Eat food and support a good cause
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Tue August 26 at 7:00 PM, Frank's American Revival
3736 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
Let's meet up for lunch or dinner during Houston Restaurant Weeks! We're running out of time, so I picked a spot. Please acknowledge so I can make a reservation.
Each year during the month of August their's something called Houston Restaurant Weeks supporting the Houston Food Bank. A bunch of restaurants offer up a fixed price menu for lunch, dinner, brunch, or some combination of those, typically with three to four courses. A portion of each bill goes to the Houston Food Bank. Last year over $1.3 million was raised for the HFB.

Our experience with HRW is that it lets us try out restaurants that we haven't been to before or return to favorites at crazy good prices. Typically you can get the whole 3-course meal for the price of what is typically just the entree. Lunches tend to be $20, and dinner's are either $35 or $45.

Anyone interested in meeting up for a meal for a good cause? It's the whole month of August, so hopefully we can find a day when people are available. The menu's are posted so you can search for gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.
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To give you some idea of what you're in for, here are notes/food porn from previous HRW meals:
Sonoma Wine Bar
Perry's Steak House
Aura (lunch)

Article from Eating... Our Words, who put together a pretty good guide once the thing kicks off and they've had a chance to review.
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I'm up for it.
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Sure, I'd be up for it.
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I could do something on a Monday or Tuesday evening.
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We did a run through the gluten free menu's, and identified the following restaurants that look worth visiting. The ones with the *'s are particularly interesting.

Bistro des amis
Bistro Le CEP (*)
Blu ( in sugar Land)
Costa brava bistro
Etoile cuisine et bar
Franks american revival *
Harvest grille fountain view
Haven, a seasonal kitchen *
Le mistral
Ray's Gourmet Country Grill
RDG + Bar Annie (*)
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Of course the *s ones are particularly interesting.

On a more serious note, Haven just closed as of last night, but I would be particularly interested in Frank's or RDG and game for others.
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That list is much more manageable, Runes! The HRW options tend to intimidate me without a limiter to make things sane.

I'd say of the list, I'd be most interested in Frank's and somewhat interested in Kirans with a maybe to Bistro Le CEP (quite a drive outside the Loop). Note that Tuesdays are probably better in terms of open hours than Mondays but I didn't double-check to see who is open when.
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OK, Tuesdays work well for us too. Proposed: Franks on the 19th or 26th.
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Either would work for me (though not sure whether there's still reservations available for the 19th) so I can work with others' schedules.
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OK, this went past the 30-days mark on a proposed entry, and disappeared. Turns out that you can resurrect them by making it a real entry rather than proposed.

So, dinner on the 26th at Frank's American Revival. Menu.

I will count up the "Attending" on Monday afternoon and make a reservation.
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oooooh. going to 2 HRW places isn't overkill is it? nahhhhhhh
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I'm waiting to hear from Laurie if she's joining us or not.
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Ok, Laurie's in.
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twist my arm: "oooooh. going to 2 HRW places isn't overkill is it? nahhhhhhh"

We've been to two HRW places ON THE SAME DAY! :-)
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Reservation made for 8 people, HRW menu, name of the party is "Metafilter".
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Woot! Looking forward to it.
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The restaurant's gonna get some weird idea's about Metafilter based on the gender makeup of this party. :-)
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We're here, sitting at the round table towards the kitchen.
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