Settlers of Catan
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Sun January 26 at 1:30 PM, mild deer den
2000 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA (Map & Directions)
I love this game! Don't own it, but think it would make for a great meetup with someone who can bring the game. I can provide a cozy place and snacks.
It's cold, let's play inside!

Sunday Jan 26
1:30 PM
Exact address will be sent via memail

If you have settlers of catan, please bring it. We may need several. Next time, we'll look into a bigger location. All snacks and drinks welcome!
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It's warmed up enough that I'm beginning to imagine why someone would leave the house willingly.

I don't own a copy of the game, but I've got a lot of other euro games I can bring, and can possibly talk another occasional mefite (stompadour) into bringing her copy if the times work.

I like the idea of doing it on Saturdays, but it looks like Sunday afternoons are going to be better for me for a while.
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I am IN and I have a copy! I am a novice of Catan, but I want to learn and build all things. I can do:

Sunday Jan 12 after 4 pm
Friday Jan 17 after 6:30 pm
Sunday Jan 26 all day
Friday Jan 31 after 6:30 pm
Sunday Feb 2 all day
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We also have Catan, and could be able to bring these games as well:

Cards Against Humanity (all four expansions, plus the Holiday Bullshit cards)
Munchkin Cthulhu
Castle Panic

I'm in for weekends mostly, maybe Friday nights, too. And once this gets confirmed, I'll start up a Google Docs spreadsheet for snacks.
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I have a ton of Euro games (but not Catan) and don't know how to play any of them! I'd be willing to bring a few in exchange for lessons.

Partial list:
Puerto Rico
Twilight Struggle
Letters from Whitechapel
Fury of Dracula
Arkham Horror

Open to times and happy to bring snacks, etc.
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I've never played Catan but will be happy to leave the house. I could bring beers if that would be welcome and also I'm always stoked to play Set, which I have. Saturday and Sunday afternoons are all good for me except for the 18th of this month.
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Fury of Dracula is a lot of fun! There's a little bit of prep time and the concept takes some explaining, but it's a fun twist on a co-op game. Arkham Horror is a lot of fun also, but will take a lot of time to set up.

Twilight Struggle is also awesome, but it's a two player game and long, so it might be difficult to play in a group setting.

Games I have that nobody else has mentioned yet:

Dominion, with prosperity and intrigue expansions
Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx
Forbidden Island - Cooperative game, simpler
Pandemic - another cooperative game, more difficult
Tigris and Euphrates - this one's a little more complex, but is a lot of fun to play with three or four people
Channel A - Party game, you're pitching an Anime
Power Grid
Ticket to Ride
Wyatt Earp
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Based on responses, I'm thinking Sunday Jan 26 around 2pm?

Besides Catan, I think Pandemic sounds cool. If we are going to have a multi-game party, maybe we can mix it up with something easy like Cards Against Humanity?
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I have Die Macher! And helpful hint charts in two languages. But I'll settle for most other things. Also, I love Ticket to Ride.
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I may be able to come to this. I can bring any snacks/drinks that people want. mild deer, would the meetup be at your house and do you live in Minneapolis?
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Yes, it would be at my place -- not big, but definitely cozy. And yes, in the heart of mold with plenty of street parking and near the corner of many bus stops.
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Yes, it would be at my place..., in the heart of mold with plenty of street parking

I'm... not sure I want to come now.
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Ugh, spell check, woe is me!

mold = mpls
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This could be fun.
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Woo i love this idea, not sure if i can make it though. I can't offer my house but Chatterbox or Fantasy Flight might also be good places to play games.......
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Okay, I'm in if the date works and I can always give a lift to anyone who might need it.
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Sunday Jan 26 around 2pm: does this work for anyone?
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Sunday the 26th works for me. I could bring the world's tiniest travel version of Catan - but it's in Japanese. Otherwise, I have approximately a bazillion board games I could bring, including many of those mentioned above. I'd make sure to bring a good selection of stuff that's friendly to novices.

