15th MetaVersary (or the Fifth anniversary of the Tenth anniversary)
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Sat July 12 at 7:00 PM, Hobnobber's Cafe
139 Carondelet Street, New Orleans, LA, USA (Map & Directions)
The weekend of July 12, 2014, is roughly the Fifteenth Anniversary of the site we all love. A few MeFites will be making their way to steamy New Orleans to celebrate. Won't you join us?
I'm open to suggestions for a venue. It will be a much smaller scale than the grand Tenth celebration, but I think we should plan on at least a dozen or so folks.
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We know things are bad - worse than bad. They're crazy. It's like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don't go out anymore. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we are living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, 'Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my iPad and my TV and my internet and I won't say anything. Just leave us alone.' Well, I'm not gonna leave you alone. I want you to go to the meetup!
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Is there a kid friendly venue or a place where they can be sat with other MeFi kids?
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Meetups are usually adults-only because they usually happen in bars, but New Orleans is full of kid-friendly activities to distract them.
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If accommodating children is a concern, we could always do a potluck/BYOB kind of thing at the Fly or another park.
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I'm in. It has been a long time, ColdChef and radioamy!
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MISS YOU GUYS! Sending love from SF.
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The challenge with a potluck is that a number of us are coming from out of town. I'm happy to bring a smoked brisket, but will need someone with an oven to warm it up.
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I think I can come this time! I missed The Whelk and jonmc when they were both in town a few months ago.
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Plane tickets bought and hotel reservations made. I'm so excited that we'll be able to make it!
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'The challenge with a potluck is that a number of us are coming from out of town. I'm happy to bring a smoked brisket, but will need someone with an oven to warm it up."

I live above a restaurant on the St. Charles line right downtown [137 Carondelet]. The landlord lets me use everything after the place closes at two PM. I have regular ovens and a convection oven. I just went from maybe to yes.
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Ooh, I was going to offer my house near Carrollton as a handy brisket warming/meeting location, but vapidave's restaurant house is far superior. My husband and I are definite maybes.
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"Ooh, I was going to offer my house near Carrollton as a handy brisket warming/meeting location, but vapidave's restaurant house is far superior. My husband and I are definite maybes."

I withdraw my offer artychoke pending your status change from maybe to attending, wherever that might be.
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Fine! We're in. If a secondary brisket warming locale is needed, let me know.
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Oh, this I can do! Is there a definite address/date/time? Do we need signups for specific types of food? I can do main/side/dessert, whatever's needed.
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My boy jaybeans and I are Youtubing Rebirth and Jazz Vipers videos and counting the minutes till we arrive! We'll have to buy/cater our piece of this lovely shindig, so the research begins now!
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If we do a potluck thing, if you're coming in from out of town worried about buying food to bring, I'd probably say don't? Pending further organization, I'd imagine that locals could probably do a lot of that, and if you wanted to bring something beer/wine/liquor might be easier to just pick up on the way. Like, I'd probably make a big pot of red beans and that covers a lot of people, and I bet that the brisket above would be coming in a significant amount too.
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OK, I've got two briskets ready, ~10 lbs each (after cooking). Assuming 1/2lb per person, that's enough for 40 people.
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Ok, so...to nail down the specifics. When and where? I can bring enough food for the out-of-towners.
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The morning of the 12th is San Fermin in Nueva Orleans and complete madness. I definitely recommend it if you've never seen it and you have the time.
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My SFNO pics from a few years ago. I agree that if you've never seen it it's worth attending, or at the very least watching.
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I did San Fermin last year! Lots of fun but sadly the ratio of bulls to runners was too low to feel a real sense of danger.

I'd be happy to contribute food-wise in whatever way is needed- maybe some kind of dessert?
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Dudes, I am so excited. The idea that I have to be normal and go to work all dull and dumb for so many days yet is the worst.
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Okay, here's the plan. Vapidave has generously acquired for us the exclusive use of the kitchen and the restaurant portion of Hobnobber's Cafe, 139 Carondelet Street, which will be closed for the evening, providing we drink at the bar which is also part of the property. We will begin the meal around 7 or so, and it will be potluck, so bring a dish of your choosing (might not be a bad idea to add to the thread what you'll bring so we don't duplicate dishes) and I'll provided all the plates, forks, napkins and such. Don't sweat it if you can't bring a dish. Come anyway, I have a feeling there will be plenty.
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Dammit. I sent a MeMail with the wrong date.

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Confirming that I'm bringing brisket.
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Screw it. Whats the point of collecting miles if you can't use them.

