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Wed December 4 at 5:00 PM, Billy Goat Tavern
430 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
December Chicago meetup!
SOMEBODY'S birthday is the next day (I'm not gonna say whose) and even though she will almost certainly leave early because she's SUPER LAME*, she'd still like to see errgoat in the club gettin tipsy on tiny beers and borgers. Also I'll bring you guys cookies.

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"Oh your birthday is a week before mine... neat" is probably a conversation I will have in my head for as long as we do this thing. Because I'm sure it happened last year too.
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That means your birthday is the day before my cousin's...neat!
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And two days before mine!
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We did have this same conversation last year. Mine is that week too. Here's to many more years of the same conversation!
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And three weeks before mine.
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You guys, I actually contacted pb to make that work. THAT'S HOW DEDICATED I AM TO THIS ONLY VERY VAGUELY AMUSING RUNNING JOKE.
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This meetup is also about as close as we get to the 6th anniversary of the First Ever Goat Meetup (Dec 12).
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wait? eamon, I thought you said you wouldn't be at December Goat-Frog.
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I'll be Frogging-- just not Goating.
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I am so glad that crush saved all those First Ever Goat Meetup photos. Everyone looks so much younger! And clean-shaven!
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also, looks like broomball season may interfere with goating for the next 2 months.
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garlic, we've had this discussion before. Iridic, too. Stop trying to better yourself during goat time. Poetry, pshh. Kayaking, pshhhhhh. Broomball doesn't even sound real. Brooms aren't balls! They aren't balls at all! This is madness!!!
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I don't know whether this comment will get through. Pretty poor mobile reception out here on my kayak, the W.B. Yeats.
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If you're wondering why I'm out in a kayak in this weather, it's because an eccentric billionaire invited me out to his private island in the middle of Lake Michigan for "a holiday feast." (His invite mentioned something about "the most dangerous game;" I assume he means broomball.)
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Wait? Kayak? i thought you had a coat-boat.
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...thought you had a coat-boat.

Nope! What I have is a kayanorak.
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Important update:

The search for that one Life in Hell strip continues.

TV Tropes (TV TROPES LINK WARNING) now cites the scene in question (Examples of Type 2>Newspaper Comics.)

Bun Laden pictures now are spots 8-14 on a GIS search for:

life in hell bongo questions "where do babies come from"

Publicity shot of cast of The Greatest American Hero is gone. Lots of pictures of Big Bang Theory creeping in.

This meetup will be the one year anniversary of my last. :(
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Are we still doing that Ghost of Spiffy thing? Because I'm torn between being all "who said that oh man did the temp in here just drop oh man spooky" and just being sad.

There's a picture of me when you do a GIS for SpiffyRob. I am slightly higher ranked than the actual picture of SpiffyRob.
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Man I am getting lost in the GIS results for SpiffyRob. I am so glad that Bun Laden takes the top two spots, and while it's weird to see phunniemee show up before I do, FIN-RA beats us both!
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Maybe I'm the asshole, but I see any pictures that I recognize as one Mr. SpiffyRob.

I was reminded of this though.
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Also I found this, before IRL was it's own subsite:
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So how soon is this going to happen?
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I think there are a total of three pictures of me in the GIS search for "SpiffyRob"

Two are in costume, one is on a milk carton.
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going through old IRLs, you guys are funny peeps.

Also, how great is it that Mike's boo isn't deathly ill any more?
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Also, I'm not easy to search for on GIS, but there's more of phunniemee on this search than of me too...
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I just did a quick rundown, and it appears that pictures of either me, my dog, or blingees I have made show up high in a GIS for just about every single one of you.

Except hydrophonic. Mostly he is just endless pictures of lettuce.
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Also I found this, before IRL was it's own subsite:

I like to think that the epic pizza thread is the reason IRL got its own subsite.

In fact, given how closely mods follow Metatalk threads, this might actually be true.

Also, how great is it that Mike's boo isn't deathly ill any more?

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I got no pics of Spoffy in my GIS, either. Three of phunnimee, one Destiny's Child, one Ryan Gosling and a whole bunch of Bun Laden. Oh, and Michelle Obama as a child. Also, one of Truman, the dog.
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I got no pics of Spoffy, within my G-I-S
So give me just a joffy, and I'll recheck I guess
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Also that is seriously great news Mike.
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Wow, dude. I logged in just to say, "Well done."
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Most of the credit goes to my sister, who found it among the chaos that is my parents' basement. She didn't even know I was looking for it, but she had organized a bunch of books she found at that was one of them.

I'll leave you guys to your regularly scheduled meetup thread now. Happy Quonsmas, one and all!
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I miss you guys. That is all.

No, I lied. Has anyone talked about the impending doom of the Goat? This seems like a catastrophe. And I have been out of the loop too much recently to know if it's already come up. If so, add my distress to the general discussion. If not, well, I feel distressed; discuss!
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Also, as this is apparently the place for bringing up past meetup happenings, I don't think I ever posted crush's summoning of the money beasts from last April.

All shall be awed by her might.

...and by last April, I mean April of 2012. I may be slightly behind on picture organizing.
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Pretty sure that's me being the super annoying one. Sorry, crush.
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Regarding the Impending Goat Doom, I suspect we have lots of time. My company just signed a 6-month lease for the building and I suspect it will be closer to a year before tenants start actually getting kicked out.

Regarding the meetup, if I don't start feeling better soon I may have to sit this one out. Sadface.
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Was I drunk? I think I was drunk. I certainly look drunk. Which reminds me, instead of smelling salts, I have this in my desk. Or, possibly (a friend pointed out) as camouflage.

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If I make it, it'll be late, but you guys should discuss if the next goat will be held on 1/1/2014 as the prophecies fortell.
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I lied about the cookies, guys. I am the worst.
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Actually, I lied about being able to be there tonight, so I'm the worst. You're totally off the worst hook.

Happy birthday to all (where applicable)!
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Psych! Turns out Date Night is cancelled because he's not feeling up for the planned double feature* but he is feeling well enough to tell me not to come home.




* Just when you thought I was done giving you wellness updates for a third party in IRL threads, I pulled you back in.

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You left out Kwanzaa. What is the status on Kwanzaa? Enjoy.
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I should never start with the Sandra Lee videos because there's just no end to the madness.
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Unlike Sandra Lee, I admit to knowing slightly more than jack about Kwanzaa, so I will make no claims to whether or not my presence might can save it.

I do know that anybody who puts chocolate frosting on apple pie filling is, to put it kindly, not someone with whom I want to associate. (And I think we established a few months back that I'm a big fan of frosting.)
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I'm proceeding directly to Frog tonight. Happy early birthday(s) if I don't end up seeing you!
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I'm also Frog-only. See you all soon later!
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Goat-ers, please check in with Virgil so he knows whether to hold a table for you.
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Small crowd at the Goat has disbanded so if any Goat-er is Frogging it will be me.
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