November Rain Goat
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Wed November 6 at 6:00 PM, Billy Goat Tavern
430 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Inquiring minds want to know if the Metafilter Last Supper picture is hanging on the wall at the Goat still. Why don't we check it out and also have a meet-up?
There will be fun. There will be food. There will probably be karaoke for some later.

There will be other non-photo-related questions as well.

Will the glasses taste like soap?
Is the Jen Sandwich still the Jen Sandwich if you ask for bacon?
Will somebody do "November Rain"?

(Probably, no, and no, it's too long.)
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Now I have Sweet Child o Mine stuck in my head.
This replaces Ludacris' Get Back which has been stuck in there for the past 48 hours or so.

I honestly don't know which is worse.
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I am not working Thurs, and have a place in Chicago where I can stay over if necessary. The stars have aligned so this suburbanite can finally go to a Goat meetup. On my birthday, no less. Yaaaay!
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I really want to come - I miss you guys. We'll see how work turns out next week...

This is my earworm for the day.
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how the fuck has ping suddenly stopped working? I'm ready for goating NOW.
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I'll probably miss the Goat and head straight to the Frog. Sorry - gotta go home after work to take care of the pup!
posted by misskaz at 11:36 AM on November 6, 2013

yay! kaz at the Frog--I have not been to a kazFrog in about a million years which makes me sad.

(no offense intended to Goat or Goat-only-goers or all the other awesome FrogFolks or yup)
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I'm leaving now, gonna park by my friend's place and cab it on over; should be at Goat around 645/7ish.
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Leaving work now so may actually be there a little before 6.

(Also, I stopped smoking last month -- like for reals this time -- and this is the first times I've been out since then so if you see me going to buy cigarettes, you have permission to punch me in the balls.)
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Ball punching --check
posted by garlic at 3:38 PM on November 6, 2013

Also heading down now. No ball punching until I get there, please.
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I'm on my way to the goat. It has been too long since I've attended the goat portion of the evening.
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I am out entirely. Job interview tomorrow, need to prep.
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Good luck, readery!!
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Yeezy ruined my birthday; Chicago mefites rescued it. Y'all are awesome.
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So I heard the first part of the conversation about the Last Supper pic, but I did not hear the resolution. My mind still inquires.
posted by crush-onastick at 7:55 AM on November 7, 2013

Which part did you hear?
posted by MCMikeNamara at 8:30 AM on November 7, 2013

For background to others -- the picture came up in here in a recent MetaTalk thread. (Here's the Metatalk thread about the picture itself.)
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And here's a picture of the picture up on the wall of the goat!
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I do not like the looks of this at all.
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Oh no.
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I call for a subcommittee to find replacement digs downtown or in an agreed-upon mutually convenient spot.

I nominate as chair anyone but me.

Parliamentarian out.

*drops gavel and mic*
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It's a pity there is no Chicago Cabal*, or else we could activate one of our assets in City Hall† to repair the situation.

As it is, "many details need to be worked out decisions are final," so this may not come to pass for some time, and there's some hope‡ that it may not happen at all.

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My company will be displaced by this development as well. I know we have at least 6 months, as we just signed a temporary 6 month lease with the Realtors. But this is bad news for the Goat, it seems to me. The "original" will be destroyed and there's no bringing that back. The appeal will be gone and there goes their tourist traffic and gruff regulars... I'm really sad for them.
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