California Invades London
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Sat October 26 at 3:00 PM, The Lamb
94-98 Lamb's Conduit Street, London WC1N 3LZ, UK (Map & Directions)
Asterix and I will be in London in a couple weeks, and as it happens special-k will also be there. So meetup!!
UPDATE: We settled on the afternoon of Saturday the 26th at The Lamb in Bloomsbury. I'm putting down 3pm as the time but if people want to meet earlier just say so and I can change it.

We're free anytime between the 24th and 28th, but I'm not sure of special-k's schedule. I'm guessing the weekend will work best for most people so maybe the 25th or 26th? Pub? Food? Try to explain cryptic crosswords to me again? Daytime thing? We're open.
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26th or 27th (Sat/Sun) is best for me. Friday nights are difficult to make if people are coming in from the surrounding area, like Oxford or Cambridge. I think afternoon-ish on the weekends is also best, if we can find a pub that isn't overrun by people cheering for football. Should we try aiming for the same spot that was suggested last time?
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Gonna try my super duper best to make this!
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Friday or weekend night works for me. Would be nice to meet some fellow mefites.
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Omg! I will be in London from 22-28, traveling by myself. I will be thrilled to attend a meetup. :)
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Sounds fun! I haven't been to a meetup in a while and could make it this time.
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Yeah, I could probably do that.
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May I suggest an afternoon meetup at The Lamb on Lamb's Conduit Street. It's a fabulous old pub, and does food. I've been there on weekends and it's been fairly quiet. Food is traditional British pub food, but if people don't fancy that, the Best Fish & Chip Shop In London IMHO (The Fryer's Delight) is five minutes away.

Either Saturday or Sunday should work, although The Fryer's Delight isn't open on Sundays.
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Seconding The Lamb.
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Fourthing the Lamb since it happens to be right around the corner from my flat. I'd prefer an afternoon.
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What ^they^ all said.
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Awesome! Can we pretty please lock down a date for this soon…I'd like to buy my train ticket asap (before I can't afford to).
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Ok. The Lamb sounds like a go! Should we say the afternoon of the 26th? Around 3? Or is earlier in the afternoon better?
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P.S. Sorry for the delay in locking this down. Paris is full of distracting bread and cheese. And wine. And falafel. Oh and you know, art and stuff.
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I'm comfortable with the 26th, any time after 1400 or so.
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I'm there 22 - 28. I won't be free till later in the evening on the 26th so I hope you stay well past 3pm.
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(train ticket purchased and I will be there!)
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Looking forward to it!
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I'm crying. A last-minute business trip will take me to London but I get there a week after this.

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Bleh. My meeting (whole purpose of trip) runs from Fri night to Sunday afternoon. Looks like there are many events planned Sat evening, including a session I'm chairing followed by a party at the conference. Will have to figure out how to escape and make it over. So yeah, definitely stay well past 3pm so I can do the work thing and come over later.
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I am totally coming to this.
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On the plus side I'll be 15 minutes away from the pub.
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i am going to try t be there. I owe essexjan at least a few drinks for looking after me at the last lndon meet-up. :)
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So yeah, definitely stay well past 3pm so I can do the work thing and come over later.

I am confident we can do this.
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Is this happening, and are you likely to move on before 1745, say? (Those of you who have yet to meet me, or even those of you who have already met me, but not with this precise haircut, should take this as a hint to stick around at least that long).
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I have been up all night with a horrible cough/headcold. Words cannot express how much I was looking forward to this meetup and how gutted I am to be missing out.
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Aw, sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon!
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Awww, Kim, are you not coming? The spare bedroom is all ready for you!
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I know. I am so devastated. Ugh. But I'm really a snotty mess, with an unignorable hacking cough. It's so unfortunate!
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Feel better soon, Kim!
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Get well soon!
Will be there with beardless approx 3.30.
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I'm here, unsure where the group is.
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I'm heading into town. There are no Tubes on my line today so I'm having to take a fairly convoluted route via the overground, but I should be with you some time after 4pm.
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I'm in a grey sweater sitting near the bar. Anyone that gets here please flag me down so I don't get too pre sloshed on these lovely pints. :)
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I should be there at about 3:30. Wearing a MeFi pin in case anyone is still lost by then.
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I'm afraid I'm going to have to give this a miss after all - I woke up with a headache that has refused to lift. So sorry to miss you all - have fun!
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Aargh, forgot about this! Might pop in around 4:30 if you're still there.
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We'll be there, TE.
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For those thinking of coming later we are very much still here with no signs of movement.
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What grapesaresour said! Still going...
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Still here. This is s great meetup.
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Ok. Now we've left. Thanks for coming out everyone! It was great to meet you.
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Great meetup :) Thanks, everyone!
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Really nice meetup! Pleasure to see all of you who I've met before, and to meet those who I hadn't.

Also got to see some quite colorful characters on their way to Halloween parties on the tube!
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Lovely to see all of you!
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