I'd also second the recommendation of Fantasy Flight in Roseville for this sort of thing with a larger group in the future.
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The 26th works for me! The knitting group that isn't am official metafilter meet up but has a lot of mefites tends to end around noon; I'll probably just pick up a light lunch and head on over.
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I was at Fantasy Flight last month when they had their Grand Opening, but didn't get a good sense of what they were usually like. Seems like they had oodles of space, and I guess the diner/restaurant thing inside makes sense if there are always games going on in the store.
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My boyfriend has used the Fantasy Flight space before for his RPG meetup, and he's liked it. I can ask him for details later. The one thing is that it's not all that bus accessible (if at all), but I'm totally willing to give rides from south Minneapolis.
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26th works for me.
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Hey, I can probably make it on the 26th and also have a copy of Catan, and an expansion pack so that more than four people can play, and a Seafarers expansion. I also have Dominion, a Lord of the Rings version of Risk, and a few classics like Dutch Blitz and Pit.
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Wow, so many great games out there! I'm looking forward to hearing about them at the meetup.
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Can't make it on the 26th, boo. Hope everyone has fun and that this is a repeat event!
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Yeah I can't do the 26th either, but would definitely be happy if this becomes a repeat event.
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My husband and I are in! We'll bring our Catan, the Pandemic, and our Cards Against Humanity. Also, please see this Google Docs spreadsheet and I'll be updating the list until the evening of the day before to reflect what food/games/etc. other people have announced they will be bringing so that there won't be too much overlap.

If we want to make this a monthly thing, after February my husband and I might be able to also host if mild deer gets tired of it.
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This sounds fun except for the part where I'll be out of town on the 26th! Hopefully it happens again sometime.
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TrishaLynn - can you change the permissions on the Google doc to make it editable by people with the link? You can click on the blue Share button in the upper right.

I would also be interested in checking out the new Fantasy Flight Games space in the future!
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o shoot, how did I miss this earlier?

Me and fiance are board game nerds, and go to an every other week board game meetup at FFGEC on thursdays. Depending on which set of sundays this is we may be able to hang out. We have a variety of games, from super crunchy stuff (seasons, cyclades) to lighter stuff (king of tokyo, skulls & roses, love letter). If we can make it (and are welcome, is there space?) I'd be happy to bring some of our quick & fun stuff.

There's a really healthy community of boardgaming nerds in the twin cities and some of our best local friends have come from it.
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Kavasa, this meetup is on Jan 26... and I have strong feeling this will become a regular meetup. :)

See TrishaLynn's comment above for more info.
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Permissions have been changed so that anyone can edit the Google Doc sheet with what games/food/etc. they're bringing.
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Question for people who have played this game a lot. So far, we have 9 people attending. Should we have 2-3 games going, or just one, with teams?
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Catan doesn't work well in teams, in my experience. A game of 4 and a game of 5 would work really well, though.
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Yeah, multiple games would work much better.
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So, I live in a 400 sq ft studio. Would you all be comfortable mingling in that space? A friend of mine offered up her very nice and comfortable home in the Seward neighborhood. What do you think?
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I am busy in the 26th, but I love board games and I work in Minneapolis. So, I am all for this becoming a regular thing =) I got Puerto Rico for Christmas and have played the 2-player version with my husband once. I play San Juan on my phone all the time. I'd love to play these with an actual group of humans. We own a copy of Settlers, too.
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Oh my gosh.

I am REALLY REALLY sad we can't make this, but we have prior commitments. SIGH. =(

Would it be weird to attempt to schedule something for next Sunday, when we could actually make it?
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seolo and kavasa -- be on the look out for the next one. I will nudge someone to schedule the next one. At the very least, I'll post it as a proposed meetup and nudge someone to host it.

for everyone else -- let's hope we're comfortable in my cozy studio tomorrow! see your inbox for my address and phone number. if I missed you, memail me!
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Alas, looks like I won't be able to attend. Youngest has asked for a nice family dinner that evening for her 12th birthday. Who could turn that down! Perhaps next time. Thanks.
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Husband & I are gonna grab lunch first SMS may be arriving a little on the late side. See you soon!
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Also, won't be bringing wine cuz I forgot. :(
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