Denver we're coming overrrrrrrrr
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In town Fri 11/8-Mon 11/11, thinking about a Saturday night dinner or drinks (or both) thing. Anyone interested? Sorry for the short notice.
We're staying in the Five Points area, but we'll have a rental car so distance is not an issue. We do have one person who eats fish but no other meat, so any food options that take that into account would be best.
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I'm in for Saturday night. Not picky about location, don't know what the best downtown-ish options are.
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I'm! How about Steuben's? Sandwiches in the $10 range, includes fish and veg options. Or Ace if we wanna play ping pong, too.
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oops, i guess i should say i can't commit to anywhere just yet without conferring with my travel buddies, though i'm also happy to hear any and all recs of course. and anyway i figure i needed to get the date out quickly, see if anyone is even available.

we've done some food research so we might have a list of Must Haves we want to check off but we're still cobbling stuff together.

happy to finally be able to meet you guys.
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Awesome, I have no particular limitations on food/drink/location possibilities, so will be happy to accompany wherever. Looking forward to meeting you!
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There's a good chance I'll make this.
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I have to be at work by 9 p.m., but I'm game for anything up to then.
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Saturday night is tough for me; we'll probably be up in the mountains. But if anybody is interested in hanging out in Keystone beforehand, let me know.
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I'd like to stop by; please post the final plan when you have it. Steuben's is a cool place.
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We have a friend in town and he's leaving Sunday morning. We may take him out to a farewell dinner on Saturday night or I may bring him to to this meetup or who knows what.
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clustercuss, and anyone else, sorry to do this, but how do we feel about wynkoop brewing co instead of steuben's? (which looks lovely and i don't have anything against, but one of my peeps has a hankering for wynkoop, and i know we need to hit at least a brewery or 2 while we're here.) but if there are serious objections or anti feelings, she will not shed salty tears about steuben's either.

also, perhaps not as cool as ping pong, but it does have darts and pool upstairs if we need activities.
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Wynkoop is very cool too!
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Sounds fun, but I already have plans for this Saturday.
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ah good, thanks clustercuss. in that case, if no objections, i was thinking wynkoop this saturday 7pm-ish?

i'll leave this up for a day and make a reservation with flexible headcount on friday. please feel free to update the thread with yes's and cancellations and i'll keep an eye and let the brewery know my best info saturday afternoon or so.

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Wynkoop is great. There appears to be some sort of Bacon & Beer Festival dinner event there that evening -- but since you can still reserve tables there, I would imagine it shouldn't impact your night. (And there are lots of other LoDo options if necessary e.g. Freshcraft, Falling Rock -- all of which have seen MeFi meetups.)

(I'm an unlikely maybe....)
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damn, thanks for the heads up and the alternate venues NailsTheCat. unfortunately 8pm is their earliest availability, which i took just to have something down, made it for 10-12 ppl. now i realize the conservative (from our perspective) thing to do would've been to make a max possible headcount reservation, but i didn't want to be the a-hole who makes a reservation for 15 on a saturday night at a popular place and 6 ppl show up, especially when we have half maybes. did i make the wrong call? i was also worried that a table for 15 would not have been available until after 8.

possible way to handle this: whoever wants can show up b/f 8, play pool, have drinks, get appetizers if possible, and if they happen to have the table or part of the table ready b/f then people can trickle to the table? or if it's some other kind of unexpected disaster, be ready to move to another venue.

despite all this, we're naively willing to go with the flow and stick with wynkoop, not sure how you guys feel about that?

(also, sorry about the timing rewil, again, we might show up a bit early just to hang out and i would post that info in thread so you can plan around it.)
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I would be entirely happy to show up early and mill around prior to table acquisition. Is it Saturday yet?
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No worries! I'll still come a bit early, grab a drink and an appetizer and stick around as long as I can.
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Looks like I'll have to sit this one out. Have fun, and try the Rail Yard Ale.
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I'm a solid probably. (Hopefully) will see you at 8. How can I find you? I can't see the meetups section of MeFi on my phone for some reason, unless I'm not looking in the right place? (iPhone)
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Thank you guys for being flexible. Clustercuss, I can memail you when we get there, or if you want to memail your cell I can text you. (did you scroll all the way down to the bottom? That's where the subsites are on my phone--it's not an iphone though.)

We're in Denver btw. Psh. It ain't cold here!
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What time are folks going to show up? I can be there whenever. Clustercuss, you could also memail one of us and we can get the notification. (also if you type in directly you should get to the mail page)

I am looking forward to meeting new folks! Twist: did you tell your friends that we will all have supar ossim sekrit names?
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7-730. Far as I'm concerned these are your real identities. (But yeah they know)
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On our way...
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I am here, currently upstairs, but may wander. Black jacket, red shirt, looking lost.
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Upstairs, table won't be ready til 8
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Private room in the back right corner
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We have a private room! Plenty of seats. You should allllll come join us.
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Thanks for arranging! Lovely to meet you all, and hope the rest of your trip is excellent!
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Rewil, sorry you couldn't stay longer, hope work was not horrible. asperity, my friends hope you have made a karaoke love connection, hd, my friends enjoyed talking to you and thought you were cool. Really nice meeting you guys, you have a lovely city. Thanks!
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Sorry I missed it, see you all next time!
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I am SO late to reply to this, but yes! It was awesome meeting you and your friends! I had a blast. I hope your trip home went well!

(as a note, this is still showing in proposed because it was never finalized, not sure what the protocol on that is)
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