See you guys the 12th. I'm in town for 24 hours (arrive at 5pm at MSY, leave the 13th).
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If the airport liquor store is open, I will bring some Oregon Gin with with me.
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I switched from maybe and will bring red beans and rice.
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OMG ya'll! Are you trying to make me actually leave my cave & come from the Westbank?
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Yes. Yes we are. If I can schlep in from Texas you can mosey over from the Westbank :-)
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OK, I will come on over from the Westbank and I will bring potato salad!
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Are you going to need a ride from the airport, mrzarquon? I live just far enough out that I could grab you on my way in.
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That would be perfect Corinth, I should be landing at 5pm. I can send you the flight details over memail closer to the date.
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I am planning to bring macaroni and cheese. Anybody want me to bring snoballs, too (or instead if we need more desserts than food at this point)? I live by Plum Street and can get some freezer containers full. If that's a good idea, tell me what flavors. One vanilla cream or something and one cherry? Or something more interesting like Banana Foster Cream? Or if that's like bringing drinks when we should be buying them from the bar, I'll skip the Snoballs.

Is anyone bringing kids? If so, what age are they? I have teenagers and a five year old and would bring the little one if there are other kids around her age to play with. Or I could leave them all at home.
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Thanks for the invite, but I'll be in Mexico for work. Tough life. :)
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All my kids will be at home. It's a bar and there will be drinking. I think probably the best idea is adults only.
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Okay, ColdChef. I thought the whole pot-luck idea was started because of mefites coming in town with kids.
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We should absolutely do a meetup with kids in the future!

Okay, so...just confirming. Looks like we'll have about 20 people for next weekend. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
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I have to drop to maybe, sorry. This kidney stone thing is literally kicking my ass. :(
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Um, might not be able to make it.
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Looks like maybe sixteen for Saturday. Plan accordingly.
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jaybeans, I didn't notice that you were also flying in! If you'd like, depending on your flight times, I can pick you up on the way to the meetup along with mrzarquon. Just MeMail me if you need.
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Holy crap, I am standing in ATL airport right now, on my way down to Louisiana and planning on meeting up with coldchef and the Beanses this weekend and I JUST RIGHT NOW learned there was an official thread about this. So. Uh. Yeah. I'm gonna be there! Yay!
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I'm in, and bringing really good homemade cookies.
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I'm on a plane!

I'll see everyone tonight. I may provide mid air updates of my cocktail choices in first class.
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I'm definitely coming and I'm bringing caprese salad (I think. About to make some groceries and see what looks good). I'm also reaaaally tempted to try making my first pie ever (probably pecan)... we'll see what happens. Get excited y'all.
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In that vein, an important red beans update.
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Have fun guys and please post pics!!! I'm gonna pull the pregnancy card again, stepdaughter has been running me ragged and I am already in pj's!!
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Sorry, for all two or three of you who have actually met me - I won't be in attendance tonight. Have fun!
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So the red beans are a liiiiittle burned on account of my trying to also watch the World Cup game. Maybe we can just put that down as adding to the home-cooked charm?
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Hey all,
The restaurant is in back so you go through the bar to get to it. At least a couple of us will be there at six.

See ya there.
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I'm heading in now - checking into my hotel first then I'll be over.
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I am with all of you in spirit! Please have a lot of spirits for me.
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I'm doing squares looking for parking. Should be there soon.
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We are about to head over.
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What rtha said!
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About to head over, with pie!
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Thomasbrobber and I are sending hugs all around!
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Hey, MadamM and I are waiting in the lobby outside the Sazerac! Where y'all at!?
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This was maybe my seventh or eighth meetup. Every time before I'm apprehensive. Every time after I'm wondering why I was apprensive. Learning isn't my strong suit I guess.

Thanks all. I had a great time.
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Just got home! I had a great time too! I hope to see y'all tomorrow morning for brunch as well!
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So, tomorrow at 11:30 at the Ruby Slipper on Magazine St?
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Hey, I'm not going to make it this morning. I hope y'all have fun though!
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We're on our way!
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Sorry you can't make it Corinth, great meeting you and others last night.

I'm down for ruby slipper and heading that way shortly.

And for those interested in my travel coffee grinder reccomendation from last night:
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Um, there is a huge crowd in front of the ruby slipper right now. Alternatives?
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Hey, we had a wonderful time! Thanks, ColdChef for the organizational work, and Vapidave for arranging the space!
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Pictures added.
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Thanks for the save Arun.
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