Matador at 21 Las Vegas Meetup? Sometime October 1–4?
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So the three-day Matador at 21 show is coming up October 1–3 at The Palms in Las Vegas. Are there any MeFites who either are going to the show or live in Las Vegas who might want to meet up at some point over the weekend?
I don't know what the schedule of performances will be like yet. But I thought I'd throw it out there!
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I live in Las Vegas and would probably attend a meetup, but not the show.
posted by Jacqueline at 10:53 AM on September 20, 2010

I'm going! I'm going!

My wife too, probably, depending on the health of our kitty.
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Matador's posted the schedule on their blog if that helps anyone make up their minds. I'm staying at the Rio and would definitely be up for meeting some of y'all.
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Ah, the schedule definitely helps. Well, sort of. Still figuring it all out, though. Glad you guys are going, too!
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I'm in Vegas and would be interested! I'm not going to the show so keep me posted on the meetup whereabouts.
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Oh, too bad - will be in town over the weekend of the 16th. Sorry to miss the meetup!
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OK, so, before we all leave, those of us who are traveling to Vegas for this, do you want to just play it by ear, or is there an afternoon, perhaps, that might be better to meet up? Saturday afternoon, maybe? A late lunch?

I've been less than concrete so far 'cause I know my fiancé's and my schedule may change once we get there and meet up with the friends we went in on this with. I'm guessing everyone else's might, too. But I'm thinking The Palms, or somewhere near there, might be the best place to get together, regardless of when the meetup actually occurs.

I'll be getting online occasionally while there, but I'll also be available to text or call at 314-714-LIME, so we can set something up on the fly if anyone's game. And I'm bringing my blue MetaFilter and gray tl;dr shirts, so you may be able to spot me that way!
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I will MeMail y'all my digits.
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Yeah... no meetup. But to paraphrase Liz Phair, I was totally glad to be back at the college reunion we had this weekend.
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Yeah, sorry we all weren't able to meetup, but goddamn was that a party and a half. I am still recovering from all the madness.
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Since this is still in the "proposed meetups" list, if anyone else wants to schedule a Las Vegas meetup please let me know. I'm local.
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