Texas Renaissance Festival
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Sat October 16 at 12:00 PM, Texas Renaissance Festival
21778 Farm-To-Market Road 1774, Plantersville, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
Calling all Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas MeFites! Let's get together at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Group ticket pricing starts at 25 people. The weekend of October 16 & 17 works best for my family, but I'm open to other suggestions.
We're planning on coming for both Saturday and Sunday, and planning to stay somewhere locally.
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Hear ye! Hear ye! I can't wait for this! I have a big ol' mini-van or I'm happy to kick in for gas if anyone wants to carpool! Yesssssssss.
posted by jph at 7:26 AM on September 21, 2010

I'm in! Also trying to convince Pebblestx and her brood to join me on this adventure of wenches, turkey legs and barrels of ale. Let you know how that goes.
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Dammit. Texas Caver's Reunion is the same weekend.
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Plato would be amused that we are actively crawling back into caves for fun at this point.
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I'll be there the prior weekend, unfortunately. Would love to meet some of y'all though!
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I've got a bebeh shower on Saturday during the day, but that's only a few hours, so I should be up for getting together in the evening on Saturday or for Sunday.
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Okay. Looks like Oct. 16th and 17th 2010 will be our weekend. Please forward this to other Texas MeFites. Huzzah!
posted by ColdChef at 8:40 AM on September 22, 2010

We're in! If anyone is trekking in from outta town I'll happily offer a twin bed and/or a couple couches for crashing.
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Let me talk to Mr. immlass. We haven't been since we moved back. We need to be back in Austin for the Asylum Street Spankers at the Cactus Saturday night, but otherwise I think plans can be moved around.
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Sadly we are buying a house (yes, this is new data SINCE my last comment, seriously) and will not make it this year. Next year, though!
posted by immlass at 7:54 PM on October 7, 2010

Confirmed! While we don't have enough peeps to get a group discount, the ColdChef family will be making the trek to the TRF this weekend! We got a hotel room at the LaQuinta Inn in The Woodlands for Friday and Saturday nights. Our plan is to be at the Festival bright and early on Saturday, but the wee ones generally get cranky around 2 or so, so we'll cut out early on Saturday afternoon and be back for the gate opening on Sunday. We'll depart the festival around 2 or so on Sunday to make the trip back home (around six hours or so.)

Most of you have my cell number, but MeMail me if you think you're coming and I'll send you my digits so we can make the love connection somewhere on the Faire grounds. Huzzah!
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Also: the "theme" for the weekend is 1001 Dreams, so if you're going to dress up, be magical fairies.
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UPDATE: After a quick calculation of the cost of tickets for both Saturday AND Sunday (plus meals, whatnot), we've decided that Saturday will be the day we're at the Fest and not Sunday. I hope this doesn't screw up anyone's plans.
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Okie doke! Saturday, 10am- moi, my sprog & ColdChef's familia. Anyone else?!
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Had a wonderful time! It was great to see you folks this weekend!
posted by ColdChef at 8:18 PM on October 17, 2010

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