Metafilter's 15th Anniversary Meetup in St. Paul
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Sat July 19 at 3:00 PM, Sweeney's Saloon
96 Dale Street North, Saint Paul, MN, USA (Map & Directions)
Now confirming: Saturday 7/19, 15:00 at Sweeney's. Another Minneapolis meetup is also in the works.
Original proposal:
Twin Citizens, I'm not sure if we do regular meetups anymore (seems like some were tried a few months back), but it would be fun to do something next month.

Friday the 18th? or Saturday the 19th?

Time? Location?

I'd like to go somewhere where I can get a craft beer and/or a crafted cocktail. Psycho Suzi's? Hammerheart Brewery? Marvel Bar? Sociable Cider Werks? Urban Growler?
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Marvel Bar! I'm a regular there, and would absolutely love to meet some MeFites there. If we did a weekday, we could snag the middle couches and chairs. It's expensive, but one drink is strong enough to last you (unless you have a liver like me and need a few more).

I'm free the 17th (which would be a weekday) and 19th, for sure. Not the 18th, though.
posted by Zosia Blue at 12:34 PM on June 25, 2014

What about Sweeney's Saloon, which also has a patio? There is the Happy Gnome but it has no happy hour and the menu is limited, however, the beer selection is decent. If only the Surly Biergarten was open now!
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I think the last meetup I attended was almost exactly a year ago when Jessamyn was in town.

The 18th is better for me. I kind of . . . hate Psycho Suzi's.

I love Marvel bar, but wouldn't be a little small and dark for a nice summer evening?
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I wouldn't be able to get out to Hammerheart, but any of those other places sounds good.
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Was thinking of proposing something here around the 4th of July weekend at an in town science-fiction convention as well (Convergence). Not sure how that would work out yet, since it depends on scheduling, and how many potential attendees are actually at con.
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Psycho Suzi's kinda blows because of the crowd and the parking situation.

I vote for Sweeneys just because I can walk there.
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I'm not a Convergence-goer myself, but I can assure you that a bunch of mefites are.
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I should be free, I will bow to the hive mind's superior wisdom when it comes to booze. Name the place and I'll try to turn up.
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I can make the 18th but not the 19th.
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OMG, perfect. I am going to be visiting Minneapolis from Western Australia. I'd love to meet up with Mefites either of those dates.
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I would attend! The 18th works great as well - whichever bar. I am a MPLS mefite via NYC.
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This might be turning into two different meet-ups - what do you think? Sweeney's isn't craft cocktails, but they do have a nice patio. We could do Sweeney's in St. Paul for one meet-up and maybe Marvel in Minneapolis for another meet-up. That way, we get some good summer patio in, then also some dark lush basement time in Minneapolis. It's the 15th anniversary - we might as well have several meet-ups!
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Thumbs up to the two meetups plan. I dig a patio, but have been really wanting to go to Marvel Bar thanks to that one AskMe the other week. :)
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That was my AskMe! So I'm definitely biased. Sparklemotion - would you object to me starting another AskMe for Marvel Bar specifically? Then we could turn this into Sweeney's meetup (or wherever). Don't want to step on your toes with it - I get way too eager when liquor is involved.
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I'm cool with the two meetup plan (as long as they aren't on the same night), and also with anyone else who wants to (ZB included) starting up another event for Marvel Bar.

In the interest of me going back the bar prep that kept me away from this thread since I started it I'm going to draw a line in the sand for an afternoon deal at Sweeney's Saloon on Saturday, July 19. 3pm (happy hour!) because I am selfish and it works well with another appointment that I have in St. Paul that day.

Zosia Blue, go forth and make an MPLS thing!
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I'd be there on Friday. I don't drink the cocktails or beer anymore, but I always like MeFi meetups and MeFi people. I can't make Saturday though.
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Looking forward to this.
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This is a bummer, but I'm down with something nasty (virus-wise, not a euphemism). Hoping to be better for Monday's meet-up. Have fun, and thanks for organizing this.
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Get better soon, Zosia.

See the rest of you in a couple of hours. I'll try to be on the patio... Look for the lady with locs and a wordy/nerdy shirt.
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Something came up at last minute, will meetup another time.
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Where is MeFi? I would be the hippy mama nursing the pint looking sad.
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Found you!
posted by sparklemotion at 1:24 PM on July 19, 2014

I messed up on timing here. 3:00pm!

Next time!
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