Drinks and Churchill's War Room in London
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Sun October 24 at 1:00 PM, Walkers of Whitehall
Craig's Ct, Westminster, London SW1A 2, UK (Map & Directions)
Hi Mefites -- Mrs. Dream and I will be in London on vacation later this month. Anyone interested in a Sunday meetup on October 24th? Let's meet at Walkers of Whitehall at 1pm for lunch and drinks, then walk down to Churchill's War Room, which is open until 6pm. Get as drunk as you like in honor of Churchill. I'll set up a MeFi sign on the table at Walkers. I'll update later with a phone number if I'm successful in jailbreaking my iphone and getting a SIM card.
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I'm not entirely sure of my plans that day (it's a friend's birthday) but I will try my best to make it. Um, not really sure what or where to suggest as there's so much to do here! I'm familiar with a fair few pubs in town if you want to do the standard pub meetup but I'm up for going somewhere new as well.

I'm not really familiar with Earl's Court but I did live in nearby South Kensington once upon a time. There are some nice pubs and restaurants in Fulham which is also nearby.

What kinds of things are you planning to do on your vacation here? Maybe that can help us come up with some meetup ideas.
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The last London meetup was at the Queens Arms in South Kensington. It was a weekday evening so very busy (we stood outside most of the night), but Sunday afternoon/evening might be slower.
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A few things we're hoping to get to:

Freud Museum
Wapping Food
Do a batwalk
Natural History Museum
Horniman Museum
Churchill's War Room
Masonic Headquarters
British Museum
Somerset House
Do a country pub walk
Do a Thames path walk (as suggested in my askme)
Tour the most interesting tube stations

We're coming from San Francisco so sushi and asian cuisine is not very novel. We are planning on doing an Indian food trawl though.
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Re: Indian food, please please please go to Aladin on Brick Lane. There are a million Indian restaurants around there, but this one is absolutely amazing, I promise.

Sunday afternoon is a nice time to go to the pub. You can get a roast dinner and sit outside in the sun (in the off chance that it's sunny).
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A Thames path walk combined with a pub could be interesting (or, actually, most of the things on your list combined with a pub could be interesting....)
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I'll be having guests that weekend, but I may be able to make it.
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A Thames path walk combined with a pub could be interesting (or, actually, most of the things on your list combined with a pub could be interesting....)

Let's all get drunk and visit Churchill's War Room!
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Churchill's War Room sounds good.

Possible pub venues nearby:
Tattershall Castle floating pub, might be better in theory than in practice
Walker's of Whitehall

So how about this -- drinks and food around noon - 1pm, followed by a walk to Churchill's War Room (open until 6pm) , and if the evening gets late we could check out Shunt?

If this sounds realistic I'll formalize the meetup -- let me know if you have better lunch options.
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I should be there. Will let you know if I get any great ideas about food.
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Churchill's War Rooms are underneath where I work! On the downside, entry is £14.95.
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Where are you going to be - it being my birthday tomorrow, there are various other things planned, but if the party will be nearby (South Bank-ish) in the afternoon, it might be fun to drop by for a drink.

That sounds terribly haughty and arrogant, but I don't mean it to - if you could parse it and translate into your own dialect of NormalPerson, I'd be grateful.
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Shunt! yay.
So where is this meet up happening? Is there a bit before Churchills?
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Oh I see. Its at Walkers of Whitehall.
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Yep, Walker's of Whitehall at noon. I have no distinctive headgear but will put out a sheet of paper with MEFI on it. I'll be wearing a grey tshirt with a mummy raking leaves on it. Hopefully I'll have a sim card by then and will update. Happy birthday Grangousier!
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Erk Walkers is closed. Meet at silver cross next door.
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On my way. Should be there about half one.
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Thanks to everyone who came out! I will never be able to erase the image of Churchill's magenta velvet jumper from my memory.
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