Central Vermont meet-up
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Sat April 5 at 5:00 PM, Threepenny Taproom
108 Main Street, Montpelier, VT, USA (Map & Directions)
Because Shepherd and I have to miss the meet-up on February 15th, how about I create one for April? Slightly warmer month, same place, good times, good company...not bad? Pick a Saturday, any Saturday, and we're there (barring evil kidney stones). I like the idea of Threepenny Taproom as I really want to go there and drink from their beer list. (also, if you are in QC like we are, NH, northern MA, and can find lodging, try to make it out! I'd love to see so many of you!)
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The weekend of the 11th-13th is best for me, but if I'm around otherwise, I'll most likely poke my head in for a beer. :)
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So far, all Saturdays in April are open for us. I will poke my head back in this thread later to see what is developing.

We had planned to see if you wanted to go to The Worthy Burger for beers tonight after tonight's Montpelier meet up, so perhaps if the April meet up is early enough -- and you two want to stay with us -- we could do that. Their list is less extensive, and all in keg, but always great selections from Vermont and elsewhere.

Healing thoughts to Shepherd.
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Will keep an eye on this - I'll be visiting my little brother at Norwich over an as-yet-undetermined weekend in April before he heads to Basic.
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I would be possibly into this, but am busy the weekends of the 12th and the 26th.
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If you happen to do this Easter weekend and I am in Vermont, I will join you. But I might be in Houston. So it's only the weakest of maybes at the moment.
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I am thinking I will pull the trigger and call it for the first Saturday of April. Shepherd and I may have the last two weekends of April on call for a trip to Toronto to see family coming over from England, so I can't really promise anything towards the end of the month.

Or maybe the 12th? Let us know so we can shore this up!
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I'm a tentative yes for April 5. There is also a Haybarn Theatre Fundraiser for Goddard College featuring Anais Mitchel that evening at 8, and not so far away...
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The 5th and the 12th both work for us ... so far. The sooner it is called the better!
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Also, I think there is contra dancing at the grange on April 5 in Montpelier - just went to a Queen City Contra event and had a blast...
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I've been to a couple contra dances at the Grange. Definitely a good time!
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This has been pretty quiet. Is the 5th a plan?
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I was just checking in to find out as well, meinvt. The IRL event says April 5 at 5pm, so I am assuming it is set. Sure hope you can make it after all.
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Cool! I'll plan on it.
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Yes, it's still the plan, everyone! Next weekend we are go!
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Are there any other MeFites in the area planning on coming out next Saturday?
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I'll most likely make it over for a beer or two.
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We visited my brother this weekend, so no VT Mefites for me. Have fun!
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We're still in. See you Saturday.
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Yay! I look forward to meeting people tomorrow!

Shepherd is bald with glasses; I have short dark hair and glasses and I smile a lot. I may or may not be wearing a Supernatural-themed t-shirt too (depends on the post today).
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Totally going to this, thanks to terrapin for alerting me to its existence!
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Yay! I was hoping you would be able to make it, jessamyn!
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I feel like a bit of a bum saying this last minute - but it's now looking possible I won't make it after all. :-(
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Last night's post confirmed. Next time!
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We're here! Sitting in the room off the bar!
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Next time in Sherbrooke! That was a great time, so glad to meet you guys.
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It was so fun! We really enjoyed it!

Montpelier was a delight to spend a couple of days in. On Sunday afternoon, though, Matt and I went to see the Cabot Community Theatre Players do a production of The Mouse that Roared because why not?

There should be a Sherbrooke meet-up. Especially because summer here is gorgeous!
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Agreed! We had a great time. Now I'm looking for confirmation of Corey Hart's sci-fi dystopian opus but I'm questioning my own damn memories.
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