Southeastern Oregon campout!!
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We're shooting for the Steens Mountain area next Memorial Day weekend, May 23-26, which means we'll be in a prime viewing time/place for this spectacular celestial event. We'll also likely visit a hot spring in the area at some point.
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I might be interested, if I could bring my spouse and child with me. The child will be 3.5 years old next summer. I would probably also have to bring my mellow, well-behaved dog. (I can't remark on the mellowness or behavior of the kid, since next summer is like eons from now developmentally, but at 2.75 he is happy and friendly and people generally like him if they like kids at all.)
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By the way, I'm not suggesting this as instead of a beach trip meetup, but in addition to.
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I could maybe see doing this, and might even convince mr hippybear to join me for it.

SE Oregon is an astounding place for star field viewing. There is basically NO light pollution, and I remember driving through the SE area of Oregon at night about a decade ago and having to pull the car over and stand in deep awe at the night sky.

It might be worthwhile to do this in August during the Leonid shower. Or perhaps in late May during this potential event.
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Oh wow, that sounds amazing! You've got my vote.
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I have a vaguely stated interest in this is as well!
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Yes, I have an interest- and I second the Steens Mountain idea. From my faint memory, the roads are a little rougher out there (lots of gravel roads with washboarding, which makes drives take a little longer than expected and rattles your bones), gas stations are a little further away, and depending on where you drive for daytrips, it may be important to haul your own clean water. It's a desert, so it's warm by day and really quite cold at night. And very very quiet and beautiful.

The other locations sound fun too- I'm not stuck on the Steens.

I have no problems with kids, dogs, or spouses at this potential meetup!
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I'm definitely game for the house-renting version of this stargazing plan. Camping, maybe.
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I have a general interest in the concept.
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I didn't make it to the Mt. Hood thing recently, but since both Southern and Eastern (not just southeast) Oregon have been mentioned, and if folks aren't burnt out on lake camping, y'all should check out my favorite camping spot in Southern Oregon: Squaw Lakes (not to be confused with Squaw Lake, also in the same-ish area. It's walk-in only (park at the gate and either walk/bike your stuff in, or pay $5 to get a ride with it on a 4-wheeler w/trailer), paddle boats only, 19 sites total between the two lakes (which are separated by a 1 mile hike), rope swings, lots of room between most of the sites, and two "group" sites for meet-ups. It's super quiet and ideal for floating/swimming. Here's an info page.
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I have always wanted to camp out where it is dark dark dark and check out the stars.
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Another possibility that for some reason just now occurred to me is a combined Washington/Oregon Mefites meetup somewhere in between/to the east of, say, Seattle and Portland.
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Greg_Ace: Another possibility that for some reason just now occurred to me is a combined Washington/Oregon Mefites meetup somewhere in between/to the east of, say, Seattle and Portland.

So, you're suggesting a mass raiding party to lay claim to an entire campground?
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Definitely I am down for another campout farther away.
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a mass raiding party

Meh, sounds like work. It's supposed to be vacation, yknow? I'd rather just hang out and drink beer. But hey, if you're feeling energetic, don't let me stop you. Still, easy on the pillaging, please - too much firelight could disrupt the stargazing!
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nick, are you trying to tell us you want to LARP?

i'll bring my bat'leth
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If we are LARPing, I get to bring my tail and be my furry wolf, Ergon.
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And I'll be a noble gasbag, Argon! I'll stand to one side and decline to react.
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nick, are you trying to tell us you want to LARP?

Sure, but can we do a convergence of Vikings and Cyberpunk?
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Being a viking is roleplaying? Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
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If that's your "Berserker" look, it might be time to roleplay a little more vigorously.
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In all honesty, I've never larped a LARP in my life. I doubt I could suspend my disbelief long enough to act a character.
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I'm still sad I had to cancel out of the recent camping adventure at the last minute, so it would be great to have something next year to plan toward. One possibility that's roughly equidistant from Seattle and Portland is Cape Disappointment State Park. I've never camped there but have visited, and it's really beautiful. (Plus, next to the ocean, which would lend a bit more versimilitude to any Viking and/or pirate LARP-ing.)
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In all honesty, I've never larped a LARP in my life. I doubt I could suspend my disbelief long enough to act a character.

