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Sat January 4 at 5:00 PM, American Flatbread
137 Maple Street, Middlebury, VT, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm being decisive for the sake of having a plan: 5pm, January 4th, American Flatbread, Middlebury. I'm open to changing it if anyone has objections. (Weekdays are feasible for me, but I assume not others.)
The original post:
I'll be in Vermont for three weeks--roughly the second half of December and the first week of January. Anyone inclined toward a meetup?

I'll be in Middlebury. I have no idea where any of you people are and don't know where would be a reasonable place to meet. I suppose I vote for a weekend day meetup, if only so I don't have to drive in the dark.
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Well, Middlebury is pretty close to Burlington, which I have a bias towards! Otherwise, Middlebury also has one of the country's only sparkling-wine bars, which I've been meaning to try for a long time...
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Maybe? Shepherd and I are in Sherbrooke, QC, which is not far from any bits of Vermont. I like the idea of a sparkling-wine bar. I would just have to research places to stay!
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Howdy! My wife and I moved to Burlington just a few months ago, and I/we would be keen to attend a meetup. Having it in the Burlington area will surely bring out the highest concentration of Green Mountain MeFites, but Middlebury ain't too far. I'd be down for either locale, but have no specific recommendations for a specific site...
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I will continue to monitor this thread. I am not familiar with Middlebury outside of the Otter Creek brewery.

Burlington is a bit far for us, but maybe if enough of us mid-staters are interested we can carpool.

hoyland, will you have access to a car while in the area?

"Having it in the Burlington area will surely bring out the highest concentration of Green Mountain MeFites" [citation needed]

Previous Burlington meet ups I have attended have mostly been (sparsely) attended by people outside of Burlington, and the only reason they were being held there was because someone was visiting Burlington.

I suggest Montpelier as a good central location.
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I do think the assumption that Burlington is somehow optimal/easier is probably fallacious--it's probably a bit of a pain in the butt for everyone not already there. That said, if everyone but me is coming from somewhere near the interstate, that might be a vote in favour of Burlington because a lot of places are kind of awkward to get to from Middlebury (and I'm a bit freaked out by the idea of mountains in the winter and driving, though perhaps unnecessarily).

I'm assuming I'll be able to borrow my mother's car, but if it's not obvious, I'm not exactly the most confident driver when it comes to Vermont.
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I think the meet up should come to you then, hoyland. Again, I am not familiar with Middlebury enough to suggest places. But I will ask around.

Can you be more specific about the "weekend day" you have in mind?
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I forgot that Middlebury has an American Flatbreads. That make be a good choice for a group.
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Yeah I'd love to go to American Flatbreads. I'm around first weekend in January. Possibly then?
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The first weekend in January is the 4th and 5th. I have no particular preference, at least that I know of at the moment. I'll double check with my mom. ('Day' meant 'while it's light out', but if we're doing Middlebury, people driving more than three miles should decide if that's a concern for them--I can get home from the center of town in the dark.)

I like the American Flatbreads suggestion. (I've never been to the one in Middlebury, but I'm assuming they're all kind of similar.) The only other thing I can think of is 51 Main, but it a) might be closed because it's owned by the college and closes for parts of breaks and b) I don't really understand how it straddles the space between bar and restaurant (because the only time I've been was when the college was not in session and it was 95% in restaurant mode).
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Posting so that I remember to track this. I'm heading southward from 12/20-1/1, but if I'm in town I'd be up for something. (And vote Montpelier or environs, but I'm lazy. We could always do Bacon Thursday at Nutty Steph's in Middlesex...)
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So glad this was posted with literally more than a month to spare. Formerly of Montpelier, I'm now one of those Burlington Mefites, but I don't mind a bit of a road trip. Hoping to make whatever time you choose!
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Just for the sake of proposing something concrete, I'll ask if anyone has major objections to January 4th at American Flatbread in Middlebury. (They're only open 5-9 and closed Sundays, so if anyone prefers earlier or Sunday, we'll have to think of something else.)
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I'd like to come, but will be going out of town on Jan 4th. Drat.
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That date is on my calendar now hoyland.
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Alas, I won't be back until the 6th now. Y'all have fun!
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I'm knocking this back into people's recent activity as the one-week warning.
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Still a very strong chance turtlegirl and I will make it.
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Spoke with jessamyn. She, turtlegirl and I are still planning to make it as long as the weather holds, which looks promising.
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Sounds good. My mom's gone to New Hampshire today for a doctor's appointment, so what I assume is your route is seemingly not to bad at the moment.
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I'm in. Will bring jessamyn.
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Damn, I'm back in Boston now. Wish I'd paid more attention to IRL over the holidays - although, probably, the weather would have prevented a lot of travel anyway. Have fun at Flatbread, guys!
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In the event anyone has a smart phone and sees this, I'll be there on time, give or take like five minutes, dressed like roughly half the people in Vermont in jeans and a sweater. I've got a blue coat with a red fleece jacket underneath.
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Great meeting you, hoyland! Thanks for calling the meeting!
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Enjoyed that, both the company and the food. Joining us but not RSVPed here were FauxScot (no beard), kellygreen and doctornemo (beard). Have a good trip back to school hoyland!
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Nice to meet you guys, too.

For those interested: posets. Also, I can inform you that while Facebook allows you to write in Turkish, it does not offer to translate Turkish. (Actually, I think Facebook has stopped offering to translate any language. Maybe I broke it.)
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