Hi St. Louis. I'm in you for good now.
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Sun April 13 at 5:30 PM, Schlafly Bottleworks
7260 Southwest Avenue, St. Louis, MO, USA (Map & Directions)
Hello St. Louis MeFites. I'm (sorta) new(ish) in town and would love to meet-up with you all. Who's interested?
I've been here for about six weeks and know my way around pretty well. I'm relatively open date-wise (other than next weekend [Apr 11-12, although if anyone is going to see Will E. Whitmore at Off-Broadway, let me know and we can say hey]. I could toss out some ideas (*cough* pinball *cough*) but I'll leave it open to local suggestion.

So what say you?
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Hi! I'm interested! Although I will say the weekend of April 18-20th is bad for me, because Greg Nog and I are heading up to Chicago.

The weekend of April 25 would be good, but also happy to do something during the week in the evening, as long as it didn't go too too late.
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Yeah! We're moving the 26th, but we'll drop in if it's not that weekend.
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We're pretty much open for anything, but you already knew that.
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Hmm, what does anyone think about the evening of Sunday April 13th? Yes, it's a school night, but we might could start earlier? Maybe meet up at 5ish?

I'm just throwing stuff out there.
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next Sunday works for us!
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Next topic: Where?
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Orbit looks like it's closed on Sundays, if we're looking at the pinball route. The Silver Ballroom, last time I was there (about a year ago) was exceptionally smoky. Just FYI.
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Wait I could maybe actually go to this if it's on a Sunday.
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Yeah, I went to Silver Ballroom in January and it's quite smoky inside. Also, they don't have much of anything in the way of food (just some meat pies in a warming bin).

Places I've been that may work out well for a meetup:
The Royale
Three Kings Pub
Schlafly Bottleworks
Urban Chestnut's new place in the Grove

It looks like Llewllyn's Pub in Soulard may have a Sunday evening Pub Trivia night if that does anything for anyone, but I haven't been there, so I can't speak to its quality.

But like I said, I'm newish in town and don't know many places. I'm definitely open for suggestions.
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I'll be out of town most of that day. If I'm back early enough I'll pop in.
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Sunday sounds doable to me. Not sure how enthused the wife will be.
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Bottleworks uh, works for me. Bonus: it's basically centrally located and (if the weather cooperates) they have a great patio area. If that's okay with everyone else, I'd be happy to make it official sometime tomorrow.
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I'm cool with that.
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The bottle works works for me as I can walk there (and crawl home if needs be)! What time?
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How's 5:30 for a start time? Anyone who needs to roll in later is more than welcome to do so. I just need a headcount so we can get a large enough table.
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We are seated outside.
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Man, that was a great meetup. Thanks everyone!
posted by notsnot at 6:08 AM on April 14, 2014

Good to see you all! Welcome to STL Ufez.
posted by Kid Charlemagne at 10:52 PM on April 14, 2014

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