Jim Henson's Fantastic World
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Let's go see some Muppets at the Museum of Science & Industry.
Jim Henson's Fantastic World is at the MSI until January 23rd. There's also a Christmas/Holidays of Light exhibit which looks interesting. The rest of the museum is awesome, I've been several times. This would be a great exhibit for Mefites with kids as well as Muppet fans.

The exhibit includes real Muppets, drawings, cartoons, movie props, photos, and videos. Confirmed actual Muppet puppets include Kermit, Bert & Ernie, Mahna Mahna, and Miss Piggy as dressed in the Muppets Take Manhattan.

Hands-on features include a puppet theater, create-your-own Muppet, storyboarding, and try your hand at being a Foley artist (in other words, sound effects).


The museum is open daily from 9:30am to 4pm, except that is extended until 5:30pm on a few November & December weekends here: http://msichicago.org/visit-the-museum/museum-info/#c5807

General adult admission to the museum is $15 unless you are a Chicago resident, in which case it's $13. The free admission days will likely be more crowded, but they are Oct. 4-6, Nov. 11, and Dec. 6. All of those are weekdays.

The Henson exhibit is an extra $5 for adults, $2 for children.

The only weekend I cannot do this is the weekend of Oct. 23rd.

Parking is $16 but many buses stop within a block of the museum, as well as the LSD bike path.

It's no secret that Metafilter loves Muppets, so let's go check them out! :)
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This just in: If Mefite avoision wins the contest for Month at the Museum, we can all go see him too!
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I am very interested in this, but my schedule is always impossible to work around. I hope y'all come up with a time and I can go.
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Hi Crush, are weekdays or weekends better for you?
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