Riddle Me That! Redux Redux Redux Redux
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Thu May 15 at 8:00 PM, Town Hall Pub
3340 North Halsted Street, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Another month, another trivia meetup! Riddle Me That! is a game show team trivia challenge for everyone! Trivia! Points! Physical Challenges! MeFites! Shirtless thumb-wrestling! Headstands! Shooting Nerf arrows through a hole in a sheet! Throwing balls into buckets! Exclamation points!
Join us for Riddle Me That! Hosted by MeFi's Own theButterFly (Mark Beers), it's a trivia night like no other, combining comedy with feats of strength and cunning and pop culture and general zaniness. $5 per player and we'll team up in groups of 2-4 depending on who shows.
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I am sadly going to be unable to defend the two-month streak of "person who is best at getting on teams where others will win the physical challenges" title as I'm apparently seeing Suzanne Vega, which I mostly remember deciding to do.
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I am planning on eating pre-trivia poutine nearby, if anyone else is interested.
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Anybody here? I'm the awkward redhead.
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Well, I have a lot of anxiety so I'm going to go.
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Oh no, bleep! Yes, and we even had two teams to choose from! I'm so sorry we missed you!
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Zach, Victoria, and I won third place; Britt, Tim, and friends won second! Zach has pictures, which I hope he will post.
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