When in Phoenix, meet the mefites!
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Wed October 30 at 6:30 PM, Angel's Trumpet
810 North 2nd Street, Phoenix, AZ, USA (Map & Directions)
Hi AZ mefites! As I promised in the last Phoenix meetup thread, I'll be visiting Mr. Nat in Tempe next week. I'd like to meet up with y'all while I'm there.
Best nights for us are Wednesday or Thursday, so that's Oct 30 or Oct 31. If another time that week or the following weekend is much better, though, we could consider it. No idea for venue, so please make suggestions!

As per suggestion below, we'll meet up at Angel's Trumpet in Phoenix c. 6:30 PM on Wednesday Oct 30. Hope to see you there!
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Yay, a new meetup! The last one was super fun.

Wednesday is best for me, since I have plans for Halloween proper.

I will say I've been back to Angels Trumpet in the meantime, and they've added soundproofing, so it's possible to have a conversation there. But of course there are numerous options downtown.
posted by Superplin at 4:29 AM on October 22, 2013

Wednesday is definitely better for me as well, as I have fencing on Thursdays in addition to Halloween plans. And I'm very willing to give the Trumpet a go!
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What is this "Halloween" of which you speak? I totally forgot.

Ok, Wednesday seems better then. We are actually out in Tempe, but happy to go wherever works for a meetup.
posted by nat at 3:42 PM on October 23, 2013

Downtown is where it's at!

What time are we talking about?
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I've never been to a Phoenix meet-up! I always have to work. I do NOT have to work that Wednesday, so if that's when we're doing it, I'm in! Downtown is much easier for me. (I happen to LOVE Angel's Trumpet, but I can go anywhere.)
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Ok! Angel's trumpet, then. I think we can head in from Tempe around 6; if the Trumpet has food we could start at 6:30 or so, assuming it isnt too bad to get in from Tempe.
posted by nat at 9:26 PM on October 27, 2013

They actually have pretty good food, so it's a good option for dinner. 6:30-ish it is!
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So, how do we all find each other? I'll be the curly-haired blond girl looking around lost for y'all.
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Welp, I brought my Mefi Tshirt in grey, and I'm pretty sure I look like I'm from the internet. With 5 folks, should I call ahead for a reservation or will we be ok on a Wednesday?
posted by nat at 3:21 PM on October 28, 2013

Actually looks like they don't do reservations, so we'll be winging it.
posted by nat at 3:25 PM on October 28, 2013

I will also be in a Mefi shirt (bright blue shirt, short purple-brown hair). We should be pretty identifiable!
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I will not be able to make it, but I wish you all a fun time!
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I am wearing a burgundy and black striped skirt and a black blouse. And tights, but I'll probably still be freezing because I forgot to bring a jacket to work.
posted by Superplin at 5:51 PM on October 30, 2013

Ok. We are on the way and will be there c 6:40.
posted by nat at 6:22 PM on October 30, 2013

I am here and paying way too much attention to people's skirts.
posted by Weeping_angel at 6:42 PM on October 30, 2013

Are you inside or outside? I can't find you!
posted by Superplin at 6:46 PM on October 30, 2013

Yay for meetups! Glad we all found each other eventually!
posted by nat at 9:35 AM on October 31, 2013

Yes, it was super fun. We really need to make this a regular thing.
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