den Haag meetup?
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Fri November 22 at 7:00 PM, De Boterwaag
Grote Markt 8A, 2511 BG The Hague, The Netherlands (Map & Directions)
I will, as previously threatened, be visiting the Netherlands - specifically, I'll be in the Hague studying your fine language for two weeks from 18-29 November.
Hoe gaat het met je? Met mij, gaat het goed. Now, just take twice as long as you normally take to say and understand those sentences, and it's like we've met already.

I would love to take advantage of the opportunity to meet up with MeFites of the Dutch-location persuasion, and share the wisdom of tiny beers with compatriots. All I need to make this plan happen are MeFites who want to drink a pint or six and are willing to tolerate a newbie's butchering of your fine mother tongue and demands that you please explain "gezelligheid."

Any takers?
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Too far out for me to say yet, but any idea where you might be, geographically?
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The place where I'll be studying is Direct Dutch, at Laan van Nieuw Oost-indiƫ 275, which is in Bezuidenhout-Midden, a short hike from den Haag Centraal or den Haag HS, it looks like. I haven't picked a hotel yet because I am Captain Indecisive, but I'm likely to be staying somewhere between there and Koningsplein, I think.
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And, oh! I just realized that I mistakenly wrote December instead of November in the original post. Not that it probably makes much difference, being still 2+ months out, but still. November. Late November. :)
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Depends on when exactly. I just might be in the vicinity because of work.
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Well, within that time frame, I'm at y'all's disposal. I do have some friends in the Hague who I'll be visiting (but that should be pretty flexible), and maybe squeak in a quick trip to see some friends in Amsterdam, but all my weeknights after class are definitely open at this point.

Just to throw out an entirely-Internet-researched idea to start -- Friday 22nd Nov at Kompaan Bier or de Boterwaag?
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Also this place: Rootz

Which has an excellent beer selection, good food, great location, and nice atmosphere. Liz and I usually go there when we're in Den Haag for some reason.
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I'll need to be preparing for a Thanksgiving day dinner I just volunteered to host
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Two weeks of dutch lessons!? Good grief. It took me five years and I'm still only just scratching the surface :D

Won't be able to make it up this weekend, but you're always welcome here in Ghent if you feel like making the trip down!
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Yeah, don't think I'll make it either.

Though I've started talking to people about doing a repeat of last year's road trip to Ghent and Westvleteren...
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I would be particularly down for that, especially with my new found immunity to at least last year's strain of norovirus.
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How many strains should we be worried about?

And how many bottles of Westvleteren do you think it would take to be immune to the worry?

(PS: Sign me up for a return trip! I'm heading back to Australia in March, so anytime before then I'll have my car and some couch space!)
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Ok... so, any yesses then? :)
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