Brooklyn Pajama/Pyjama Pancake Brunch
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Sat September 28 at 11:30 AM, Mlle Valentine's House. Ask her for exact location. This is the related subway stop.
1609 Avenue H, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Hactar was bragging about how great he is at making pancakes, so I challenged him to put his silver dollar pancakes* where our mouths are.
Mlle Valentine generously offered her apartment. Being a few beers in, we were pretty sure that everyone showing up (or changing into) their (modest) sleepwear was a great idea. I suppose it still sounds pretty grand.

Interested parties should message Mlle Valentine for her exact location. Space is a concern, so sadly there's a cutoff for number of attendees.

Also, maybe it can be potluck? Fruit salad, coffee, mimosas, bacon, tofu chunks, etc.

September 28th is the opening bid. Noon?

*I don't know that they are actually silver dollar pancakes, but tough to resist from the money synonym-ness.
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("maybe" gag aside, I do support this venture!)
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I am SO in. And 9/28 would be perfect.
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Stupid question, but I'm allergic to pets. Does mlle valentine have any furry critters to be concerned about?
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My + 1 is also allergic, so nope!
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The cat's pajamas!

Sorry, I didn't know how to make it a real joke but I felt it needed to be said.

I don't believe she has pets but I am not qualified to be answering. Carry on...
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I claim my spot on the couch! The 28th works great for me, but I'd say the critical party to OK the date is Hactar as he is the star of the meet-up.
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I started writing something on my phone but then the train left the bridge and went underground. I will be there, there will be no silver dollar pancakes, there probably will be crepes and there is a small chance of waffles.

I will need to consult people about ingredients, but that can be done at a meetup before this one.
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If you're thinking about coming, please send me a memail with your regular email address. I am going to try to start an email chain to discuss logistics of who will bring what and so on.

If you don't email me, that doesn't preclude you from coming, but it would be helpful!

(ocherdraco and Eideteker, I have your emails, but need everyone else's.)
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I have addresses for everyone who's down as a "yes." If you are going to come, please memail me to say so by September 20, by which point we will need to figure out how many supplies to bring (and how to fit everyone in my apartment).
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OMG 3D printed pancakes
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Meh, still needs to be flipped by hand.
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On my way may be a tad late, sorry!
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We are drinking Mimosas and playing dominion.
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