Raffle winning meetup in Tokyo
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Tue November 2 at 7:00 PM, Uta Yurakucho
Japan, Tokyo Chiyoda有楽町2丁目3−1 (Map & Directions)
Winner of the izakaya dinner in the raffle for loquacious, deathalicious is coming to town! Meetup in Tokyo?
Meet at 7:00 at Uta (うた) in Yurakucho. It's an izakaya on the street, and they have a little tent and space heaters to deal with the cold. Good atmosphere, and has been thoroughly vetted by myself and Ms. Ghidorah.

To get there, exit Yurakucho Station via the Hibiya Gate (the south-westernmost gate), and follow the train tracks south, away from the station. Cross the road, then cut under the tracks, and it's the second right after the tracks, last restaurant on the right. If anyone needs wants a phone number or mobile mail address in case they get lost, please memail.

I'll make a reservation, so let me know if you can make it.
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Yurakucho is close to where I work, so I'm in favor of that. The izakayas tend more towards Shimbashi, but there are some good restaurants on the Ginza side of the railway tracks (Ginza Corridor).
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Hmm. The Ginza Corridor mall could be good considering the weather issue. Any good izakaya/yakitori places to recommend? I'd like to try to get a crowd together, if at all possible.
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Hey everybody! Just wanted to add that my wife, fellow MeFite dancingfruitbat will also be there. This will be our very first trip to Japan and we are really looking forward to it.
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Toriyoshi is good, if perhaps a bit expensive. Hinaiya is cheaper (but has a 10% service charge), as is the Fukui-style Akiyoshi. Torihachi is actually under the tracks and has more of a Showa-era feeling to it.
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Still working on finding a place. It's hard work, trying out different izakayas, you know. Delicious, grilled work, sprinkled with a dash of shichimin.

Is 11/2, about 7pm good? Have all the Tokyo Mefites disappeared? Not really sure how to go about organizing a meetup, as I've never even been to one. Any suggestions?
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7 PM sounds fine with me. I'm sure they're out there somewhere; perhaps they don't visit IRL very often. Maybe you could PM some of the Kanto folks (misozaki, Bugbread, gen, flapjax, nightchrome, mexican, Tenacious.Me.Tokyo, donkeymon, phaedrus441, gomichild, woodblock100, no-sword, etc.) to get their attention.
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I was wondering about the pm thing. Will do. Thanks.
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Hah! Hadn't seen this ... (thanks for the PM, Ghidorah ...)

I'd be game to 'meetup', with the proviso that I'm not much of a party animal, so if the intention is to burn the town down and wake up at the top of the Sky Tower, then I don't know ...

But having said that, November the 1st (the previous day), is 'burn the mortgage' day for me (free at last!), so yeah, being part of a little get-together sounds like a good idea!
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whoa! IRL, what's this?

November 2 is my birthday. Not sure what my family plans are around that holiday but I'd like to stop by if only for a few minutes to say "hi" to folks. Put me down as a maybe.
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Oh, no, no sky tower for us. I mean, it's not finished yet. Until then, we'll have to wake up at the top of Tokyo Tower. Y'know, the old standby.

Seriously though, it'll be my first meetup, and I don't know how those usually go. I'm up for a nice evening discussing Wittgenstein over a game of backgammon, or drinking, or whatever. The next day being a holiday and all is nice, but I imagine a roaring hangover isn't the best way for Deathalicious and Dancingfruitbat to experience Tokyo.

Congrats on the mortgage, by the way. I've only got another 33 years to go.
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I just noticed this too!!! Thanks for the memail, Ghidorah. I can't commit yet, but am definitely interested. A birthday mortgage burning on top of the Sky Tree sounds like fun! ...No, wait.
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Thanks for all of the responses. I'll try to find a place to have the meetup and get this moved over to confirmed. If anyone has any favorites in the area, please feel free to make suggestions.
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Due to having no babysitting options I can't make it at night to a meetup - but if Deathalicious & dancingfruitbat needs a tour guide and like small insane energetic humans then I may be able to help out during the day on the 2nd (^_^).

