Eugene, Oregon at Falling Sky, 6ish, on the 25th
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Fri October 25 at 6:00 PM, Falling Sky Deli
790 Blair Boulevard, Eugene, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm going to be in Eugene for a philosophy conference and I have a couple of free nights that I'd love to spend with any available mefites. I'll have a rental car so I can travel, within reason. Anybody interested in sharing a meal or beverage with a Pennsylvanian mefite?
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ohmygosh, a Eugene meetup!

Very very tenative maybe on behalf of myself and my husband. We'd also have a one year old in tow. Good in public and excellent at mealtimes, for a baby, but still.
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Love kids. Even the not-so-good-in-public ones. I have a daughter with autism so I'm about as tolerant as they come.

Since this is my first visit to Eugene, I open to all suggestions for venue.
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Assuming I'm in town, I'd be down to chill for a little bit.

I'd suggest Falling Sky or Bierstein but I also have no idea how a one year old would deal with either of those places.

Also there's a good chance I'll forget about this. Please MeMail me if it's looking like that's happened.
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As it turns out, I'll be back in Eugene for the weekend on the 25th.
Any preferences as far as food or beverage style goes?

Bier Stein does well on both the food and beer front, if that's your drink of choice.
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I love beer AND food so that sounds pretty good. I checked out Bier Stein's site and the beer aspect is pretty enticing. As long as it's not too loud on a Friday. Falling Sky looks pretty good, too. Does Bier Stein only do sandwiches?
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Going to have to bow out of this one, so don't worry about the baby. Sorry! Maybe next time. :)
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Pretty much. They also have salads, soups, and appetizers, but no real other food to speak of.

If you're more into bourbon and whiskey, there's Meji. Cornucopia will have a few good beer on draft, along with a small bottle shop and good restaurant. If for whatever reason Bier Stein doesn't sound good, 16 Tons Cafe generally has a great beer selection, and you can get a pizza next door from Pegasus. Hot Mamas Wings is good if you're more into meat.

Just a few more options. We apparently have pretty good Thai food, but I'm not super familiar with which places are good and which aren't. If you have something in mind, lemme know and I can ask around. To give a rough idea, beers at all these places are going to be about $4, meals in the order $10.
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Has anyone been to Falling Sky? Any good? Cornucopia also sounds good. Let's say Friday, the 25th, and either Beer Stein, Cornucopia, or Falling Sky. We'll determine that by tomorrow night.
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I've been to all of the places I listed. Falling sky has good beer and good food. The food portion sizes are kinda small for the price, but not awful. The beer there is all brewed in house and is quite good where as the others have beer from all over.

If we decide on Cornucopia it's important to remember there are two. I'd suggest the one on 17th and Lincoln over the one downtown. If we decide on Falling Sky, again there are two locations -- I'm more familiar with the one around 13th, but Im pretty confident the other is decent.
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I just got back into the country. I have been waiting for a Eugene meetup, so count me in. And possibly Mrs. DanF also!
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And Falling Sky at 8th and Monroe would be great, then we could cross the street to Sweet Life for some varsity-level pastries.
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Falling Sky at 6 or later on Friday the 25th. I'm posting it. And yeah, count me in for pastries.
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The 8th and Monroe Falling Sky?
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I can't find it on Google there? Can you give me a better address? Couldn't find that on their site either.
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You posted the Falling Sky that is not near the bakery. Here is the location of the other one.

But I will show up to either one!
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Thank you. I look forward to meeting you. It seems like there is a daily meetup in Portland, but this is the first one I have heard of in my little burg. . .
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Sorry, looks like I'm leaving town Wednesday. Have fun guys.
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Oh drat! I'll be up visiting Portland when there's a bona fide meetup right here in Eugene. I am sad for myself...... FWIW, Falling Sky is a great place! Good food, delicious beer. It's a little noisy inside, so if the weather's nice, as it's supposed to be, consider snagging a table outside. Have a blast, all!
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I'm going to walk from my hotel so I could be a couple of minutes late. I have a long braided ponytail and a beard and I'll be wearing my MeFi t-shirt so if any lurkers want to show up, look for #006699. Danf and I hope to see you there!
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It was small, but a lot of fun! Thanks for calling this, Toekneesan!
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Agreed. And thanks for the bonus trip to Sweet Life. A wonderful ending to a delightful evening.
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