Austin City Limits 2010
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Sun October 10 at 11:00 AM, Opal Divine's
700 W 6th St, Austin, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
I'll be among the masses going to ACL this year, 8-10 October 2010. How about brunch on Sunday? Somewhere outside the park would be good, and those of us with tickets could head in afterward. I'm not a local, so ideas about a venue would be much appreciated, if anyone's interested.
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I'm totally game, but the choice of location really depends on what the transportation situation is going to be for people who are just in town for ACL.
posted by malthas at 9:52 AM on September 26, 2010

Count me in!
posted by donajo at 12:28 PM on September 26, 2010

I'm game as well, but I agree with malthas about the transport situation. Carpooling may be one solution, but even so the traffic in the area is a giant mess.
posted by immlass at 6:31 PM on September 26, 2010

The traffic hopefully won't be too onerous on a Sunday morning. I live 2 hrs away, meaning I don't get to Austin as often as I would like. Last year I left my car in a garage downtown and took the shuttle to Zilker Park. This time I have a single-day ticket, so I can't hop in and out of the festival. Brunch / lunch would work better for me consequently than a traditional afternoon meetup.
posted by woodway at 7:05 AM on September 27, 2010

It looks like there's a shuttle that'll run to the park from 4th & Guadalupe.

A lot of downtown places are closed Sundays. Since most people don't live downtown, (and travel for caffeine needs to be as short as possible), the best brunch places are out a bit. El Flaco's has a good Migas plate, South Congress Cafe is supposed to have a great brunch, though I've only been for dinner (and it's on the pricy side). Torchy's would be great too, especially the South Lamar Trailer Park location, but parking there is tight, and it's not really near many bus lines. Heading to the east side would be Blue Dahilia, and in Hyde Park we've got Mother's Cafe.

Some downtown brunch places are: Taverna and Frank's "Hotdog lounge". Frank's brunch seems to have mixed to bad reviews, but we could attempt to answer the question "If you put bacon in Vodka does it become a breakfast food?"

Of course, places near the park would be an option too, like one of the restaurants down Barton Springs: Chuy's, Austin Java, Flipnotics and Daily Juice are all open for Sunday brunch. All of those restaurants except Chuy's are more coffee + premade breakfast stuff with counter service, than a "brunch place", which might not be a bad option.

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Oh, and yes, don't attempt to move a car anywhere around there. I live close enough to Zilker (which isn't very close at all) that our apartment management has big "NO EVENT PARKING" signs, and the traffic will likely be backed up to my doorstep. Traffic into the city, and into downtown from any direction except south should be fine though.

Shoes or bicycle will likely be my transportation. Depending on what location we choose, I'd be willing to host a park-and-walk/bike. Should be beautiful weather. I keep foolishly buying sweaters and scarves, forgetting I live in Texas. I look for excuses to wear them. Under 85° is sweater weather right?
posted by fontophilic at 9:38 AM on September 27, 2010

There's also Magnolia Cafe on Lake Austin, just a hop, skip, and a jump across the MoPac pedestrian bridge from Zilker.
posted by donajo at 9:50 AM on September 27, 2010

I'm a "maybe" - I'll know more a couple days before.
posted by batmonkey at 10:38 AM on September 28, 2010

Max's Wine Dive has a good brunch. As does Trudy's up north, and 24 Diner. Blue Dahlia would be nice. The Omeletry... Galaxy Cafe....

Torchy's on Spicewood... Polvo's....

Still... Despite the fact that I am definitely out for any meetup even remotely close to Zilker this weekend, I only *may* be in for anything further away. Point being, don't hang anything on my suggestion. But away from ACL may be a good option for the curmudgeonly locals.
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I will be staying far, far away from anything on the other side of the river during ACL weekend, so I won't be at this one.
Just FYI for any who haven't been to ACL-- you will have to wait at least an hour to eat almost anywhere decent in South Austin, or pretty much anywhere in central Austin down during peak times.
posted by elpea at 3:47 PM on September 28, 2010

Especially Magnolia on Lake Austin. That place has a thirty-minute wait for brunch and dinner on a normal weekend.
posted by elpea at 3:49 PM on September 28, 2010

Maybe it's a non-starter, then. Thanks for the advice.
posted by woodway at 4:56 PM on September 28, 2010

During the last ACL we had a fairly successful meetup at the Opal Divine's on W 6th at 11:30 on Sunday. So it shows that it's definitely possible to do a meetup, it just may have to be not a traditionally brunchy place and may need to be earlier rather than later.

