Taters Trivia Triumph Celebration
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Sat October 26 at 1:00 PM, Lanes & Games
195 Concord Turnpike, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey guys! We won $300 cash money in the Geek Elite trivia tournament. So this is the thread where we figure out what to do with our winnings.
We could use the money to simply pay for food/beverages at a bar/restaurant of our choice (but please, not Tommy Doyle's), or use it to rent a space where we bring our own food/beverages, etc. Or we could do something else?

As far as when - I propose the event should be on a weekend, so we can maximize participation. Maybe the first or second weekend in October?

What say you all?

(I put Cambridge in the location but obviously we have the whole Boston metro area at our disposal, though I think we should stick with places that are public transport-accessible).
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We could go to Amsterdam Falafelshop or Saus and get three hundred bucks' worth of french fries.
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Falafelshop has some amazing fries. That's a lot better than the first thing I thought of.
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What about renting that little theater next to the Museum of Bad Art in the basement of Somerville Theater? It's BYO liquor and snacks, and fun! Besides, I missed HR's birthday party there a couple years ago. That said, I couldn't find the price on their website, so I dunno if it's out of range.

...and ignignokt's first thought iiiis pretty temptiiiing...

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I'd absolutely love to do the Somerville Theater thing again. I sent the manager an email to check on whether that's a possibility and I'll report back.
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Shrimp stroganoff, corn, peas, mozzarella and cream cheese

I guess that's the "freak" part of PotatoFreak.

I've never been to Saus but omgpoutine. Can we get $300 worth of poutine?
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Shrimp stroganoff, corn, peas, mozzarella and cream cheese

This sounds like the opening to Are You Being Served? and I am unanimous in that.
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Can we get $300 worth of poutine?

$5.00 for poutine, $295 for the angioplasty.
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Report on Somerville Theater: The manager says they do still rent out the microtheater, but it's a slightly different deal than when I did it. It's $50 an hour for a weeknight, or $100/hour for a weekend (i.e. Fri-Sun.) and he said that weekends in October were already booked. He did have two Monday nights in October free if we wanted to revert to our regular trivia slot--we could presumably do something like 6-10 and still have $100 left over for beer and food. One of the open days is Columbus Day, the 14th, which I happen to have off, but I don't know how general that is.
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I'm thinking now that it sounds like we could do better than the Somerville Theater... if we have $300, we can make that last a lazy weekend afternoon-into-evening somewhere where we could also talk about nerdy stuff.

...which made me suddenly think of Lanes & Games (they have a full bar!! and candlepin AND big-ball bowling!), and maybe dinner at Summer Shack around the corner (which I've never been to in spite of having lived around here for 20+ years).
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Lanes & Games also has, like, a million pinball tables (ok, more like 8 or so, but still!) including the BEST PINBALL TABLE EVER, The Addams Family!

What I'm trying to say is three hundred dollars is a lot of quarters.

(The food at the bowling alley predictably sucks. Summer Shack is good but on the pricier side. I think the only other dining option in that immediate area is the Bertucci's in the Alewife T station.)
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Well, they claim to have air hockey at Lanes & Games, so I'm sold.

I think we went to Summer Shack once, and I remember it as unwhelming, but that was also probably like 6 or so years ago, so who knows, maybe they've gotten better. There are a few more food options further down by Fresh Pond, including Genki Ya sushi (in the Trader Joes shopping center). Genki Ya is not cheap, though. There is also a Chipotle there.
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Oh god please not Bertucci's. Summer Shack was OK.

Ma Magoo's is also around the corner and has great trashy food, but I don't know if they seat all that many people. If it was lighter out, we could grab some and take it to Fresh Pond.

Lanes and Games sounds great. I like the spectacle of pinball, and air hockey is good times. And maybe it's worth eating bowling alley food to not have to go to a second location?

And I'm cool with the theater thing, too, even if we have to do it on a weeknight.
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I've been wanting to try candlepin bowling - Sounds fun!
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Ma Magoo's honey mustard chicken finger sandwich is the best of all possible foods. I don't think it's feasible for us to get there from Lanes & Games, but I mention this as a public service announcement.
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Regent and Capitol Theaters in Arlington also rent out the house. Don't know what the pricing is like.
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I like the idea of bowling. I've passed Lanes and Games enough times that I'm curious to see what it's like inside.
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The Capitol Theatre is owned by the same people as Somerville, and it appears the prices are the same.

It doesn't look from their website that the Regent has a separate, smaller theater. Renting out the whole space seems like it might be cost-prohibitive, and probably overkill for the number of people?
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Wow, if we're talking about the Capitol Theatre, I have no excuse not to walk up the street and meet you lovely people. (Been meaning to come to trivia night...)
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Speaking from a position of nigh-total ignorance, all the options given so far sound good to me. I'd like to go bowling.
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Alright, fine I will make a formal proposition. How about Lanes & Games on Saturday October 12? We can either suck it up and eat there, or go somewhere else after for dinner? Do people prefer an afternoon or evening engagement?
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Oct 12 looks good to me. Afternoon is probably better. If then, you should see see if we need a reservation, as they may have leagues or birthday parties on Saturday afternoons, and we don't wanna get there and be like, "What? No lanes?"
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I could do the 12th. Afternoon would be best. That way, I wouldn't be going home later at night.
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Ma Magoo's delivers, by the way; we could ask the management at Lanes & Games if we can bring in outside food. (I can't remember their policy, since it's been at least a decade since I've attended a birthday party there.) But Ma Magoo's has the best haddock sub. Just sayin'.

