Kubb at Winnemac Park (Chicago)
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Sun June 29 at 1:00 PM, Winnemac Park
5101 North Leavitt Street, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Let me show you the wood chucking game of my people.
I got a Kubb set for my birthday last year, but I never got to play it due to a long and painful winter (what kind of Viking am I?). Please join me at the lovely Winnemac Park to inaugurate the Kubb set and celebrate this ancient and venerated tradition of chucking pieces of wood at other pieces of wood.

There may also be grilling/picnicking involved.
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I'm pretty sure I can throw wood. I'm not sure if I can hit anything with it, but I'm willing to give it a go.
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So it's viking quidditch? Let's do it!
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I want to play the wood chucking game of my people, but I'm getting back into town that day at $TIME.

If $TIME="reasonable", I'll stop by.
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Yes, but we call it qvidditch
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I'm considering a move to Ravenswood/Lincoln Square/etc. and if that happens, this may be my ideal entry into the IRL metafilter scene. I think I can get over my meeting strangers nerves when viking quidditch is involved!

P.S. Any sweet tips on sub-1,200-dollar one-bedrooms that are beautiful and perfect? Is the place or time?
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what's the grilling / picnicking plan?
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Does anyone drink diet coke? I can bring a cooler full of diet coke.
I always tend to lose interest in the dudes I date right after I buy a case of their preferred beverage, and for some fucking reason it's always diet coke. The Worst Coke.
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Clicking yes for this as I live close by!

I've never made it to a meetup before so I guess I'll just look for the people throwing wood around? Should I wear the the historically inaccurate helmet of our people so someone can spot me?
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I will definitely drink Diet Coke always.

Feel free to date as many Diet Coke drinking dudes and lose interest without fear of ever needing a home for your soda orphans again.
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"soda orphans" seemed like cute word play at 5 hours ago, but now it just makes me sad.
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phunniemee: that sounds like the sweater curse... except with soda... and in reverse... so it doesn't really sound like it at all.

travertina: please, please, please wear the historically inaccurate helmet. please. and if you don't see anybody chucking wood, listen for the person speaking in ALL CAPS.

MCMikeNamara: soda orphans is sad.
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Getting close! I spent the entire train ride this morning reading the rules of Kubb so you don't have to.

Turns out throwing sticks at other peoples' heads is a big no-no. Who would have thought? (Throwing a stick at your own head is acceptable.)

Grilling/picnicking is BYO. I will bring a cute little hibachi, charcoal, and combustion.

Also, re: location - I will be updating this thread and my twitter with location and rain contingency plans. We will probably end up by the north side of the park by Foster, between the high school and the football field.
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I resent being classified as the person who speaks in ALL CAPS.

even though that totally describes me BUT STILL.
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I don't know if these are the rules we're playing by, but I'm now very excited to play.
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even though that totally describes me BUT STILL.

For the record, I didn't originally understand his description. Of course, now that it's been explained...
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I'll just put this here and back away slowly: Louis vs Rick, Episode 8: Grace
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Those are the rules we are playing by! I didn't know they were called skulls and femurs, though!
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It makes it more viking-y I think. Or at least, historically inaccurate viking-y.
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I love that damned game and am sorry I can not make it to this.
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Jealous. Like. WHOA. (despite being fairly Kubb-incompetent. But we're doing our best to bring it to Oakland! So far, the nicest playing spaces are by the El Embarcadero branch of the library and the the Camron-Stanford House.)
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We have a grill, condiments, and lots of chips. MeMail me if you want my and baniak's number in case you can't find us at the park!
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We will be setting up in the main part of the park since there is a group of people playing soccer on the north side of the park. The main entrance to the park is at Damen and Winnemac.
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We are at the southeast baseball diamond - you can see us from the main entrance.
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Well that was fun! Note to other meetup newbs-- show up in a viking helmet and people will yell "You're from the internet!" at you. perfect!
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My toes are sunburnt.
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Today was fun and successful. LET'S PLAY AGAIN!!
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Current status

I had a ton of fun, thank you everyone for coming out!

Also, Oakland, I don't think you are incompetent, I think the game has a learning curve... which we Chicagoans are slowly climbing as well. We came into the game all like "oh, this is going to be easy", but it was a lot harder than it looks.
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yeah, I think I want to play at the kiddy- distances next time...
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