Bicycle Outing?
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Does anyone have any interest in going on a bicycling day trip outside the city?
I really like riding my bicycle but I'm tired of spending most of the time I'm riding it actively avoiding death. I'd like to just hit a nice scenic trail and zone out and enjoy the ride. I'm thinking intermediate level for this - 30 miles at the very least but I'd be up for doing twice that. I want to be dead tired at the end of the day! I'd even be up for an overnight if anyone knows of anywhere interesting to camp or just stay.

I haven't researched this at all so I'm up for all suggestions on towns and trails!
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I don't know that I'd be able to make it, but here are some resources off the top of my head:

1. MetroNorth up to Westchester:

2. I'm not sure how enforced it is, but you'd need a bike permit to take the train on the MetroNorth ($5 for a lifetime permit). But there are some other things they say like 'groups of ten must contact MetroNorth'.

3. Other bike events you might be interested in / probably has ideas for other bike rides you could do for this meetup:
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How about the North County Trailway? Accessible via MetroNorth. PDF maps here.

There's also the D&R Canal Tow Path.
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Might type too much because this is the kind of meetup that I would enjoy... and I have not been biking as much as I want to this summer.

I'd be more than game to do this, depending on when this is scheduled.

I frequently ride the North & South County trailways for the reasons cited (ie, 95% car free, easily accessible via public transport - you can take the number one subway all they way north, get off at the last stop, walk or ride on a dirt trail for 2 miles and the rail trail starts - train is also possible, but it requires navigating a few miles on the street to get to the rail trail).

If for some reason people take the train, it is possible to buy a bike pass on the train, or purchase it in advance during the week.

I would be willing to do a 40-80 mile ride, depending on what others want to do.
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Yay, options! I also wanted to mention that I'd be willing to rent a Zipcar (if people will split the cost) and do the driving if that opens up any additional possibilities.
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I just did an overnight trip a few weeks ago, and I loved it. I'd be up for either a day ride or camping overnight. I'm not sure how long a distance I'd be up for. I learned to ride in Illinois, and I don't have a good sense yet for these "hills" things you have here.
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Do people have thoughts on dates? Maybe we should start with a day trip first just to see how it goes.
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Yes, let's start with a day trip. Saturday would be good for me. Say, 19 July?

I like Wolfster's suggestion of the N/S County Trailways. How about George Washington Bridge to Kensico Dam via S County Trailway, picnic, and then back? About 50 miles round trip with over 1000 ft of climbing, but I think I could handle that if we went slowly and took a leisurely lunch.
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The South County trail starts in Van Cortlandt Park. If you were going to meet at the GWB and go to the trail, that would entail riding on the streets through Upper Manhattan and the Bronx.
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Yeah, is that a problem? I think you just take Broadway all the way up. I was just looking for a very visible landmark to gather around. Van Cortlandt Park is kind of a maze inside. But I guess if we all have mobiles then it might not be so bad. I don't feel strongly about this.
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An easy way to do this if the desire is to ride the S County and N county trail and find a common find the other internet strangers without getting lost in the park would be to meet on Broadway and ~W 242 S on the side of the street with the park. This is right next to the number 1 subway exit (you would need to carry a bike down what I consider to be a steep set of stairs, but its doable) and then walk a bit south to a bench. Alternatively, if people prefer to ride Broadway, that can be done but stop at that same point. Then the mob can go to through the park to the dirt part of the path. As I said, it is only 2 miles or so (can walk or ride it) and then the rest of the trail is paved.

I'm not going to put a preferred day at this point just because work has been a bit crazy for me, but this is definitely a meetup that I will try to attend, pending work trips.
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How does Saturday the 19th work for others?

I haven't had a chance to sit down and look through all the trail suggestions. Generally, bicycling in Manhattan stresses me out, and I'd prefer not to do it if possible.
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Works for me. Others? Sounds like a fun meetup - thanks for organizing this.
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D.Z., I'd also like to add that the South County Trailway does not go to Kensico Dam. You can take it all the way to Yorktown Heights and the Croton Reservoir. If you look at the map in wintrymix's link, you can see what is separate path and what is on the street with traffic. I would recommend having a MetroNorth pass as to add return options beyond riding there and back--wherever "there" is. I would love a trip to Croton, but that may be too far for most people. The trail passes right through Yorktown Heights and there are lunch options there.
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So do people want to stay off roads entirely?

We could go to Tarrytown. NYCC does a bunch of rides there, so the local diners are used to cyclists.

There's still a little section on roads to transfer between the South and the North County Trails, but maybe it'll be commonly enough used for that purpose that people will be used to bicycle traffic.

I also wouldn't mind having the option of taking Metro North home if it turns out I can't handle the hills.
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I was really looking forward to this but I have an injury preventing me from riding these days. Would be interested in future rides.
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mlis, does this mean you can't make it at all now, even if we move the date forward?
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Okay, clearly the 19th isn't going to happen. Next weekend? I will pick a trail this weekend.
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Next Sunday sounds good to me. The North Brooklyn Boat club is doing a free kayaking trip next Saturday that I want to get into if I can.
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Oh, I didn't know kayaking was a thing here. Where do people do it? I'll check my schedule on next Sunday.
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You should come!
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unannihilated, sorry, just saw this now. I am out for the Summer, if we do another ride in October or so I would be good.
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mlis, I'm sorry to hear that. :-(

d.z., I'm going to pm you regarding kayaking.
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