Detroit Metro Meetup, anyone?
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I'm a Michigan native, and recently moved back from Austin, TX. I'd like to set up a Meetup in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area.
I think it would be great to do this before the roads get too icy. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, as well as Saturday all day are the best days for me. I'm partial to indie coffeehouses, but also open to regular restaurants and non-sports bars. (The less crowded and quieter, the better).

Any suggestions for times and places? I would love to meet some other SE Michigan MeFites.
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This sounds like a great idea to me! I'm on the East Side, so if people decide on a place that's good for them I don't mind driving west. No suggestions for places as I'm not familiar with that area, but Fridays or Saturdays are definitely best for me.
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Love the idea - it's been too long since we've had a SE MI meet-up. Billw and I cannot make anything until the week of Nov 18 but could do Monday or Wednesday that week. Saturday 11/21 could also work.

Places - quiet is hard although on a weeknight less so. Grizzly Peak in Ann Arbor? It's a brewpub with decent food and big enough that one can always find a quiet corner.
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I'm open to this. I live in Plymouth but work in A2. Willing to meet just about anywhere so long as schedule permits.
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This Saturday in A2 would be a bad idea (Nebraska's in town), but the next two Saturdays (16th and 23rd) are away games and will probably be better.

I live in Livonia; Mondays and Wednesdays are bad.
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I'm in ann arbor (kerrytown) these days - I've even meant to check out Grizzly Peak... can do wednesdays solo, or weekends with my SO.

If indie coffeehouses are still in the game, Espresso Royale may sound kind of generic, but it's a decent atmosphere, reasonably sized for a group (might get crowded on Saturday though), and pretty central (Main & Liberty). Ok, I see now there are four of them in town... is that still indie? Mighty Good Coffee is probably too worky of an environment. Crazy Wisdom could be nice, though it could be harder to find a big table... also, it is upstairs if anyone has access issues.
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I live in Lansing and would be delighted to drive in for a weekend day meetup.
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I live in canton. Fridays or the weekend are good for me. Grizzly Peak: how hard is it to get to for someone not use to driving in downtown ann arbor? what's the parking situation like?
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Grizzly Peak: how hard is it to get to for someone not use to driving in downtown ann arbor? what's the parking situation like?

It's right next to a bunch of pay-parking lots. Shouldn't be a problem.
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How about Saturday 11/23 at Grizzly Peak? Out-of-towners weigh in on time - we're open.
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I'm also based in Livonia but open to meeting up in locations from Lansing to, well, Canada, heh. Saturday, 11/23 at Grizzly Peak sounds like fun to me.

As for time, GP will be busy on a Saturday at this time of year, with students being in town and all. I'd recommend getting there an hour or two before the dinner rush -- say, 4:00-4:30ish -- to reserve adequate space if a good-sized group is expected, and then plan for happy hour and/or appetizers to segue into dinner.
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The 23rd at Grizzly Peak is good for me!
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I think the 23rd at Grizzly Peak at 4 pm is a great suggestion! Shall we go ahead and finalize it? Look forward to meeting all of you.
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I'm a little late to the conversation, sorry, but would like to put out another option: the Corner Brewery in Ypsi. Nothing at all against Grizzly Peak, but I think Corner Brewery would be a lot more conducive to people coming and going and eating at different times, and to just hanging out with less pressure to keep ordering food and drinks. And it's quieter, with lots of parking. The food isn't as good, but it's a lot more casual. Just a thought - if people prefer GP, I'll be there.
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still_wears_a_hat ...I have to disagree: I've been to many events at the Corner Brewery and found that it was always very, very loud because of the cement floors and walls. Grizzly Peak, while it can be modestly noisy, has multiple rooms that are wood paneled and so they don't reflect the noise as much.
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Thanks, BillW. Maybe I've only been to Corner Brewery when it's been quiet.
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So, the 23rd @ Grizzly Peak? 4pm?
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Let's do it! If there are no objections, I'll firm it up.
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Should I call GP to reserve a table or room?
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Not a bad idea - I don't think there will be enough of us to get a room there but asking to be put in a quiet spot is a good thought.
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If you're counting noses for a reservation, count mine.
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I'm in and so is Holgagirl (lurker!). I counted her as a guest. GP at 4 on a Saturday should be fine. As a point of order, there will be no happy hour, because publicans the world around figure we will already BE happy on Saturday.
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So are we set? I'm looking forward to it!
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Woah just noticed this. I'd like to come too, but my sis is visiting, so it's up to her.
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OK, it's all set up with reservations. They don't have separate rooms, so I asked for a quiet-ish corner. See you all there!
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Would it help if people planning to come RSVPd on this page?
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