Art Spiegelman exhibit
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The Jewish Museum has an Art Spiegelman exhibit. It is free on Saturdays. Which weekend works for people?
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11/30, 12/21 and anytime thereafter would work for me. I would be really excited to see the exhibit!
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11/30 works for me but I'll be out of town 12/21.
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I saw it last weekend and loved it. Do see the Chagall too.

One heads up: It's free on Sat because Orthodox Jews don't handle money on Shabbat. The gift shop, cafe and for some reason the kids' room will be closed.

Also, get there early to avoid the huge line. You will have to go through a metal detector.
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brujita, How early is early?
posted by Hactar at 7:51 PM on November 23, 2013

When it opens.
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Yeah, I'd suggest getting there as early as possible. I went last weekend at 2-3ish, and there was a line to get in. They did a good job of keeping it moving, but it's still good to know. They're both really good exhibits, but when I went I found the Chagall to be more crowded than the Spiegelman, which surprised me.
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I went to see the Chagall a few weeks ago, about an hour and a half before the museum closed, and had no problem getting in quickly. I did not find the Saturday-closed-portions an issue (though I guess I should've mentioned it to you, Hactar). Maybe make it a later-in-the-day thing?
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I'm not sure if there's still interest in this, but having finally just read the second volume of Maus, I'd like to go! The website says Chagall goes until February 2nd and the Spiegelman exhibit goes until March 23rd. Maybe January would work better for people? I'm free the 21st, but not sure about the 28th and 4th. Rest of January is good for right now.
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