D-Day in Boston at John Harvard's Pub
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Fri June 6 at 5:00 PM, John Harvard's
33 Dunster Street, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Drink some beer (or other beverage of your choice) in Harvard Square.
Come to happy hour at John Harvard's! 5:00-?

I'm spending the day in Boston! I have no plans! I'd love to see mefites! I'm taking the bus down from NH, which gets in at South Station, and spending the night with a friend who lives in Davis Square (I think). Lunch in Chinatown? Happy Hour in Cambridge? Better ideas?

Depending on how the rest of my trip looks, I may also try to organize something in NH and/or VT.
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I would probably be up for lunch or happy hour in Davis or Harvard squares. I will have an out-of-town friend with me, but he has successfully met Mefites before!
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I'll probably be pretty busy at work that week. Couldn't make it for lunch, but I could do a later happy hour. Anywhere near the Red Line is good with me.
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I wouldn't be able to do lunch, either - I live and work in the suburbs - but I might be able to do something in the evening, depending on what and when. I'm looking for a car now, but I should have transportation of my own by then.
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Sounds fun!
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What a great idea. I live in Boston, and could make it for lunch in the city. More MeFites live and work over in Cambridge/Somerville, so it might be easier for more people to meet up there, but I'm open to either.
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I work too far away for lunch as well, but if you end up doing something in the evening would probably join you. I even live in Davis Square, so if you want a nightcap, let me know!
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Last time Jessamyn was in town, we walked from South Station/Fort Point, along the waterfront to the Aquarium, then cut left through Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, and Government Center... then turned right and went between Beacon Hill and Mass General. There we crossed the river on the Salt'n'Pepa/Smoot bridge into Cambridge, through Kendall Sq/MIT, up Mass Ave through Central Sq, and we arrived at Harvard Sq about 3 hours later, stopping many times along the way to point and look at stuff and to eat. There was SO much to see.

Come to think of it, it was quite a hike -- a little over five miles. Here's the route on GmapsPedometer. Davis would be another mile-and-a-half, 30-40 minute walk from there. A straight shot from Downtown Boston to Davis, though, would be mostly residential once you cross the river, not so much to see. Anyway, just thinking aloud.

tl;dr - Boston/Cambridge/Somerville is easy and pleasant to walk around. Have fun, and if I'm around, I'll be glad to join the MeFi Parade.
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NOD, I have done more or less that walk many a time, and it pretty much mirrors my plan except I want to stop and see the swan boats, and I may need to go to the North End because Ohio does not make good cannoli.

OK, so it looks like happy hour in Cambridge is a thing. Where do you guys want to do this? I don't know any good bars in any squares, so I'll defer to you all.

Benito.strauss or other people who would be up for lunch in Boston proper, I can make a separate event for lunch. Again, no clue where or what is good to eat. Where would be a convenient part of town to meet? I like pretty much all food, from clam chowder to Ethiopian and back again, so I'm up for anything.
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Dinner would be easier for me than lunch, but we'll see.
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I'd be up for happy hour in Cambridge!
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For happy hour, I would suggest John Harvard's in Harvard Square. We had a meetup there once before, and they have some bigger tables.
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A Cambridge eve sounds good to me, too - I'll look forward to joining in if I'm free.
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Happy Hour yay! Am in
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I won't be able to do the walk in the afternoon, but happy hour in Cambridge sounds great.
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Ahem. You may not be able to wander across the Longfellow, BTW, as they have begun doing things with giant cranes this week, if my T ride Saturday night was any indication.
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Oh, weird. Well, if worse comes to worse I will commandeer a duck boat. I'll go ahead and call the happy hour for John Harvard's - and it looks like you can make online table reservations for up to 20 people, so as it gets a little closer, I will do that.

Should I do a separate lunch meetup as well?
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The T is still running over the bridge, I just don't know its current/near future pedestrian status.
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Well, I don't know that anyone else was up for lunch, and the Happy Hour sounds like where it's happening, so unless someone else chimes in I'll just see you all at John Harvard's.

But ChuraChura, if you used to walk around Boston a lot but have been away for a while and want ideas on what to check out to see what's changed and where to eat, I Have Opinions.
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FYI, be aware that 6/6 is MIT Commencement this year, so Cambridge may be a little crowded. Shouldn't change your plans or anything (MIT isn't that big, maybe 2500 graduates?), but if you haven't made a dinner reservation yet, I'd get on that NOW.
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hm, well, I wasn't planning far enough in advance (seriously, two and a half weeks?!?) and there are no reservations for a table for 10 people around 5. Folks who know John Harvards: Do we need to make a reservation for space? If so, we may be out of luck. Should we find somewhere different to be?
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Hrm...normally John Harvard's is not that busy at 5pm, but with it being a graduation day, I could see it being tricky. I assume no available reservations means the big tables are already booked. They do have a lot of bar seating, if we wanted to just show up and try our luck we might be able to snag a few tables at the bar near each other. Otherwise I can't think of anyplace else in Harvard Sq. that would have space for 10 people at a table.
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I am fine with bar space, as long as you all are too. Ten people is also likely an optimistic number. Let's keep it at John Harvard's, then. I'll try to get there a bit early, too.
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walking is my skill

my one skill
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Oh right, this is happening! I will put myself down as a maybe - I have a pretty full schedule this week, so I'm just going to play it by ear at the moment.
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I'd really love to come to this, but I'll certainly be pretty late, coming down from the northern suburbs to Davis Square on a Friday night, and that after picking up my family from work and dropping them back home. I'll watch the thread for updates.
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I wonder if there will be anywhere to sit, even at the bar, on Harvard graduation day. Any interest in a change of venue, to a non-Harvard locale?
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Harvard's commencement was May 29th. Hopefully MIT's kids will stay in Kendall Square.
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Also, I just made a reservation for a table for 5 at 5 ... maybe someone else wants to make a second reservation for a table for 5?
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The MIT kids will almost definitely not stay in Kendall Square. In my experience, at least, which is dated, I grant you. But they aren't going to all swarm John Harvard's either, so no need to panic.

I'll try to be there later, but I have a graduation party to attend, which is how I knew graduation was Friday in the first place. I'll try checking in in-thread or via Twitter to figure out where you are if I can make it.
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Oh, my mistake. Sorry for the poor reading skills, and glad it's not in fact Harvard graduation day. I'm hoping to make it.
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I'm supposed to go to the Morrissey concert Sat...but he cancelled his show in Atlanta tonight. If the Boston show is too I'm going to pass on this trip.
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I have very bad reading comprehension; is the walking thing a thing? If so, when and where is it happening? Or did someone just make that part up? I love to walk!
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I wasn't planning on walking with anyone, but if you want to we totally can! I am getting into South Station sometime between 10 and 2; if you want to meet somewhere to walk, just tell me where you are.
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Things are actually looking busier today than I expected, so I think I'll just show up for dinner, but thanks for clarifying!
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I am probably not going to be able to make it. Work is nuts and we're going to be short-staffed, so the odds that I will be free before about 8, or conscious afterward, are pretty grim. Hope y'all have fun!
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Hey folks, I'm here! The place is pretty empty; I am waiting for our table which I have been told is a 6 top close to the bar. I am wearing a flag it and move on shirt and glasses and am female. If you don't see me/us, the reservation is under Erin.
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We are sitting and you can see our table from the stairs.
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I might come to this.
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I'll be on my way shortly. I'm coming down from the Woburn area, so I'll be at least a half-hour coming through Somerville. Southbound traffic on nice Friday evenings is always nuts.
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You guys still there?
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I came to this.
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Lots of fun - thanks for showing up, folks! Maryr, sorry we missed you!
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