MetaFilter's 15th Anniversary Month of Meetups Kicks Off... IN THE DANGER ZONE
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Tue July 1 at 6:30 PM, Millennium Park
201 East Randolph Street, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Did you know it's been FIVE YEARS since the MeFiChi block party? So how can we top that for MeFi's fifteenth anniversary? A WHOLE MONTH OF MEETUPS! We'll kick things off July 1st in Millennium Park to watch the beloved bro classic: Top Gun.
The (free!) show starts at 6:30pm, so bring a blanket, grab a picnic-y foodstuff, and let the greatest film 1986 had to offer take your breath away!

And if you'd like to contribute to our MONTH OF MEETUPS, all you have to do is grab a date!
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Now I have a reason to watch homoerotic volleyball in public again without shame!

Helpful suggestion: If you're downtown and want to show up straight from work but don't want to bring a picnic to work but do want to picnic. the Mariano's on Randolph is quite convenient for your needs.
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Also, there's a grocery store at 222 N Columbus Dr called BockWinkels.
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DAMMIT I would TOTALLY freaking go to this but I am going to be driving to Romeoville to pick up my new thanks-to-Ask-Me kittens (no their names are not going to be Meta and Filter)
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Oh my god those kitties.
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They are adorable and I am a ridiculous person who is apparently now renting a car to drive out of Chicago during a Tuesday evening rush hour to meet someone I don't know in Romeoville where, if all goes to plan, she will have driven to from Nashville that morning with the kittens.

I wish I could take a month off work for kitty leave....
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tzikeh, this is a delightful story!
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I may have to have a meetup at my place so you can all enjoy the kitties. Also because it would be the one time I'm 100% guaranteed to attend a meetup.
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I don't want to seem to be encouraging you not to show up, but I can't help but think that somehow pulling off not attending a meetup at your own place would actually be a pretty baller move.
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"I have never seen Top Gun" is something that was just said to me but I don't know that I can truly comprehend it.

(I know there are plenty of people who could say that, but it's a total other thing to realize you've been sharing your bed with a stranger.)
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I'm going to bring along plasticware and paper plates, so feel free to get something from a grocery store that needs utensils / plates.
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So what's the meetup plan? Who's bringing what? Should we prepare for soggy ground? I'm going to stop by the new fancy flagship Walgreens if anyone needs anything. My plan is to get some ponchos or something waterproof to sit on, snacks, and some kind of booze.

Also, does anyone know if people can bring bikes into the park, or should I plan to find a place to lock it up?
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I have a medium size blanket for sitting on (which I think should handle the damp), and the plates that I listed above. I'll pick some cooked chicken up from somewhere for sharing, and probably grapefruit radler's because I love drinking those in the park.
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I grabbed some cheese and crackers and pretzel chips. also a $5 blanket from the NEW EXCITING WALGREENS in the wrigley building.
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Still watching the game in Edgewater so I'll be a little late.
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Text me if you discover there's something we're missing.
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Grabbing a grass seat now
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Center right, 15 yards back from the steps.

I have bright orange bags.
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Andy is meeting me at office and then we're going to Mariano's and then we will be right over.
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I'm planning on buying some vittles at pastoral and then coming over. I and my green sweatshirt and bulging leather bag will look out for your orange bags.
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I just bought the weirdest bag of food.
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I'm not going to sit here and blow sunshine up your ass, lieutenant.
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So I should let y'all know that the kittens are here.

Sorry I missed the movie.

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