DC New Year's Eve?
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Tue December 31 at 10:00 PM, Getaway
1400 Meridian Place Northwest, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
If you are bored and not sure what to do on New Year's Eve here is what some of us are doing!
Just FYI in case anyone is bored or unsure of plans for New Year's Eve (this is standard operating procedure for me at least) some of us will be at the Getaway in Columbia Heights. They're closing so it's a $40 open bar so, as I say, if you are looking for something to do then that is an option. Or not. Whatever. Possibly you need to get tickets ahead of time? Again, I'm not really sure.

Happy new year!
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Tempting! Not sure if it's feasible for me, though. For other interested folks, you can get more ticket info at the website.
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Just FYI in case anyone actually is interested, it seems like you need to put your name on a list to reserve tickets ahead of time (or something). As I said, if you're looking for something to do this is an option to consider but it's not really a thing.
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Yeah, I lived just around the corner from the Getaway since they opened and it has been a long and steady decline. I think they had opened with a good head of kitchen, had a falling out with that chef, limped along on the menu the old chef had written, then eventually started subbing out cheaper cooks, cheaper ingredients and raising their prices. My favorite thing on the menu was their thyme fries. When they first opened the fries had big fresh sprigs of thyme fried with the potatoes which smelled amazing. The last time I ordered them, they were regular frozen industrial fries. No thyme, at all.

It was one of the only places that was reliably not-crowded in Columbia Heights which I liked. But it's got to be hard to pull off the rent in a space that large if you're not packing the house every weekend and many weeknights.
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Oh, yeah, I'm not at all sorry it's disappearing and I hope something really good takes its place (especially because we live super close and thus, apparently, near where you live/d). We're going for New Year's because it's cheap and convenient but I don't really think anyone will mourn the Getaway's passing.
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