Houston Meetup at Lucy's
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Tue October 29 at 7:00 PM, Lucy's Ethiopian Restaurant
6800 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
Howdy! Let's make this meet up happen. Someone proposed Central Market and the date of Tuesday, Oct. 29. Whatever we do, I'd like it to be a variation of the usual. This is my first irl post and it will be my first Houston meetup.
I'll edit this area with details once we hash them out.

Ok, now we have a location: Lucy's.

Start time 7pm. Feel free to join us during the evening as your schedule permits!
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I'm in Houston on business and Tuesday is my last evening in town! I'd love to meet some Mefites.
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Anyone interested in Indian? Shri Balaji Bhavan is in little India, Hilcroft & 59. Vegetarian, cheap, very very authentic south Indian style. Chetinad is on US 90 in Stafford. They cover the whole subcontinent out of necessity and do a good job with it (their tandoori chicken stands out in a city with dozens of such offerings), but also have menu items from the state of Kerala which is known for seafood.
Of your experience of Indian food has been primarily of red chicken then both of these offer a variety you should try.
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Hi there! I suggested Central Market just because, well, hello yummy food at that deli and also beers and such if people wanted to get their social drink on. Unlike bars where there is frequently a dearth of edible deliciousness. And other good eating options are not always convenient for a group of a variable size.

One other suggestion would be Boheme on Fairview. They've been doing something called "Test Kitchen Tuesday" where the kitchen does one special dish with a beer pairing and a side dish. Two weeks ago it was curried lobster roll. Last week it was softshell crab banh mi. This week, who knows?!

I can meet up on Tuesday any time after 7:30, but please don't schedule it around me. I'll just drop in whenever I'm done with my early evening plans.

Also I know runes suggested some Indian food sometime. I am always down for that. Mmmm.
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Oh yeah, Balaji has no alcohol (but a half dozen flavors of lassi). I think Chitinad does, but will confirm if people are interested.
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There needn't be boozy options to make me a happy camper! I was just trying to suggest something that would allow this meetup to be all things to all people - which this need not be!

Obvi I'm always down for some Indian food. So if that's the route we'd like to go, are these places we'd want to have a reservation?
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I'm up for anything. Nerro, what part of town are you in, and do you have a rental car?
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All these ideas sound great to me. I got to know South Indian cuisine in a previous location. All these suggestions sound great to me. I am just excited to be here.

By the way, I just sent Nerro an mail. She's probably been eating out a lot since she's here on business so let's find out what she'd prefer.
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Hey! Hotel is near Galleria and I'll be working in Downtown on Tuesday. I will have a rental car, but I'd have to drop a coworker back off at the hotel before I head out, unless someone could drop me off at my hotel near Galleria afterwards.

I love all the foods and booze, so show off your favorite places in Houston for me :D
posted by Nerro at 9:31 AM on October 27, 2013

Is there Indian or something else people would like to do in the Galleria area? I'm coming in from Clear Lake. I'm fine with the Galleria.
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Dang, I just checked with Balaji and they're closed Tuesday. Another place that's a lot of fun to eat at and does serve booze is Lucy's Ethiopian, on 59 south of Hilcroft. If you're not familiar with Ethiopan, it's served family style with a big stack of injera bread. Lucy's makes their own tej (Ethiopian mead).
For most places within the loop the Galleria is on my way home.
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I don't know about anyone else but I love Ethiopian!
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Love Ethiopian food, and I haven't had it since I moved back to Houston. Kept wanting to try Lucy's. Mmm. I like this plan.
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(Also there is a Groupon for Lucy's in case anyone wants to look into that! Not sure the terms, but to me this looks like a sign!)
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<3 Ethiopian, I haven't had it in a couple of years!
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I haven't been to Lucy's on a weeknight but on the weekends a reservation is a good idea. The Galleria is definitely on my way home from there. The Groupon is pretty nominal, $10 off and only one allowed per table. Lucy's, for those interested in perusing the menu (I will admit that every time I've gone I've just said "bring me a nice combination for X people", so don't expect anything more productive from me :-).
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I tweeted the Lucys suggestion to the Houston peeps so maybe we can get a headcount and an idea for the time.

I hope I'm not being presumptuous or bossy. I don't really know what I'm doing. :o

Runes, that's how I order when I've gone to Ethiopian restaurants.
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Can't make Tuesday, I have jury duty and no idea of what's going to transpire. :(
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I'd like to propose we start at 6:30. Nerro, will you need picked up at the hotel too?
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That time works for me.
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I'll have the rental car, so no worries :) I may arrive a bit later than 6:30, but I'll be there!
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Oh hey, y'all switched it to tonight. I'll have to take a miss, but hope you guys have fun!
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Vincele, I think there's an error in the date, it says tonight on the invite but tomorrow in the text? I've done this with moving an IRL from proposed to scheduled, if you're not careful it takes today's date. Librarylis, I believe the plan is still for tomorrow.
posted by Runes at 3:47 PM on October 28, 2013

I'm sorry about that guys. I fixed it now. I was having trouble editing in Firefox and I must have missed the date in the IE window.
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A few people have conflicts that might keep them from arriving at 6:30. Would it be ok to push it back to 7:00 or 7:30 so that everyone has a chance to make it or stop by? I am fine either way.

I can make reservations tomorrow early afternoon.
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7:00 or 7:30 works for me.
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Ok, let's make it 7pm. That was the twitter consensus as well.
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Something has come up with my family and I will have to babysit tonight. I won't be able to make it. I have made the reservation in the name of Matt. Please memail me if you need more details. :(
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Just saw Runes' update (thank you!) but still won't be able to make it. Hope those who can go have fun.
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Well, hell. I'm still fighting with car repairs, Ikea customer service, and a wrist injury, with the added fun of a fire ant invasion *and*a second wave of cockroaches. I'm not going to be able to make it either.
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I'm here, sitting in the back. There's a Rotary meeting in the front, come back to the couch areas.
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Well, a quite pleasant evening was had by the three of us. Sorry the rest of you missed it, we'll have to try again some time.
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Thanks for the great food and wonderful company! Got a little more idea of what Houston is about :) Next time I'm here, I shall partake in the arts!
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Had a great time! Have wanted to try Lucy's for a long time, and this was a great reason to do so. Great to meet you Nerro! Hope the rest of your travels are enjoyable!
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