Settlers of Catan, continued....
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The last meetup was fun! Let's do it again!
There were 8 people at the last meetup and it seems like there is strong interest for a regular meetup. I called The Nicollet cafe on the corner of Nicollet and Franklin to ask if it was okay to have large group gatherings for board games.

(The meetup title says Settlers of Catan, but we could play any number of games...)

The owner gave an enthusiastic "Of course, and bring more people if you want!"

It looks like Sunday afternoons work for most people?
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I'd really love to play some games with new people! The set of Sundays including 1/26, 2/9, 2/23, and so on, I can't attend. But yeah we have tons of games and would love to bring some and meet new people. =)
posted by kavasa at 3:18 PM on January 28, 2014

You beat me to posting this :D

I'm probably in, Sunday afternoons generally work.
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I like games and humans. Sunday afternoons are good. We talking like once a month?
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A regular 4th Sunday of the month thing held in a public place (not someone's house*) would definitely work for me on a pretty regular basis!

*I appreciate the generosity of people opening up their houses to internet friends but as someone who hasn't made it to a Twin Cities meetup yet, I'd feel weird just showing up as a stranger
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Was freaked out last week by the weather, looking forward to trying to make it again. Would probably bring small 'starter' games.
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I understand your discomfort with going to strangers' houses. Some people are fine with it and some aren't. I'm sure there will be a combination of the two meetup styles for different people. :)

Think Long,
Probably at least once a month. I'm personally enthusiastic about setting these meetups for 2-4x a month at The Nicollet cafe since they are so open to large groups hanging around for many hours. And it seems to be a central location for many.
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I'm in! The next Sunday I could make is 2/16.
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How about Sun 2/23?
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That would be one I'd have to miss again. =(
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2/23 works for me.
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I could make 2/23 but I'd have to leave at 4.
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My hubs and I are out; we're going on vacation.
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Pretty sure I could do the 23rd. I would prefer the first part of the afternoon myself, maybe like 1pm.
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I should be able to make it.
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