That sayin' said, I don't feel the need to grab the wheel and steer the bus, so if someone else comes up with a better idea for feeding time, speak up or forever hold the mayo and pickles.
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Ah, just called Lanes and Games. They, in fact, do not allow outside food.
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maryr says that she's out of town on the twelfth.
I may also go out of town that weekend.
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Ok so at trivia tonight we determined that the weekend of the 12th and the weekend after that were both bad. So we are now looking at the afternoon of October 26. Currently consensus is just to spend the cash picking up everyone's tab at Lanes & Games, and then if people want to go out for real food after, then that will be on your own.

If you like this option, please say yea, and I will change this to confirmed.
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I am commenting on this thread.
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PS: Thank you martinX, yes, the 26th would be better for me at the least.
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That option for the 26th sounds good to me. Yea.
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And we can wear our Halloween costumes! I will dress up as a geek who drinks.

Which is to say I can make it.
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I may possibly be able to make the 26th, if this here shindig is open to occasional Tater team members who haven't gone in over a year.

I will also meet not_on_display for a haddock sub any time because I have never heard the term "haddock sub" until now but it seems like the sort of thing I should already have been aware of.
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Would definitely bowl in my Halloween costume. Which reminds me, I should order it.
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I may possibly be able to make the 26th, if this here shindig is open to occasional Tater team members who haven't gone in over a year.

Yes definitely! All regular, occasional, irregular, and wannabe Taters should feel welcome to attend.
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I'll be there, possibly Andi too
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Hearing no further discussion, I am changing this to confirmed for the 26th.
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Made a reservation today at Lanes & Games for 10/26, so we're in people!
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I'm a super wannabe and I will aspire to this meetup!
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Looking forward to seeing y'all on Saturday. Will the Lanes & Games people yell at us if I bring cookies or something?
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My brother will drop me off at Oak Grove that morning so I can get into town. I may arrive a little early or a little late, but not likely on time.
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Family obligations are making it more and more unlikely that I'll be able to attend. Bah! Stupid loved ones.

Have fun, all.
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Will the Lanes & Games people yell at us if I bring cookies or something?

That would be crazy unreasonable of them. We would have to march right out and, I dunno, picket if they did that.
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I will totally be there tomorrow.
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Turns out I should be able to make it to this after all.
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Oh yeah, reminder for anyone on the other side of the river, Red Line is bussing over the Longfellow this weekend.
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So Horace and I are here. Our reservation is for upstairs, so that's where you should go when you get here. Currently Horace is at the door with his MeFi shirt on.
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I'll be a bit late.
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Ok we just moved downstairs to play candlepin at of 2:20pm. We're in lanes 1 and 2.
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Well, that was totally awesome. Thanks, all!
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Good to meet all of you.
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Well, now I'm home with nothing to do after an afternoon of fun and good company, so thanks for ruining my Saturday evening by comparison, guys.

I had a blast. Excellent use of our prize money, I think.
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Yay! I'm glad everybody had so much fun. So like, what other contests can we win?

Also - don't forget to post your pictures!
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Yeah, that was great! Thanks for setting that up!

The only pic I have is of the domed hockey foosball table, which I discovered is way more fun than regular foosball because of the rotating guys' ability to send the puck in any direction. Also, apparently jpdoane is good at every activity available at the place.

My only regret is that they turned down the sound so that we couldn't hear the national anthem.
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London recognises the trivia skills of Mefites across the pond - congrats!
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OMG I took such a long nap when I got home. Y'all tuckered me out. Thanks!!
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It was great fun - Thanks for setting this up, Horace and Discourse (and for leading us to trivia victory)!
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I really enjoyed it! Then I was super tired for the rest of the weekend. Is bowling really that exhausting? Or was it the Metallica pinball?
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Yeah, I was super tired afterward myself. Should probably do exercises to help me lift and throw bowling balls.
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Extra carbon monooxide in Lanes & Games? I also slept a lot. I would like to think that I am not so out of shape that bowling exhausts me.
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I would like to think so, too, but given that I haven't been in shape -
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I had a blast-thanks for organizing Horace and DiscourseMarker.

As a former day drinking champ, I'd like to point out that sobering up, even after only one or two drinks, is surprisingly tiring. You don't notice if you usually only drink right before bed. The key, obviously, is to keep drinking until bedtime.
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Hmm. That may well explain my trouble.
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I'm not as tired as you drunk I am.
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Hello, lovely Boston meetup peeps. i had a lot of fun at this meetup. I have a bit of a soft spot for pool, so I posted another event to see if anyone would be interested in that. Y'all were fun, so I thought I'd send out the bat signal in this old thread to see if anybody would be down for that. Cheers.
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