Western Mass--game or trivia?
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Wed March 5 at 6:45 PM, Popcorn Noir
20-32 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Just moved back to Northampton and I would love to meet some people I didn't attend kindergarten with! I can see that the last meetup in this area was pretty epic--would anyone be up for something more casual, like trivia at Popcorn Noir on 3/5 or 3/12? Or board games at the Roost on those nights? Edit: Popcorn Noir it is, as it is the special International Women's Day edition and we can't miss that!
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I could 3/5!
posted by absquatulate at 8:14 AM on February 23, 2014

I'd love to but I can't make it on those dates.
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I'm not big on trivia or board games, but I would come down to meet some folks or kibbitz. I missed the Northampton meetup of a few years ago, and living near Brattleboro I'm too far south for most Vermont meetups, but would try for this one.
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I'd love to do either, and either date is fine with me!
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Those dates should be OK for dayintoday and myself. Is trivia at Popcorn Noir general knowledge or all movies?
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I moved to town seriously 2 days after the last meetup, which was frustrating. Either of those date works for me.
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Okay, so 3/5 looks good.

Popcorn Noir trivia is heavily movies-based but very fun even if you don't happen to do great at it. It's $5 to participate.

Roost game night is free other than whatever food and drinks you choose to buy. They have several games and I'll bring some, too.

What say ye?
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I should be able to make either date, and like both games and trivia.
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Either place is fine for us. Popcorn Noir would be nice because Mt. Tom's Ice Cream, which is better than Herrell's, is next door, and Easthampton is a neat little town.

Northampton is closer to the highway, so that might be easier for those traveling.

In Easthampton, Lloyd Cole might wander in. In Northampton, J Mascis might wander in. These factors may aid in the decision-making process.
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Well, we lost, but we had fun, and we are going again this week!
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