Dragoncon 2013 roll call
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Dragoncon is nearly here again, who else is going? Judging by previous years, it's unlikely that we can coordinate an actual meet-up once the con gets rolling, but I wanted to open a thread so we can at least say hello to each other in MeFiIRL if not in actual RL. And the new schedule app is out, if anyone wants to exchange friend codes.
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I'll be there!
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I'm staying at the Sheraton again this year, flying in Thursday morning and leaving on Tuesday afternoon. The plan for Thursday is to go right from the airport to meet with a bunch of friends to go to a thing, then probably to YEAH! BURGER for lunch (not sure which location). I don't see anything posted by BritTrack yet, but as far as I know they will be doing the pre-con dinner on Thursday at Haveli Indian restaurant @ 225 Spring Street NW. There were something like 80 of us at the Track dinner last year, so we could make it a mefi meetup too.
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I'll be there, Friday morning through Monday evening. I'm at the Westin this year, but will wander all over, I'm sure. I'll happily share friend codes with anyone.
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I'll be there from Thursday night till Monday afternoon. Staying in the Hilton this year. Come by the MMO Track and say hello!
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I'm also in the Westin again this year, got the time off of work and the postcard, haven't even begun trying to schedule/pack/ yet, no plans, just winging it. Wheee!
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Ritz Carlton this year, after the Hilton's severe mishandling of transactions on my pre-paid visa last year made me have to dip into my hotel funds from this year to cover while I waited a month for the mess to get straightened out. Long story short, I missed the windows for reserving the con-rate block at the host hotels.

I'll be there Thursday through Monday.

Friday I'll be a Captain Haddock to my girlfriend's Rule 63 Tintin (A Captain Haddock on tropical island vacation, no less, there's no way I would even attempt blue turtleneck with peacoat over top in Atlanta in August).

Saturday, I'll be reprising my Doug Rattman from the Portal Franchise, with some much needed improvements. Even with the low quality of the costume last year, I still got recognized about 4 or 5 times, which is pretty respectable for a cut-rate costume of a character so obscure he never actually appears in the video game he's from.

Sunday is going to be Wash from Firefly. This will involve a shave and late Saturday night bleach job.

Unlike last year, when my girlfriend managed to successfully stalk Bruce Boxleitner Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, we're not going to be chasing any particular celebrity.

However, this year, I did get roped into helping to organize a meetup for Google's Augmented/Alternate Reality Android Game, Ingress. So I'll be at the pool deck on the third floor of the Hilton, Saturday Night from 10pm through Midnight.
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grabbingsand and I will be there all weekend. Staying in the Marriott.
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I'll be there starting tomorrow afternoon, through Monday AM, in the westin. Taking my 13yo niece for her first time on Saturday (woo) and otherwise will hang out around the steampunk track. And anything Unwoman does!
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Checked in at the Sheraton and waiting on the pre-reg line to get my badge. Line is moving very slow currently, it's like the old days.
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Turns out the line had stopped due to the printers all going offline, once they were back up the line went back to the new normal high-speed.
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I am there right now! Staying at the Marriott.
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I might be there, on Sunday night at the Sheraton. My BIL's band is playing at a pool party there some time between 6pm and 10pm, so my wife and I may go just to see them.
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