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Sat February 1 at 2:00 PM, Salvage BBQ
919 Congress Street, Portland, ME, USA (Map & Directions)
Good lord, I seem to have up and moved cross-country to a place where I know only one person! Help me feel like this was a good decision by meeting up with me and showing me what awesome folks Maine Mefites are. Anything West End or Old Port works for me, I know a few places for drinks/dinner but would love to try someplace new. I'm going to toss out Jan 23-26 as open days just to get things started. Edit: we've settled on Saturday 2/1, daytime.
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Sounds good! I prefer either weekday evenings or weekend during the day, to avoid at least some of the crowds (no nice outdoor meetups at this time of the year!). I don't live in Portland, so I don't know all the cool places (but have you been to Dobra Tea yet?). The last two Portland meetups were at Novare Res, but that's pretty dark in the wintertime.
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I'd be happy to join as well. The only day I can't do is the 26th.

I have never been to one of these; the last one I tried at Novare Res I couldn't figure out who the MeFites were! I hope to wear some sort of identifying item. :)
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Putting suchatreat and I down as maybes if you're doing this on a weekend day (because we still haven't figured out how to get our baby to commit to scheduled events). Brian Boru is a decent place that's easy to get to, convenient to parking, etc (God I am old).
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donnagirl, welcome to the area! I hope to make it to the meet-up but I won't pitch in on scheduling; that's The Fella's birthday weekend, so I'm letting him plan our itinerary those days. But I'll keep track of the plans and hope to join you all.

miss tea, I'm so sorry we missed you! For future reference, my photo is on my profile page if that helps.
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I should have felt more confident, but I just felt weird getting closer to the tables to identify people!

Boru would be a good place, since it does have a lot of space.
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Welcome to (just below) the Great White North, eh? I don't know if my schedule will allow me to attend a meetup up there, but if you ever make it down to Boston or across to Vermont, I'd look forward to greeting you in person.

Advice: dress for any possible weather, because that's what you will get.
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I'll keep an eye on this thread... Toddler means limited scheduling for me but I'd love to finally go to a meetup.
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I'd like to try to do this!

I'd also like to suggest the new Salvage BBQ on Congress Street, if that's viable for the walkers. They have parking out back, lots of seating, and AMAZING food and drink.
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Parking is always a good thing.
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I'm down on the north shore, but have been wanting to take a day trip to Portland for quite a while. If this happens on a weekend day, I'm most likely in.
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Salvage is about a mile from Monument Square, depends on what walkers would be up to. Looks good to me but I'd probably be driving. (also there's not much else in the area IIRC).

Best time for me would probably be Saturday or Friday night if we're doing that weekend.
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Oh thank heavens you all showed up to comment! Salvage works for me, and I haven't been there yet. I've had something pop up for Saturday day. It seems like weekend days are best but we lose miss tea on Sunday. We could go for this Saturday or Sunday (18/19) if that's not too short of notice.
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We're always happy to try BBQ, kings of Ireland be damned. Saturday day/ afternoon would work, but I don't want to drive the decision since our appearance is determined by a little person.
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I will be in Farmington all this weekend, but same disclaimer as yerfatma.
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No on Saturday the 18th, but possibly Sunday 19th, not sure. Saturday 2/1 could work.
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This weekend is right out for me, but the weekend of 2/1 is wide open for now.
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That weekend (2/1) is 100% open for me as well.
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Same here.
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Yes! Sunday 2/2 is the Super Bowl but Saturday 2/1 is all good! Let's just call it that for the sake of having something settled and then debate a locale. Boru, Salvage, someplace else? Late lunch or late afternoon?
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2/1 would work for us.

Late lunch or late afternoon?

Perhaps I've been drinking too long, but what's the difference? Like 2pm vs 5pm?
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I'll vote late lunch because it gets dark so early, and Salvage because I've never been there, but I have no plans for that day and so am flexible.
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Let's say 2pm, Salvage, Saturday 2/1. I guess there is little difference between late lunch and late afternoon, especially if you're drinking :-)
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Oh, and I have a grey Mefi t-shirt, I'll bring it and drape it over a chair for easy group identification.
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That will be great! I am excited. Thanks for the idea of bringing the shirt, donnagirl.
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Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow!
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Have fun! I'm changing from a maybe to a regretful no for this meet-up, but I know you'll have a great time. I hope to meet you in person next time, donnagirl!
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Elsa I'm sorry you won't make it. Guess we'll just have to have another meetup.

I am going to do my best to at least come over for a drink, though might not be there right at 2.
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I'm upgrading from maybe to yes, so see you all there!
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Same here (assumes no Exorcist-level barfing level events).
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Just got here, table in the middle with grey Mefi shirt on it :-)
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Meetups are awesome! New friends, beer drinking, and baby holding; who could ask for more? Let's do it again!
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Thanks for hosting, it was great!
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Great to meet everyone - see you around town!
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Damn, I knew I was forgetting something about this weekend. :(
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great fun! thanks!
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beer drinking, and baby holding

Thanks for doing that. And now I know how we can spin "parties" at our house. It sounds like a suburban rodeo.
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Sorry to miss y'all. Wound up at the Oxbow/Allagash/Smuttynose pond hockey tournament and didn't make it back down to Portland in time. I hope to make it next time - swung through Portland for the first time on the way, and can't wait to spend more time in what seems to be a fantastic little city.
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Sorry to have missed this - the day got away from me.

Guess we'll just have to plan another one!
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