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Sun December 8 at 2:30 PM, snickerdoodle's residence (for privacy, I've entered an address in the vicinity; actual address will be sent to those attending)
335 West 14th Street, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
WHAT: All the stuff people have generously donated over here needs to be wrapped before it's delivered to to the host organization for the 45-and-counting kids and teens MetaFilter is sponsoring. Looks like a fine opportunity for a meet-up!
Delivery date of wrapped gifts to the host organization is December 9; the deadline I've set for shipment of items is November 30. An out-of-town MeFite has messaged me that she'll be in the area after the 6th and would like to participate if our schedule can accommodate. How about December 7 or December 8? Day or evening?

I'm more than willing to host. The items will be here, I will have most (if not all) of the supplies we'll need, and I can serve refreshments. I won't have to carry things down the stairs, load up the car, bring them elsewhere, and bring them back up my stairs before loading them back into the car to deliver them on the 9th.

The main reason why folks might not want me to host is that I'm not really centrally located. I live in the Bronx -- Riverdale. Take the 1 train to the end (Van Cortlandt Park); walk, if you're feeling inclined to traipse a mile, but otherwise, take the Bx9 to around the corner from my house. For drivers, street parking's pretty easy around here. My exact address is in my profile for the next little bit, for those who'd like to see the route or try to spot me in street view.

A couple of other people mentioned willingness to host, too. I'll let them speak up if they're still willing.

Thoughts on location?

Anything I'm missing?
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Where is the drop off? I may be able to host and handle the drop off so it isn't as much of a hassle for you. I'm in the West Village.
posted by snickerdoodle at 5:08 PM on November 17, 2013

I live in Yonkers and used to live fairly near where you live. I'm fine with Riverdale.
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Ditto on OK with Riverdale.
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The drop-off is, I'm 90% sure, at Riverside Dr and W 135th St. (ish). I don't have the paperwork with me right now, and I'll double-check when I get back home, but I'm pretty confident.
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I would like to help out. Riverdale is not convenient for me so I'm not opposed to another location if someone has one; but I can make it work. I can't do the 7th (or maybe I could for, like, an hour) but should be down with just about any other time.
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I'd also like to participate, if feasible. I could do in the evening on the 7th or I could do the 8th anytime. Riverdale is also not terribly convenient for me, but I can manage. I'd also offer as a hosting location (Brooklyn, but near many trains), but the logistics sound like a nightmare and I don't have a vehicle.
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I can definitely handle drop off on my Monday morning if we do the wrapping at my place. I'm fine with either location.
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Is West Village convenient for people? Snickerdoodle, is the 8th convenient for you?
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The 8th is fine. We'd just have to wrap up by 6pm so I can get the kiddos fed and in bed.
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West Village and the 8th are great for me!
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All right, let's do December 8th at 2:30pm? I'll supply light refreshments, wrapping paper, and tape. Location will be sent to all who RSVP.
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Sounds good. Let us know if we can bring anything. I'm really feeling like I ought to make a batch of snickerdoodles for the occasion. So maybe that will happen.
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Perfect. Thanks, snickerdoodle and houseofdanie!
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Oh this post is still in proposal state. Is Dec 8th at 2:30 confirmed now? Maybe houseofdanie can update if so.
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Confirmed on my end!
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That works for me I love wrapping gifts!
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Okay, confirmed! Sorry for being a little bit slow -- this week's a busy work week.

Snickerdoodle, I'm bringing 4 rolls of gift wrap, a few rolls of tape, some stuff for the gift cards, and gift tags. OH, and the gifts! I'd better not forget those.
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Whee! Wrapping! I will try to snag some spangles and such, and I definitely have neat ribbons and stuff. Going to raid my sewing chest like I do every year for Christmas. :)
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Yay! I will get some more wrapping paper and bows from my curmudgeonly neighborhood card purveyor.
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Woohoo I do believe I am in :D
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In WITH my little buddy, who will for sure be no help at all!
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Entertainment, supervision, and paper-eating. That's a lot of help.
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Ha. Does anyone have any dietary concerns? I was going to do tea, coffee, wine, and pastries. Maybe some cheese and crackers.
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That sounds lovely!
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Got some shiny little bows.
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I have class until 3pm. So I can show up but I'll be late (~3:30ish?). Is that OK?
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Don't worry! Half the time I will pretend to be you.
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psh, you wish you looked this good
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Should be fine. I'll send you a message if we're already done.
posted by snickerdoodle at 12:31 PM on December 3, 2013

What if I wear a fedora?
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I've gone from maybe to extremely unlikely. Would someone invent teleportation already?
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I'm afraid I probably won't be able to come. A friend of mine from out of town is coming to see me and I don't think she's leaving till 6ish. I'm sorry I won't get to see all of you!
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We're excited! Might be a little lap depending on how naptime goes, we'll see.
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Nope, napping now, so right on time :D
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I'm about to leave my place in Brooklyn! See y'all soon!
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I'll be a little late due to fiascos, but should be there before 3.
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I will actually sadly not be able to make it, when I went down to get ready I found that we seem to have no hot water or heat. Going to be landlordwrangling instead of wrapping. (despite all the trash talk to eideteker). Very sorry, guys.
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Train issues, there w bows by 3.
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Thanks so much, all! It was a great time!
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Really enjoyed it!
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Posted a few pics I took of the wrapped presents!
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What a lovely and heartwarming afternoon. Warm fuzzies to you all!
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Snickerdoodle, thank you so much for hosting with such generosity and graciousness! Your home is amazing. I'd also like to express gratitude to the merry band of wrappers, who created festive, fantastic packages with no on-record injuries. Beautifully done.
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Presents are en route! Thanks everything for a truly impressive wrapping job!
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Thanks, everyone, especially snickerdoodle and houseofdanie. I'm really excited for the kids to get their presents!
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