I am coming to Portland for the first time on June 17. Drink beer with me.
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Tue June 17 at 9:00 PM, Tugboat Brewing Company
711 Southwest Ankeny Street, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
I know there's already a Portland meetup this week! Nonetheless: I will be in Portland on Tuesday, June 17, to read at Powell's. My first visit. I only know one person there. And I know it's a MeFite-rich environment.
So I propose that if there is a good place to have a beer or two in the mid-evening in the neighborhood of Powell's, say at 9 or 9:30.... or near in the neighborhood of the Heathman Hotel... or (looks at map) I guess that's actually the same neighborhood? All I am trying to say is that I would drink a beer with a MeFite or MeFites after I read, if there is interest.
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I don't know anything around there very well but am interested.
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Bailey's Tap Room is pretty close to both Powell's and Heathman. Locally owned. Lots of interesting beers!
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I might be able to head down there after band practice that night! Bailey's has plenty of good beer, and right across an alley from it is one of my favorite quirky brewpubs in town, the Tugboat, so that makes for a decent Plan B sort of deal too in case one's full to bursting.
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I just put your book on hold at the library! I dont know if I can stay out that late but I will definitely check out your reading!
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OK, I'm calling it for Tugboat. Time slightly flexible since I don't know exactly when I'll be done at Powell's, but safe to say it'll be between 9 and 9:30 I think.
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As an employee of said bookstore, and as a Metafilter member, I feel compelled to appear! I'll check out your reading, as well.
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Hey, maybe I'll try to make the reading too. The topic is close to my heart, having just grumpily completed calculus IV a few days ago based more on "follow the patterns, memorize the steps" than understanding. And this here says you're a Math-world superstar! Awesome!
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You are my target audience!
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Tugboat was the first bar I would ever call a "nerd bar". Nothing but books and tabletop games and eccentric brews when I first visited it about ten years ago.

I'm going to hit up the reading, but probably skip the beers after, see you there escabeche.
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I should be able to make it. My day tomorrow starts pretty early, so it's probably beer (vs. beers) for me.
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I think I'll be wearing a dark grey sweater and blue jeans and glasses and a beard.
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Cortex and I are dorks and will be wearing our Mefi shirts. And we're heading downtown for the reading now!
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Ive staked out a spot in the 2nd to last row. And spotted Mathowie
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We had a hunger emergency and so will be there as soon as we receive and consume a nearby little big burger!
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Woo hoo, thanks for coming out everybody, you made my very first IRL post a big success!
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Great reading and a really nice meetup. Nice to meet some local mathy people and expose 'em to a bit of Metafilter, and a great big pleasure to meet you in person, escabeche. Good luck with the rest of our your book tour; come back to Portland some time!
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Yeah, good meetup! I'm looking forward to reading the book, and it was fun to meet some new people (and unexpectedly see some familiar faces from the PSU math department!)
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Posted a picture of some of the greatest minds of our times outside of Powell's.
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