Austin meetup - 20 July at Dog & Duck
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Sun July 20 at 2:00 PM, Dog and Duck
406 West 17th Street, Austin, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
Team Austin hasn't met up in a while and we missed our opportunity when we had visitors. Let's get together on a weekend afternoon in July. ETA: July 20, 2pm, Dog & Duck.
I'm out of town the first two weekends but the weekend of the 19th or the 26th would be great for Saturday or Sunday at a pub. We've generally met at The Dog & Duck, but I'm open to another location. Let's pick a day and meet up.
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I am calendar impaired, and can't plan ahead. I'll be watching this post.
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Weekend of the 26th works better for me. I'm still fine with dog & duck- it's quiet enough to have a conversation, which is a little rare in this town anymore.
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The weekend should be workable for me, and Dog & Duck is OK. I'll firm up this 'maybe' when some more details get surfaced. YAY!
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I'm sick of not meeting any of you folks so I may drive up to Austin for this one. I'll keep an eye on this thread.
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I think I could make either of those. No preference right now.
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19th is way better for me, I have a birthday (someone else's) to attend to the other weekend.
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I could do either of those.
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All right, based on the comments, I tossed an e-coin and I'm tentatively saying Sunday 20 July at 2 pm at Dog and Duck. Comment here if you have strong opinions, and I'll firm it up Monday evening so people who only read Metafilter at work will have a chance to read and respond.
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Whoops, thought I did that yesterday but it's now set.
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I'm a maybe. I might have a house guest and that would make it more complicated, but hopefully I can come.
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I have not been to a Metafilter meetup in ages--largely because I am the only Mefite in Laredo. I am seriously considering adjusting my summer travel plans to drop by.
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You would be very welcome! We may have a Houston Mefite as well. Also houseguests are welcome--I used to bring my husband all the time before he had an account.
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I get off work at 6. I'll try to stop by if y'all are still around
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I'll be there!
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I'm running behind today so I might be late.
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Actually, this allergy medicine has me barely functioning so I might not end up making it at all. I'll nap first and see how I feel.
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I'm at the bar.
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We're at the big table just inside and to the right of the door.
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