(Also thanks for the PM I totally not been paying attention to meetups!)
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I'm not yet sure if I'm going to be in Tokyo on the 2nd or not. I may still be out of town on a business trip. If I am back, I hope to join but cannot confirm until much closer to the date.
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I'm not big on staying out drinking all night, so I'm in sync with everyone else, I think. (Though there is a good beer bar nearby in Shimbashi that could be good for a nijikai...)
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Awww man, I'm finally coming back to Japan, but I won't be there until Nov. 26! Let's have another meetup!
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Well, I've sure been wanting to come to another Tokyo meetup, but... I've got a gig that night, at this little joint in Yotsuya, with visiting Sicilian saxophonist Gianni Gebbia. So, it's pretty unlikely I'll make it to this one, although popping in toward the end of the night for a quick nightcap might be possible.
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So... while you guys will be having fun at the meetup, I'll be heading to the airport at Jakarta for my redeye back to Narita. FUN! No, but seriously, I can't make it and please take photos!
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phaedrus441: lets have another meetup when you get back- one that I can make it to ;)
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Forget Yurakucho! You guys should do your meetup at the jazz bar where flapjax is playing (if he's cool with that.)
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Somewhat off-topic-- is there a MeFite out there who's a fan of pro-wrestling? We are hoping to see a match when we're there. Thanks!
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Deathalicious, a couple websites I've found:

New Japan Pro Wrestling's upcoming events (scroll down a bit) The ones listed under Circuit2010 are mostly outside of the Tokyo area. The section just after that, listed JSports Crown, all of those events are in Tokyo, in Odaiba, at a place called Differ Ariake.

Pro Wrestling Noah (English site) doesn't seem to have any events in Tokyo while you're here, unfortunately.

Zen Nihon Pro Wrestling (All Japan Pro Wrestling) seems to be on tour in Taiwan while you're here, unfortunately.

A more local (for me, anyway) production is Kaientai Dojo, which seems to be mostly in Chiba. They seem to have events on 11/3, 11/6, 11/10, 11/13, and 11/14. The event on the 10th will be in Shin-kiba, which is pretty easily reachable from Ueno. The others are all in Chiba, either near Higashi Chiba Station, or Yotsukaido Station, which are a bit of a hike for you (but easily reachable for me by bicycle!).

If you need any help figuring out the websites, or getting tickets, let me know.
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Hey, Ghidorah hepped me to what was going on. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it for kid-related reasons, but I thought I would drop in to improve my chances of remaining in the loop for future events.

(Also, what the hell, some PR: My wife runs a cafe down here in Chigasaki. It's not really a good season any more to invite folks down this way en masse, but maybe next summer. If you do happen to be in the area, drop by! If you are an artist, note that it is also a gallery space! End PR.)
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Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to try to settle on an actual place to meet up then switch this over to confirmed sometime this week. Again, any suggestions in or around Yurakucho, or from there up towards Ueno would be appreciated. I'm leaning towards izakaya's because they don't seem to be a regular part of most people's itinerary in Japan, yet they've got some of the best atmosphere when it comes to eating in Japan. It's not neccesarily a hidden part of Japan, but it's not one that a lot of tourists get to see.

Also, there's a greater chance of being able to trick people into eating delicious things they'd otherwise balk at. Seriously, Deathalicious, bite sized pieces of fried chicken knuckles are delicious.
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I'll try to be there, but I have no suggestions as to location. I have been to lots of good places around there, but I can't remember any of them!
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I've never ever shied away from odd food. Chicken knuckles will simply be added to the long list of animal knuckles I've already tried.




Okay, so in fairness I've only had one other knuckle: sheep's knuckle at a Turkish joint in the UK. But I have eaten chicken feet (many times), riced-stuffed intestines, grilled goat liver wrapped in fat, and salt-flavored ice cream.
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I'm sorry for letting this slide a bit, things have been pretty hectic. I'm heading to the area tonight on a delicious fact finding mission to scout out a good place. What with the sudden drop in temperature, I'm thinking one of the outdoor izakayas might be a poor choice. I'll figure out a place tonight, make a reservation (probably between 5 and 8 people, if I'm not mistaken), and get this switched over to confirmed. Sorry again for the lack of updates.
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Your comment reminded me to check the weather. Oh my. Chilly *and* rainy. Guess I'm packing plenty of long underwear.
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It'll be a bit chilly, and getting more so. If you're staying in a modern hotel type place, not to worry. Trains and department stores will be stifflingly hot. It's absurd, but women's fashion here is usually dictated by the thermostat, not the temperature (because, unfortunately, men tend to control the thermostat, and they're wearing suits), so you'll see women in miniskirts in winter, but they'll be wearing jeans under dresses/skirts in July. Welcome to bizarro world, enjoy your stay.

