Dallas? Hell yes!
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Sun October 13 at 12:30 PM, The Meddlesome Moth
1621 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
I am flying into DFW for business, and have roughly 4ish hours to burn before moseying on to my final destination...
I am landing at 11:30 AM , and need to leave around 4 - 5 pm. I thought a good use of some of that time might be brunch/lunch and drinks with some other Mefites in the area.

The last time I passed through Dallas I stayed near the Meddlesome Moth, which I wanted to check out but didn't get a chance. I am definitely open to other suggestions though.
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I am totally down for some fancy midday Sunday brunch/drinking
posted by grandsham at 2:34 PM on October 4, 2013 [1 favorite]

Awesome. Is the Moth any good? Since the Cowboys game isn't until late, I figured it wouldn't be too too crowded. It seems not so much of a sports bar anyway.
posted by Fig at 4:14 PM on October 4, 2013

I've been there once but I had didn't feel well at the time and didn't stay long. I remember it being a nice place though, and no, not sports-oriented.
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I don't think it is really possible for a bar to be less sports-oriented than the Meddlesome Moth. It is definitely all about trendy/interesting food and lots of fancy beers/cocktails.

I've been their for dinner once, and really liked it, but I like trying weird things at restaurants. That said, their brunch and lunch menus are more tame than their dinner menu, while still having some adventurous options. So lots of fun for everyone.
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Perfect, thanks! See you guys there Sunday!
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My flight is delayed (looks like 1.5 hrs, could be longer). I'm still planning on heading over when I get in. I'll post again once I land at DFW w an updated time.
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Um, we are getting off our plane now... No idea if the flight will be cancelled or what. Booooo.
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All right - we are back on the plane, I should be arriving there by 230ish? Will still head over to the meddlesome moth regardless if anyone is there or not. I could certainly use a drink after all of this.
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I am still game. Post here when you are on your way over, and I will head that way as well.
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All right - I am in a rental car , and am heading over now.
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Ok - I'm here, at a table. Short hair, nose ring, facing door, about 3 tables back.
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I am SO SORRY. :((( I thought this was happening this coming weekend. No no no no.
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Oh no, that stinks! I'm sorry :(
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