We survived the holidays!
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Fri January 24 at 7:00 PM, Angel's Trumpet Ale House
810 North 2nd Street, Phoenix, AZ, USA (Map & Directions)
It's about time for another Phoenix meetup, y'all!
We'll be getting the usual suspects and a few new folks together at Angel's Trumpet Ale House on Friday, Jan. 24th, around 7:00 p.m. If you're taking the light rail, it's closest to the Roosevelt and Central station. Come out for good food, good beer, better company, and of course the requisite plate of beans!
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It'd also be cool to have a Mefite outing to an Event, if there are any of interest happening around then.
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I'm in! I'm not aware of any events, but I'm happy to get together with Mefites for another hangout. Either place is fine with me.
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I'd love to go! Since I've newly moved to Phoenix from Sweden, I'm cherishing the possibility to actually be able to go to a meetup.
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The game is on, then! Is the Angel's Trumpet around 7:00 okay with everyone? Hello Dollface is playing at the Lost Leaf around 9 and I was going to try to go, so there's a standing invitation for all Mefites who might be interested in that as well.
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I'll see if I can make it pending getting out of the office early enough! Never met any MeFites in person in Arizona as I'm usually pretty reclusive, but I never miss out on an opportunity to grab a beer downtown.
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As per usual, I will be wearing my Mefi shirt, so if you're trying to find us, look for a woman with short purple hair and a Mefi-blue shirt. Looking forward to it!
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I'm really sad that I have to work. Have some delicious beer for me!
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I'm really sad that you're doing this next week and not last week, when jessamyn and I were in AZ, visiting my parents. In Sun City West. Where we were the youngest people within a mile or two radius. Now I'm in Boston, where slush falls from the sky -- enjoy the beer and the dry air!
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not_on_display, so sorry we missed you guys! If you ever come back this way, you'll have to let us know, I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say we'd love to have you and the illustrious jessamyn around for a Meetup.
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I came to IRL because I'll be in Phoenix Friday. w00t!
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Stuff has come up and I can't make it, will try again if I'm back in Phoenix. Have fun.
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I just saw the Memail! Dang, I would enjoy getting together another time.

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Yay, successful meetup! It was great to meet and/or see everyone again! I think plin is right about making this a regular thing-- do we want to say, uh, the third Friday of the month, for simplicity's sake?
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Really fun meeting y'all. Looking forward to next time!
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I think having a stable date is great. i wouldn't be able to make the third Friday next month (volunteering at a Ragnar relay race) or in April (improv festival), but obviously there will always be months any of us might not be able to attend.

I will toss out that second Fridays seem to work much better for me for the next few months, though. Heh. (I realize that Valentine's Day is the second Friday in February. Not an issue for me, but could lower turnout for the romantics among us.)
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