(Of course, if you're staying in an old fashioned Japanese ryokan or the like, be prepared for cold. Bitter, bitter cold.)
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heading to the area tonight on a delicious fact finding mission

When I have exhibitions at the Kotsu Kaikan there in Yurakucho, we always have the 'after party' at 'Noah' (ノア創作居酒屋), located in the two-decker shopping arcade under the freeway (right behind the Kaikan). Their gnavi page is here.

It doesn't have 'character' in the way that the outdoor places do, but it's comfortable, has a very extensive menu, and is not so noisy that you can't have conversation ...
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thanks woodblock, I'll check it out.
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I don't think I'll be able to make it at 7 but if things are still going around 9 or 10 I should be able to join for a while.
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We'll do our best to keep things going. It's an area that does invite a bit of meandering, so there might be a chance of finding a different place, hence the 'feel free to memail me' for phone number/keitai mail.
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Hope y'all have a great one, wish i could make it.

On the off-chance that anyone wants to roll over to Yotsuya (Shinjuku area) and catch summa this gig I'm doing, here's some info:

About the venue.

Google map to venue. (use exit 1 out of Yostsuya san-chome Station)

Venue's website (in Japanese).

I'll be playing a duo show with Sicilan saxist Gianni Gebbia, from roughly 7pm to roughly 10:30. I know it's highly doubtful any of y'all can make this, but, just in case!
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Sorry guys, it looks like I can't make it after all. And I was looking forward to it, too... Have fun, and pics or it didn't happen!

Oh, and omedeto to mexican!
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dinner eaten, childrens asleep, I'm on my way. are folks still at uta?
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It happened, and there are pics, but I don't have the wherewithal to post them anywhere. It was nice to finally meet some Mefites (it's nice to know I haven't hallucinated this whole place), and hopefully we can make this more of a regular thing, so I can meet the folks who couldn't make it this time. I hope your gig went well, Flapjax, and maybe I can make it to one another time.
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Thanks for pushing this through Ghidorah ... nice to get out for an evening and see some new faces. Hope it won't be more than a year before next time!
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Well, gen, phaedrus, and others were out of town. Maybe we can aim for something next month? Maybe January?
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Maybe we can aim for something next month? Maybe January?

That'd be great!
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Thanks again to Ghidorah for organizing this meetup. It was great meeting everyone, especially Dancingfruitbat and Deathalicious as they tour Japan. Sorry I had to bug out a little early, but hopefully I can stay longer for the next one. (January, eh? A 新年会 sounds like a good idea!)
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Forgot to properly thank Ghidorah for the wonderful Izakaya experience! Also I posted pictures from the meetup so you can see how photogenic they all were (very). It was great meeting woodlbock100 and armage and mexican, sorry that I didn't get a chance to talk to mexican longer.

BTW: Ghidorah was able to get us the tickets for the women's wrestling event on Wednesday at the OZ Academy show at Shinjuku FACE which was awesome and included Manami Toyota, Aja Kong, Ayumi Kurihara, Tatako Annoi, Dynamite Kansai, Kaoru Maeda, all legends and/or kick-ass wrestlers. I knew nothing about wrestling before meeting dancingfruitbat; she introduced me to it and I have to say it's great, Japanese women wrestling particularly. If you are visiting Tokyo (or live there!) I highly recommend making it to one of the shows.
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It was nice to meet everyone, and I'm glad the wrestling was fun, Deathalicious. How were the seats?

January sounds good, but, uh, not being a Tokyoite, I nominate someone else to organize the meet. I'll definitely try to attend, but I'm pretty much tapped out when it comes to ideas for other places.
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