And stuff that's South of the river is crazy but not that crazy. Just stay on the East side of S 1st and away from any crazy popular places and you'll be pretty good.
posted by malthas at 7:39 PM on September 28, 2010

Maria Maria has $1 mimosas and brunch on the weekend (but I can't speak for their food), and it wouldn't be too far from the shuttle buses.
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I'm open to picking someone up at their hotel or whatever, taxi to meetup brunch, can fit me + two in my pickup, and driving wherever, as long as it's not to Lubbock or something, probably a few others can taxi also. I live right in the heart of a lot of the traffic -- Riverside between I35 and S. Congress Avenue --- but usually can beat it by turning away from town and then cutting back through the neighborhoods, it's annoying but usually do-able, if do-able is a word, and even if it isn't.
posted by dancestoblue at 12:59 AM on October 1, 2010

I can taxi at least one person, maybe 2 - perhaps even 3, if I leave the little one at home and take out the carseat base.

So if being scooped at a central spot outside the park & being dropped off again at a convenient place makes a difference for folks, I'll make it a priority to attend.

I'd really like to visit with woodway et. al. again!
posted by batmonkey at 7:57 PM on October 1, 2010

Thanks, batmonkey. I've been AWOL too long! Is anyone else coming to Austin for the festival? I'll be driving in, so transpo isn't a problem for me. I'll happily get myself wherever you guys would enjoy meeting up.
posted by woodway at 7:06 AM on October 2, 2010

I'm in central Texas on business at the moment (and very close to you, woodway!) but I'm really busy so I don't know if I could make that weekend.
posted by Electric Dragon at 12:38 PM on October 3, 2010

If it's earlier i will be in.
posted by djduckie at 6:55 PM on October 4, 2010

by earlier i mean in the day, like last years ACL meet-up.
posted by djduckie at 6:55 PM on October 4, 2010

If Opal's on 6th worked last year, should we do that again? If it ain't broke, and so forth.

Earlier in the day is my preference too. I think the first band I want to see on Sunday is at 12:30. Is 10:30 too early?
posted by donajo at 12:29 PM on October 5, 2010

That'd be cool by me. If 11:30 am is better for people, I'd be cool with that, too.
posted by woodway at 4:06 AM on October 6, 2010

I'd also be interested in earlier, as I'd like to hit up the farmers market afterwards. 10:30 or 11:30 works for me.
posted by fontophilic at 9:21 AM on October 6, 2010

Mr immlass and I are in for either time. Can someone flip the switch to make this a fer shure meetup?
posted by immlass at 10:37 AM on October 6, 2010

1130? I'll see if the xez wants to go too.
posted by djduckie at 12:30 PM on October 6, 2010

Maybe we could split the difference and make it 11:00 am.
posted by donajo at 3:21 PM on October 6, 2010

Xezlec is in.

If transportation is still an issue there is plenty of free parking near my place on 11th and Nueces, if you have a bike and a rack, we could all ride in together, that is how i am planning to get over there.
posted by djduckie at 3:52 PM on October 6, 2010

See you Sunday at Opal Divine's, 11:00 am.
posted by woodway at 7:07 AM on October 7, 2010

We are planning to be there but have acquired last-minute ACL 30-day passes, so may be too wiped out.
posted by immlass at 7:55 PM on October 7, 2010

Wow 30 day passes? The festival sure has change from when i was a kid.
posted by djduckie at 11:02 PM on October 7, 2010

Heh. My typing fingers haz the dumb.
posted by immlass at 8:43 AM on October 8, 2010

I'll be working (boo: working. yay: a job!). Enjoy.
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Could someone else take over as point person for tomorrow's meetup? A student hit my car this afternoon, and it's undriveable. Fortunately no one was hurt, but Waco isn't exactly set up for public transportation. I'm stuck until her insurance company accepts liability and pays for a tow truck / rental car.
posted by woodway at 1:21 PM on October 9, 2010

I can't make it either. I made the dumb decision last night of walking 2 miles back to my car instead of taking the shuttle, and now my feet are complaining loudly about getting out of bed. See y'all at the next one.
posted by donajo at 8:03 AM on October 10, 2010

We've got a table on the northwest corner of the patio. I'm wearing a red neck scarf!
posted by fontophilic at 9:06 AM on October 10, 2010

Sorry we missed you guys, but I'm not even sure we were awake that time Sunday morning. We got caught in horrific traffic downtown after Muse and took an hour to get from Republic Park over to the diner by Waterloo Records, where we had a late night snack.
posted by immlass at 7:46 AM on October 11, 2010

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