PDX visitor interested in a DC meetup!
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Fri December 6 at 4:30 PM, RFD
810 7th Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey all, I'm gonna be in DC for a work conference December 3-7, and I'd be interested in meeting a few of y'all. Maybe the afternoon or evening of Friday December 6?
I'm arriving the Tuesday evening and coming home Saturday afternoon, but I'll be conferencing during business hours W-Th-and part of Friday. We're scheduled to wrap up by 2:30 Friday afternoon, so I should be able to get out somewhere by 3:30-4pm pretty easily. I'd love to meet for happy hour or beers or dinner or... anything, really. This will be my third conference trip to DC, so while I'd happily go to a fancy cocktail bar, I'd be equally happy with a local pub that has a good taplist.

My conference is in the DOT Navy Yard building and I'm staying nearby... but I'll have easy access to the Metro and am reasonably comfortable getting around via transit.

So... interest? Suggestions? I'm open to any suggestions for locations and time tweaks!
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Yay! You'll be on the Green Line, which means easy access to places like The Passenger, Hogo, A&D (does not have food but is next to the best sandwiches in the city), Bistro Bohem, RFD, Meridian Pint, and DC Reynolds.

You're also walking distance from Barracks Row/Eastern Market, which has places like Ted's Bulletin (I am not super familiar with this part of town but I'm sure there's more), and further down Pennsylvania Ave SE towards Trusty's and Wisdom.

These are what I can think of offhand, I'm sure other mefites can offer better suggestions.
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What you need to know:

* Adams Morgan is the unholy combination of the Old Town club scene and Hawthorne. That is to say, not a half bad place Sunday through Wednesday.
* Takoma Park is like that one study-whatever-you-want graduate degree program at Reed College but without the degree.
* H Street is Alberta with uglier gentrification growing pains.
* Kramer Books is awesome, but it's not Powell's, neither qualitatively nor quantitatively. Don't even bother with a comparison.
* Three years ago, Navy Yard used to be one of the most quietly dangerous neighborhoods in America and now it has food truck festivals and multi-use bicycle paths, kind of like Cartlandia at 82nd Ave and the Springwater Corridor Trail.
* Some parts of Anacostia are up and coming, but a lot of it is like Union Ave before it became MLK Blvd.
* NoMA is like when they first started calling it the Pearl but hadn't evicted the homeless people yet.
* Chinatown is as boring and staid as Portland's Chinatown is becoming.
* Penn Quarter is McFaddens. Pennsylvania Ave McFaddens is worse than McFaddens.
* Brookland is Irvington. Quiet, unassuming, pretty close-in, lots of yard sales in the Spring, really nothing bad to say.
* Eastern Market doesn't have a tenth of the produce as the most forgettable Portland farmer's market, but they do have bluebucks.
* Ben's Chili Bowl is VooDoo Donuts, it's a tourist trap but you should go anyway and get the titular food item because it's just what you do.
* We have more squares than you but there is less hacky sack being played in them.

People will complain about the Metro and the busses, but at least it all runs past 11 PM. You can actually hail a cab here even if they probably will lie about taking credit cards. Those things labelled "bike lanes" are actually parking lanes and don't let any of those freaks on "bicycles" tell you any different. The stanchions on some bike lanes are only there to reserve the parking spaces for Ford Explorers with Virginia plates.

* I miss New Seasons. Please bring Hot Wok. 'K. Thnx.
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Yay! I LOVE meetups! I would request that this be earlier in the week if possible (Tuesday the 3rd or Wednesday the 4th) because after that I'll be in Rhode Island but if that doesn't work for other people I will just send Mr. Pterodactyl as a delegate.
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Going to be a crunch week at work, but I'm interested depending on how things go.

(I'm a big fan of Hogo right now, with the caveat that it's small-ish and way crowded on the weekends.)
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local pub that has a good taplist. My conference is in the DOT Navy Yard building

If you get a chance, try Bluejacket just a block east of there. I was there Sunday and the beers were all quite good, some excellent. There was a line to get in the door before opening at 4pm, partially explained by the fact that the place had just opened on Tuesday. EvaDestruction suggested it for a meetup once things settle down - maybe by the time of your trip. Based on what I saw it's too crowded for a meetup just yet.
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(does not have food but is next to the best sandwiches in the city),

Wait, SUNdeVICH is an actual restaurant I can visit when I want, rather than a food truck that the fates occasionally bring to my office? How did I not know this?

More on topic, I would be down for a meet up anytime that week.
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Yes! And they have way more sundeviches than they do at the truck!
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I'm not sure what kind of post-conference activities might be happening with colleagues, so I'm going to go ahead and call official meet-up time for RFD at 4:30pm on Friday (because Friday beer yay!)

However, it is highly likely that I will make a trip to Hogo on Tuesday or Wednesday evening, and if anyone wants to join me there that would be terrific! Exact timing will depend on flight arrival, Metro timing, etc, but I'll post here when I'm on the way.
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Looking forward to meeting some folks this afternoon!
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Great! I won't be able to get there until about 5:30, I hope that's okay.
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I'm done with work at 5:00 and should show up around 5:15-5:30 depending on how quickly I actually get myself out the door. Looking forward to it!
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I'm at a table near the back, on the bar side!
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And sorta behind a column, which is probably poor planning on my part, but hey.
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Heading out in 5! Will be there around 5:15! I'll be wearing a blue sweater, a grey scarf, and a "where is kpele?" expression.
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