Necronomicon in Providence Dinner
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Sun August 25 at 5:30 PM, Trinity Brewhouse
186 Fountain Street, Providence, RI, USA (Map & Directions)
Con-goers and non-goers can meet and bask in the crumbling vistas of Providence like a pack of wonder-loving grandmothers at the Trinity Brewhouse. It's just after the end of the con, and people should enjoy some of the fine beers before heading to their ancestral homes.
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Oooh, I'll be in PVD at that time. I'm not sure what my availability will be though, since I'm already planning on meeting up with some friends. One of whom is, actually, a MeFite so...
posted by cobaltnine at 3:33 PM on August 9, 2013

Well, any takers? I'd be happy to try and set up a dinner somewhere....
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Hurm. I haven't made plans for the Necronomicon, but I may end up in Providence that weekend. All up in the air ATM.
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OK, it looks to me that the best time for a meet up would be for dinner on Sunday, perhaps around 5:30. We could probably get reservations at the Trinity Brewpub (yeah, I know, we were just there) or, if we had enough people at the Grange just up the hill (vegetarian, mostly vegan, good beer selection).
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And, in fact, I have reservations. I will adjust them if anyone adds or subtracts themselves.
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I am leaning strongly towards yes but I may be closer to 5:45-6pm since I have to drop someone off at the train station.
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We're here... Back by the mural upstairs. We may be the only ones, tho.
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OK, so we showed up on the wrong day. The beer was still phenomenal.

A word about the pizza - Rhode Island style pizza is currently champs in the USA, because they charcoal grill =both sides= of the crust. The top of the pizza will have BBQ grill marks, and will smell and taste smokey and yeasty and wonderful. They do it this way now at Trinity.

They also put the cheapest chopped tomatoes and canned black olives and institution grade mozza on top of this crust. Go for the Reuben, nachos, or sausage platter instead. Avoid the "Greek Pizza" like the deadly plague - and this is the only place in all of RI where this warning applies.

Do get a growler, tho... it comes in a brown paper bag, so it's totes legal to drink from it on the way to the car. (No not really.)
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I am actually going to be on time now. I have a green timbuk2 bag I'm wandering around the nearby blocks with.
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Sorry S*H...

We are here at the table closest to the server stand.
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If my wife weren't so shy, there were a coupla' tables shoved together with my favorite sort of freaks, geeks, nerds and pervs I would have totally crashed. Necronomicon is on the calendar for next year.
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I think Necronomicon is actually on the calendar for 2015, from what I heard in the air. Alternate years is fine.
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