New Orleans, we would like to meet you!
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Wed September 11 at 6:00 PM, The Avenue Pub
1732 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA, USA (Map & Directions)
gingerbeer and I will be in New Orleans from Sunday September 9 until Thursday the 12th, and we would love to meet up with any or all of you New Orleans mefites on Wednesday night. We have now picked the where and the when! Well, I have, based on the excellent advice within.
I don't know where; that I will leave for you good and knowledgeable people to has out. We're staying at the Hyatt Regency.

(gingerbeer will be in windowless conference rooms for much of the daytimes, but I am on vacation, so if anyone also wants to hang out and show a n00b the fun side of your city during the days, I'm game.)
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As of right now my calendar is open for Wednesday the 11th. Typically when I don't know my group's dynamic I propose Avenue Pub because they have one of the best beer selections in town (for those inclined) and a great line of whiskey (for me and those like me) and the outside balcony is nice most times of year. However, I have transportation and can meet anywhere whenever.

Your local-to-you friends, whoever they are, have probably told you, "Oh, you just have to eat at Such-and-Such, they have the best Cajun food!" or whatever. I don't mean to speak ill of those with whom I'm not acquainted but I can tell you right now that 90% of the time they're misinformed. I'll point you towards the best guide there is - the Eater Heatmap for New Orleans. If you hit one of those places you're doing great. If you hit five then you'll go home convinced you went to heaven.

If you are unable to travel far outside of the reach of the Hyatt for lack of vehicle then your targets will be Tivoli & Lee, Peche, Kingfish ... but most importantly Cane & Table. If you're cocktail people then ask for Steve Yamada at Tivoli & Lee and Nick Detrich at Cane & Table. You absolutely will not leave disappointed.

Please enjoy our city. I know you will.
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Oh wow, rtha, I wish I could meet you and gingerbeer! Unfortunately I won't be back in the country until the 16th, so this is pretty much the worst possible timing as far as I'm concerned. As soon as I saw the notice in my MeMail, though, I immediately thought of Avenue Pub as well - it's a great spot (I used to do trivia there, because it was the easiest in town, the organizers were fun, and we always won the first prize - a $20 bar tab), and probably where I'd have offered to take you to hang out. komara's list is great, but I admit that even I haven't eaten at most of those places. If you're at A Pub and get hungry (and don't want to eat their delicious, curiously upscale pub food for whatever reason), you could easily walk to a ton of great restaurants on Magazine or take the streetcar down to the riverbend area to get barbecue at Squeal or a burger at Cowbell, or if you're motivated you could even walk through Lee Circle to the warehouse district (home of the National D-Day Museum, which is absolutely worth visiting) for Cochon or Cochon Butcher. I'm not the most knowledgeable or experienced local you'll find, but I bet among all of us we'd be able to answer any questions you come up with.

I hope you have a great time!
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Seriously, Noodle & Pie just opened and I did not have a chance to eat there before I left town, but I am SO STOKED about having an actual ramen place in the city!
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Hi! I am most likely available that night, and I second komara's recommendations. I'm also likely to be free during the day during that time, if you want an activity buddy (I'm pretty new to the city as well, so I can't really make any claims about my tour guiding abilities). Enjoy New Orleans!
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I would like to second Corinth's recommendations of Squeal, Cowbell, D-Day Museum, and Cochon. All absolutely solid.

Further recommendation's: Stein's Deli, Domilise's (for the best fried shrimp po-boy), Sylvain, Pizza Delicious, Maurepas Foods.
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Pizza Delicious yes yes yes! I wanted to eat there right before I left, but they were taking a well-deserved vacation - they only just transitioned from a pop-up restaurant to The Real Thing earlier this year, and they've been working like hell since. If you've been to New York you're probably familiar with this style of pizza executed well, but it also has an undeniably New Orleans feel and ambiance to it. You probably won't be out that way, though - but if you're are there's another great barbecue place called The Joint.

For po-boys I'll support komara and also mention that Parkway, in mid-city, while overrated and busy, is still really good and (again) has good local atmosphere. Domilise's is definitely the first place to go for po-boys, though.

