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Sun October 20 at 3:00 PM, Jeather's place -- memail her for directions
Station Lionel-Groulx, Montreal, QC H4C, Canada (Map & Directions)
After the rousing and (for some) humiliating success of last month's gaming meet-up, we're doing games at Jeather's place on Sunday, October 20 at 3pm. Memail jeather for details on how to get there. All are welcome!
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I'm in! I have 3 flavours of Trivial Pursuit to contribute. 18-22 are good dates for me.
posted by snorkmaiden at 8:11 PM on October 6, 2013

Shepherd and I could definitely do a weekend date, but given where we are, we can't come into the city during the week.
posted by Kitteh at 5:45 AM on October 7, 2013

Weekend is fine for me. I could probably host, but last time I tried that we had a record-setting snowstorm, so maybe not worth the risk?
posted by jeather at 8:44 AM on October 7, 2013

Okay, how do others feel about weekend dates? I'm booked Friday (Oct 18) but I could do Saturday (Oct 19) or Sunday (Oct 20). Thoughts?

Anybody have any other games? I don't have any myself, but I could ask around.
posted by vecchio at 2:54 PM on October 7, 2013

I don't think I can do the 19, but the 20th is probably ok.
posted by vasi at 4:20 PM on October 7, 2013

I own a lot of games.
posted by jeather at 5:49 PM on October 7, 2013

Approaching possible consensus? Sunday, October 20? Jeather, would you mind hosting, and we can take our chances with the snow?
posted by vecchio at 6:43 AM on October 8, 2013

I'll host, people should memail me for a phone number and address if they don't have it. Location should be set as the Lionel-Groulx metro.

I have cats, and I would recommend people bring drinks because I only have water and, sometimes, milk.
posted by jeather at 8:12 AM on October 8, 2013

Sounds good, thanks. So officially? Sunday, October 20. Chez Jeather -- memail her for contact deets. How's 6pm?
posted by vecchio at 5:41 AM on October 9, 2013

I'd think that maybe afternoon makes more sense, but let's see what other people say?
posted by jeather at 9:30 AM on October 9, 2013

Afternoon would be fine for me.
posted by snorkmaiden at 8:25 PM on October 9, 2013

We're down but we can only do afternoon. We have to drive back to the Back of Beyond afterwards, don'tchaknow.
posted by Kitteh at 7:14 AM on October 10, 2013

I'd love to show up for games night, whenever.
posted by L'Estrange Fruit at 11:00 AM on October 10, 2013

Oh, and I have a friend who is a game designer and has maybe every interesting table game you can think of and more besides... so if there are any requests, I can see about borrowing.
posted by L'Estrange Fruit at 11:04 AM on October 10, 2013

im in but only if we play trivia pursuit
posted by PinkMoose at 10:24 PM on October 10, 2013

Sorry, yet again, stupid things have reared their head up and we can't. Boooooo.
posted by Kitteh at 6:51 AM on October 12, 2013

Okay -- so afternoon is actually better for me too. I'll create the event for 3pm. If we need to adjust we can.

Also, I refuse to play Trivia Pursuit against PinkMoose since I've only just reconstructed my self-esteem after Pub Trivia last year.
posted by vecchio at 12:52 PM on October 12, 2013

A good defeat in Trivial Pursuit is good for the soul; it keeps you humble. I'll bring it along just in case, 'cause it's also good for odd group numbers.
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