It doesn't look that difficult....
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Cape Disappointment would be great- I love Long Beach.
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My vote is for somewhere that is hot and cloudless for night time stargazing. Some place with or near hot springs would be cool too.

I'm okay with larping as long as the soundtrack is Red Fang.
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I will say, if this ends up being coastal, I likely won't be there. Just my personal preference.
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Personally, I've explored the coast but not the eastern portion of the state, so "inland" would be my first preference.
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I propose the Blue Mountains or Wallawa Lake or some place along the Upper Columbia in July.
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My vote's for Wallowa Lake as well - but based on Weather Underground's historical records for that area, a better time would be mid-June. Once July rolls around the highs start creeping into the upper 80s/lower 90s, and camping loses all its charm for me at that point. Same goes for pretty much anywhere in far eastern Oregon, really.
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I was thinking about this earlier and we could also try the Ochocos and John Day Fossil Monument. There's a state park with teepees near there. Clyde Holiday State Park.
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Oh yes, I would love to go to the John Day Fossil beds. I'm planning to do this next year whether it's with metafilter or not! If I remember right (government shutdown), there's some ranger-lead tours that start early enough in the day that it would make sense to camp a night and get up in the morning and head over for the tour.
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That does sound like fun, though I'd still want to explore the further parts of Oregon as well (and let's not forget the as-yet-unrealized beach trip, too...). Are you guys interested in both the fossil beds AND somewhere else in eastern OR? Or would that be too much to attempt all in one non-rainy season?
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Here's an idea- once I figure out about when next year I'm thinking of going to the fossil beds, I could post it as its own separate meetup- even if nobody else is interested or if the dates don't work out, cortex and I would just go on our own. So yeah, I don't think that has to be the "official" camping meetup. That's more of a "destination" camping trip.
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One thing to watch out for is the hoard of BMW riders at the Chief Joseph rally in mid-June in John Day. They tend to fill up hotels. I think camping might be less affected since the rally has camping at the fairgrounds there.

it might be nice to have a family friendly campout and an adults-only campout. I really enjoyed our previous trip because I only had to take care of myself. (but I do like camping with my kid too.)
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I'm not a parent, so I probably don't get it- but what were we doing that was not family friendly last time? Seems like it would have been more family friendly if people had brought their kids (so kids had other kids to hang with, not just boring adults) or more parents had attended?
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oh no. it wasn't that it would have been bad for kids, just that I enjoyed not having to wrangle my own kid! And I assume other parents might like a kid-free camping trip too.

(also, if people bring kids, like rabbitrabbit, I and can bring mine and force her to babysit! bwa ha ha ha ha!!!)
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Okay, so, before this thread loses too much momentum, here's my conclusions so far:

1) John Day Fossil Beds and a beach/beach-house trip are both separate from whatever this might end up being.

2) Hippybear's comment regarding late-May stargazing combined with Vespabelle's mention of hot springs makes Steens Mountain look like a very good possibility.

3) On the other hand, Wallowa Lake looks gorgeous too. And nothing precludes stargazing there, though the nearest hot spring is about a 2.5 hour drive. Maybe we could plan yet another separate camping trip there.

4) On the other other hand, SW Oregon is still an attractive possibility as well.

5) I haven't heard any protests against bringing kids, so that doesn't seem to be a problem.

Let's come to some sort of conclusion, and then I can start more concrete planning and update the date/location appropriately.
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Well, personally, I'm WAY more likely to make it to SE Oregon than SW Oregon, just because of travel time for me. In any case, I will look at what the finalized event is and try to make my life fit it accordingly.

