Board Games and Brunch: MoMu15
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Sun July 27 at 11:00 AM, phunniemee's house
Kedzie-Cermak, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Per request, we will have a meetup on my couch! I'll make some food, we'll play some games. PLEASE WEAR PANTS, THOUGH, THANK YOU.
Dogs are welcome. Babies, too, if your baby is, like, dog-level cool.

That address is approximate. Memail me for the actual address.
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If I am not a baby, but I'm also not, like, dog-level cool... am I welcome?
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What are you talking about, you're totally dog-level* cool.

*offer does not extend to barfing on my rug
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So, er... would anyone be willing to give this north-sider a lift?
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Tzikeh - memail me and maybe we can figure something out.
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So I'm thinking I will make breakfast tacos.

Anyone who doesn't like breakfast tacos is wrong unwelcome in my house encouraged to suggest alternate foods or bring something else!
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Like garlic, I, too, have put my phone number in my profile in case you get lost or something on the way to my place!
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Is there anything I can bring for the meetup, phunniemee?
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If you'd like to bring beer or something, that would probably be a great kindness to others. I have milk, oj, and a smattering of nonstandard sodas.

(And endless diet cokes, gross.)
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Oh, also, if people would like to bring games. I have a few good ones but not all of the good ones.
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I was planning to bring the game I've been working on for Gen Con, along with some other real, established games. I could use some extra practice explaining it if anyone's interested to see it!
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I am bringing Probe. Which was one of our prizes the night we kicked Reddit's butt at trivia. It's also the most provocative word game since the invention of the modern alphabet.

If I happen to show up unshowered and in day old lounging clothing, I apologize. Not sure if I'll go home tonight or hang around the hospital. Luckily Probe is already in my car.
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I came down with the vicious summer cold and am still fighting it today so am super sad not to be making it today. Have fun!
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A curious thing: The further we get into Month of Meetups, the harder it is for me to get out of bed each morning. I am on my way now, but should have left half an hour ago. I'm bringing beer and Tsuro. See you all soon!
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I'm running late too...just leaving streeterville now. I'm bringing grapes.
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Slept right through my alarm clock but on my way now.
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Apparently I should have left an hour before my actual departure time. Please don't wait on me to start eating! I am still waiting for a pink line downtown so it'll be a while yet.
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Oh iiiiiiiii live far away, this is my sooooong about living far awaaaaay, tra la la la laaaaaa!

You'll need to call/text when you get here. I have a doorbell under my mailbox but it's buggy.
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I had a lot of fun attending Jen Con today! Thank you for hosting!

Also: I am extremely pleased to confirm the existence in my house of THIS. This set is very orange and is designed differently (you write out your word on paper strips rather than using letter cards, and then hide the letters in little capsules). I think it would be okay to mix and match the two different set styles, but maybe we should write to Parker Brothers to make sure.
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Yeah, thanks for having us Jen! And thank you everyone for being willing participants in playtesting my card game! I'm glad that people seemed to have a good time with it.
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Thanks again to phunniemee for hosting and to youngergirl44 for giving me and iridic a ride back!
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Thanks for coming, everyone! I should host things at my place more often. Game days are fun, it's incentive to keep my apartment reasonably straight, and it's an excuse to buy all of the jarritos flavors.
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