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Sat July 19 at 11:30 AM, Diner 66
1405 Central Avenue Northeast, Albuquerque, NM, USA (Map & Directions)
We're long overdue for a meetup! I know we've got at least a few MeFites in the area. So, first off we need to pick a date and time between July 17 and July 19 and a location.
Yes, I just copied signalnine's post text from five years ago, I thought it was funny/fitting.

On to srs bznss: I think Saturday, July 19th would be best, but beyond that, I have no ideas for meeting locations and times and such.
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I'm partial towards the Albuquerque Press Club myself. Unless we have some under 21 MeFites, I suggest we keep it there.
posted by endotoxin at 5:37 AM on June 27, 2014

I'm fine with an evening meetup at the Press Club, or if folks want to meet during the day, perhaps the botanical gardens?
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It has been absolutely ages since we had a meetup.! I'm not sure about the date for the Mr., as it's opera season and he chauffeurs/goes with his dad. Anyway, we'll look at the dates tonight.

I've never been to the Press club. Looks fun, but I can't tell if they serve food?

I love the botanical gardens.
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I'm not partial to bars or clubs (since I don't drink), and neither is the hubby. We enjoyed it when we met at Torino's @ Home the last time.
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Let's not do the Press Club because they don't serve food and also I always feel sketchy going there when I'm not a member and don't actually know any members I can name.

Botanical gardens are lovely but a bit hard to coordinate meetups in because walking around is part of the fun part, though I suppose y'all with newfangled "intelligent telephones" might be able to keep an eye on the thread and see if anyone has arrived and is wandering around looking for us.

The nice things about bar-y type places is that it's pretty easy to grab a table and hang out with a group of people who're coming and going, which is harder to do at proper restaurants. If we actually know how many people are coming and at what time and can give a number and/or are going at a really off-peak time, we can do the restaurant thing, I just hate doing the "uhhh... I'm not sure how many people" thing with servers.
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If some of us are averse to out and out bars, perhaps we could all meet at a place similar to O'Niell's where food beyond typical BarFareâ„¢ can be had.
They've been fairly amenable to the whole amorphous party size thing as well, in my past experience. (And, if it's a plus, perhaps we could plan on a night where there's some sort of trivia/Geeks Who Drink event? It can help to break the ice/make for less awkwardness)

If non-bar/food locations are desired, my vote would likely be for the arboretum/aquarium.
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The aquarium is air conditioned, and the arboretum could be cool enough with a nice breeze and the shade, but both places are better for sauntering, rather than sitting and chatting (which is my idea of a meetup, but that's just me).

We've done a terrible job at continuing our trek through Gil's Gastro-blog, and with that (plus the fact it's currently rather warm, and I want a milkshake), I propose we go to 66 Diner (official website, Google maps).

Mary & Tito's Cafe (Google Plus map + reviews) also sounds good.

Alternatively, we could meet in Santa Fe, where korej and others reside, and where we could get great African food (the head chef is from Lamu Island, off the coast of Kenya, with its Swahili fusion of European, Arabic and Indian influences) at Jambo Cafe.

And now I'm just hungry, so if I go on, I'll just list a ton of restaurants without much filtering.
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We're going to have people over that weekend doing renovation stuff. We're in a time crunch. Carry on without us. :)
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Well, my elderly car in in the shop - so unless other folks from northern NM are coming, you may want to stick to albuquerque. (but Jambo another time!)
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This mefi-meetup virgin could go to a Santa Fe meetup.
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I'm out of town the weekend of the 18th, but would be happy going to another meetup date & Jambo sounds good.
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This may be outside the parameters, but will anyone else be at Bubonicon friday afternoon/evening? (August 1)
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OK, I've messaged almost everyone within the regions of Albuquerque and Santa Fe about this Meetup thread. Sorry if you've already read the thread or commented and I sent you a message, I was going down the list of regional folks, without much thought.

Given that we have a decent-sized group in both Santa Fe and Albuquerque areas, there could be two meet-ups, wholly independent from each-other. To be honest, that sounds kind of like fun, mostly as I'd love to meet more MeFites in the state. (I'd offer to join a Meetup in Las Cruces, but I won't be back down there until the 22nd, and I'm trying to make that a quick drive down super early and drive back in one day trip - maybe we could have a lunch meetup? :) )

Otherwise, I'd be happy to instigate another meetup or three in the coming weeks and months.
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Definitely can't make the meetup this weekend. Maybe a different weekend would work for more people? I'm great with one in Santa Fe, too.
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Erp. Well, I'll be bold and claim a time and location for this weekend, and propose another for next weekend:

Tomorrow, July 19th, 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM: Diner 66 (1405 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106)

Next weekend: Santa Fe? Jamba Cafe?

How does this all sound?
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I set the weird times with the idea that my little party (or at least members of my group) could depart for nap time. Sleep schedules rule everything around me, ya know?

If the party outlives us, all the better.
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well, my car is still in the shop. I'll cross fingers its out by next week!
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Okay, in an attempt to not be an introverted hermit, I am going to go to the 66 Diner at 11:30 tomorrow and meet real people. How does this work? Am I supposed to wear a flower in my hair or something?
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I don't go to the 66 Diner for Reasons that are unrelated to the quality of the restaurant so I probably won't go unless I'm feeling incredibly extroverted and brave tomorrow.
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But ya'll have fun :)
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Oh, bother! Had I known, I would have been bold and selected something else.
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Boo. I'll be at work until 8PM tomorrow. Have fun though!
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Might be able to make the meeting tomorrow. Depends on various things.
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pipian, do you usually work late? We'll do a late meetup sometime soon.

Missense Mutation, there's usually some awkward questions like "Are you from the internet?" or "Do you know Matt?"

Here's a photo from a prior ABQ meetup, with various folks identified.
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Awesome! See you there.
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On our way, see you shortly!
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We're here, in the corner in the back room
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It was great to meet you, Missense Mutation! See, we aren't a bitey bunch, but we will gladly talk to you about zombies at length, should you be so interested.
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Nice to meet you! I am definitely up for museum meet ups in the future, and zombie related discussions any time.
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We Have Such Zombie Movies We Would Like To Share (to be tempered by the works of Miyazaki).

I've often thought it would be fun to have a local movie night, but my "local" isn't everyone's "local," especially as we're on the north end of Rio Rancho, making us a solid 20-30 minutes from Albuquerque (but a mere 45 minutes from Santa Fe).
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If you missed us (or didn't miss us) in ABQ, there'll be another meetup this weekend, in Santa Fe!
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