a lot of time out there...
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I'm going to make it official and say Thursday 2 PM at Smellarium. I've been attempting to move this event from proposed to confirmed, but IRL isn't recognizing the address. I've sent a message to the mods using the contact form; I'll update the post as soon as we have a solution.
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Yey! :) Apparently unicorns need to know about dry humping, at least on wednesdays.
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You can always just make the address for the system somewhere in Gerlach. We'll all know the reality.
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I seem to remember them having problems with Black Rock in their address database before ... No matter, as flaterik says, we'll all be there. (At least in the general "there". No actual guarantees about making the meetup.)
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Oh whoops... I somehow missed this post on my phone and created my own BRC meet up. Oops.
Dinoworx and I will be there!
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Anyone know a lift from Reno to BRC on Friday afternoon? Just got early access.
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Let me second jeffburdges - I'm trapped in Reno with an early pass and no ride. I'd gladly pay for gas if anyone can give me a lift. My stuff is already on the playa, it's just me and a small suitcase.
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jeffburdges, I have a ride leaving soon with room for you if you need it, but your memail seems to be turned off. memail me quickly if you want it.
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I made it to the playa from reno airport just fine. I never made it to the meetup however. Wooo playa :)
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Did the meet-up actually happen? Obviously Dino and I didn't make it either (preoccupied with Black Rock Beacon stuff) ... for the second time running. Sorry we missed you guys!
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Did we all fail? I definitely failed.
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I failed.
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I failed :(
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Ain't much chance of a Thursday meetup actually working out, I bet. We all failed even on a Wednesday in 2012. 2013 worked nicely on a Tuesday.
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