Fun things you're missing, off the top of my head: New Orleans Ladies' Arm Wrestling (on the 7th, a really great LGBT-dominated event) and NOLA brewery's free tours (on Fridays).
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I am gonna need to buy some new, bigger pants when I get home, aren't I?

I decided to pick The Avenue Pub, in large part because I looked at their whiskey/bourbon/rye list and almost started to cry, and I sure wouldn't say no to some of the beers on their list that I know I can't get here at home. And they have food that both gingerbeer and I can eat (me, shellfish allergy; her, pescatarian). And they're not too far for a tipsy travel back to our hotel. Does 6 pm work for most or many? I can change it if it doesn't.

Can't wait to see your city and you people. MadamM, I'm gonna memail you my cell phone # - feel free to text me or memail me once I get to town!
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Ohhhh ... uh ... is this for dinner? I'm sorry, I just automatically assumed it was an after-dinner meetup. Not that there's not food available at Avenue Pub. I was just thinking like 9 for drinks not 6 for food. I can make either, though.
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To be fair, I do need to check with gingerbeer on her conference-y schedule, so the time might get bumped a little. Or not.
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OK, I have no excuse not to go, I live within walking distance of Avenue Pub. The folks that work there are the bizness. I'll try to stop by for a little while.
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Nibbly Fang, and I can probably make it, although we do have a history of flaking on these things.

Also we are both pretty much unemployed for next week, so if you want to come have a drink/meal/whatever in the bywater, we are pretty much free all of the time, so feel free to memail.
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Been here about an hour and am already in love.
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I have a weekly running club downtown at around that time, but I'll be sure to wave as I run past.
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Looks like I'll probably be there a few minutes after 6. As a whiskey drinker I am partial to the upstairs (where the goodest whiskies are located) but if everyone's doing beer and food then downstairs is also fine. There's a decent-size patio out back which shouldn't be too busy at that time of night, or a whole room upstairs to the right of the bar that we can take over.

If you don't end up choosing beforehand, that's cool. I look more or less like this and I'm a million feet tall so if you see me wandering around searching, holler.
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Just a heads-up note: we (gingerbeer) is herding some amount of conference-going cats for a dinner thing on Wednesday. My sense so far is that dinner will be later and the meetup time will remain at 6, but just in case: watch this space!
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I was up at Avenue Pub today after 5 and the balcony was ALL MINE!!! I highly recommend this spot for our meetup, but I'll have Smarty Phone with me to check the location in case y'all want to be elsewhere
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Avenue Pub it is -- look for us on the balcony! And we will probably be there on the early side, a little before 6, as we have dinner plans later. Looking forward to meeting some NOLA mefites.
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And in case you're wondering what we look like, check the latest post on my Flickr feed via my profile. I'll also be wearing a brown stripey shirt.
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I will be there shortly after 6!
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On the balcony are we!
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Just heading out, be there in 10 minutes or so!
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I had a really good time and it was nice to meet all of you, especially [unexpected mystery guest]. Sorry to talk so much about booze; it's a side-effect of both the job and the hobby.

rtha and gingerbeer, hope you had a good dinner and I'm glad your visit to our fair city was so rewarding.

MadamM and mostly vowels, hope to catch up with you again at the next meetup.

As for you, [unexpected mystery guest], sorry we couldn't make it last longer, and best of luck with [redacted] in the future. Hopefully we'll meet again before [redacted].
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It was lovely to meet you all!
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I'm truly sorry that was so short because I could've sat there all night with y'all. Dinner at GW Fins was excellent. Man of twists and turns, thank you so much for making the drive - it was great to meet you, and good luck at that place with the stuff. Lack of stuff, I guess, which there will be less of a lack of when you're done! See you all on our next trip and please do let us know when any of you are in the Bay Area.
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Fantastic to meet all of you, especially the mefite who drove so far! Next time we won't try to fit in multiple events in one evening and will schedule a longer meet up here.

And come visit us in San Francisco and eat our tasty food there.
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