Frankly, I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend than camping out with MeFites. Sounds like a fukin' blast!
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Just name the place and date and I'll be there, probably with kid and spouse (and dog?).
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Okay, I'm going to look into camping options in the Steens Mountain area for the weekend of May 23-25, with an eye toward dog- and kid-friendliness. If anyone objects, speak now!
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I'll also non-committally look into Wallowa Lake St. Park for after the bulk of the summer heat has dissipated - possibly late August or early September.
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Greg_Ace, is that that Memorial Day weekend?
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Oh, um...yeah. That could be a problem, huh? The reason I picked that weekend is because of the meteor shower event hippybear mentioned. We can still go there, just maybe a different weekend and miss the celestial event.

I'll add that I don't necessarily mind doing it that weekend, but I understand it could be a schedule conflict for some.
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I'm penciling it in on my calendar!
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Well, there's two votes (counting mine) for Memorial Day weekend; who else has an opinion yea or nay?
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I'm fine with Memorial Day weekend. That's our 16th wedding anniversary, so it would be a special fun thing to do for that.
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Just consulted with mr hippybear, he got all enthusiastic and thumbs-up about it. So... yeah, that sounds like a good weekend and a good location.
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Okeydokey then, since a total of 10 people have responded either "yes" or "maybe", that's 50% in favor of Steens Mountain area on Memorial Day weekend and none against. It looks like it'll be roughly a 7.5-hour trip for hippybear & co., and 6-7 hours for the Portland-area folks.

I'm going to start looking into available campgrounds for the weekend leading up to Memorial Day (Monday) May 24-26; maybe even including Friday the 23rd in case anyone wants to take that day off as well - which I very well may do (any excuse to take time off...). I'll update this thread with more info in the next week or so.

BE PREPARED - Based on the area's weather history according to Weather Underground, the end of May tends to see lower 50's during the day and upper 30's at night - *possibly* even a bit of rain or snow. If this will be a deal-breaker, now's the time to speak up and lobby for a later date...which will of course mean we'd miss the meteor shower, which could also be a deal-breaker.

I don't want to discourage anyone, and I know from experience that it's absolutely possible to enjoy camping in cooler weather if you're properly prepared - dressing in layers, wool/silk or modern low-temp fabrics, keeping hands/feet/head covered, staying dry, sleeping on air mattresses to help insulate against cold ground, plenty of firewood, hot food and beverages, etc. And don't forget hot springs in the neighborhood....

Excitement and adventure and really wild things! Woo!
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Hm. Yeah, I have a hard enough time sleeping in a tent when I'm not also freezing. I would be more likely to attend during nice weather.
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Honestly, I think this is something that the Steens Mountain area is prone to. It is a desert- sunny during the day, freezing cold at night. I camped there once years ago, and it was a nice 60-70s during the day and really very cold at night- like wear a sweater in your sleeping bag cold. But the next morning was just beautiful, crisp, cool, clear, and completely quiet.

I'm ok with moving the date later if it looks like it would be warmer at night- I suspect the stars are going to be amazing there even if there's nothing special going on in the sky.
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The weather is the reason I suggested mid-July instead. Anytime of year without cloud cover is good for visual astronomy but camping demands special weather. Rain and snow does not make me a happy camper.

See what I did there?
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But by late June and continuing through mid September, that area's getting highs in the upper 80's and 90's (with some 100's sprinkled in) during the day, and at that point my opinion is screw camping and let's go find some AC and beers. And it still gets cold at night anyway. (I'm using this Weather Underground tool to see historical weather data for a town near Steens Mountain)

My thinking now is: I'll go ahead and plan this trip for May 24-26, someone else who prefers warmer weather can plan a campout somewhere else later in the summer, and people can decide which one they'd rather go to.
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Drat, I have a Work Thing in Bend over Memorial Day weekend so I can't make it anyway. Boo! If we have another camping thing next summer I will totally be in though.
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I hate planning so I've been letting you guys decide and I'll just show up wherever with my pants and hatchet.
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Also this time I'm bringing the melodica.

It is a real instrument.
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